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Update: Apr 12 @ 4:02am

Unsung 3.2 Fox Update

o Carpet Bombing Module (Beta)
o Preparation for disabling addAction shortcuts on demand (Hotkey Shortcut enable/disable, WIP)

o Use Unsung logo for all modules
o Removed supply radius and transport capabilities for uns_buildings2 buildings
o M-551 improved physx
o M-48 improved physx
o M-113 improved physx
o UH-1 gunship have textures after JIP
o C-130 and Mule available via Zeus on dedicated server
o C-130 and OV-10 have wheel brakes now
o GetIn points for side gunners of M-113A1s
o Empty LOD in uns_m1_4a US Helmet

Update: Apr 3 @ 6:18am

Unsung 3.1 Fox Update

Since the 3.0 Fox release the Unsung team was busy preparing this first update to Fox. Since ArmA 3 update 1.90 some of the Unsung headgear causes crashes to desktop, which this update fixes. Besides this fix a number of improvements and additions were made to Unsung. See the complete changelog at

Highlights of this update are:
o Song Bin Tanh airfield and base added
o C-130 by Sabre added
o M-274 Mule by Londo added
o Transport and Supply missions for Radio Support fixed
o Canopy glass reflection issues fixed for UH-1 ARA and TOW and AH-1G Cobra
o M-113, M-48 and M-551 improved physx
o Update lesh tow support for planes and helos
o Fix stock shadow issue of AK-47
o Updated ROK units

Update: Dec 22, 2018 @ 7:25am

Update: Dec 22, 2018 @ 6:53am

Update: Dec 22, 2018 @ 6:26am

Unsung 3.0 Fox Changelog
December 2018

Added new:
- Da Krong updated
-- extended runway on lz savage
-- cleared western approach at lz savage
-- Added new fighting position to lz savage
-- removed redundant lights at camp sarge
-- various tweaks to map
-- terrain synth enabled
- Doung updated
- Khe Sanh updated
- Song Bin Tanh new map WIP
- A Shau valley new map WIP
- Added 4 classes of campfire
- Added water to wells
- Added about 50 new house / map models for Song Bin Tanh

- Republic of Korea (ROK) Faction
- SAS Regiment units, with new packs, vests, headgear and accessories (Warning: updated A3 models not compatible with our older vests and gear)
- Helicopter Pilots for RAAF and NZAF
- Jet Pilots for RAN (Royal Australian Navy)

- AC47 Spooky call-in added to Combat Radio Support
- CAS Combat Radio Support (Unsung Helicopters and planes)
- ACRE2 Support for vehicles
- Lights, animated fans, door sounds and icons, rain sounds, ambient sounds and new animated doors to hootches and other US Base buildings
- Centralised macros in mod, to remove duplication and confusion

- USMC faction has F4, A6, A4, UH-1D
- Australian faction has A4 (RAN) and UH-1D (RAAF)
- VNAF faction has UH-1D and A-1
- M-35 variants (Fuel, ammo, repair, tanker)
- Textures and decals for F-4, A-4, A-6 and A-7
- OV-10 Bronco to Arma 3 (USN, USMC and USAF)
- SA-2, S60 and Type 65 37mm both receive radar datalink from SNR75 Fan Song
- ZPU-2 Anti Aircraft gun
- Emptying rocket pods on F-105 and A-4
- Ejection seats to aircraft
- Aircraft Damage and Flight models
- Dynamic loadouts to aircraft
- UNSUNG Aircraft compatibility with the USS Nimitz and improved support for the USS Freedom

- PVP mortar classes with less ammo for Frontline
- New Uzi model
- New Lee Enfield (SMLE) model and scoped / camo version
- SA58 camo version

- Massive Optimisation update applied to large amounts of unsung map objects - fixed geometries, fire geo impact effects, shadows, properties, section count, roadway textures, roof roadway lods (for enhanced movement support), ambient sounds, functions, distance lods, materials and textures, ladders, lights and doors
- Motorpool and mess hall doors and travel paths
- Bunkers and foxholes appearing white at distance
- Aircraft wrecks spamming rpt

- Mass and protection values to helmets and flak jackets
- Graduated capacity and mass variation uniforms, vests and backpacks (for exile)
- Animations fixes for pook_sam rtms
- Fixed some unit weapons to match their displaynames, fixed missing magazines for some units weapons
- Static weapon pack transparency

- Deprecated ttt_fnc_remoteSay3d in favour of uns_mbox_fnc_remoteSay3D
- Improved communication messages for Combat Radio Support (Follow protocol on smoke calls)

- M113/ Jeep / Type 55 / T34 etc not appearing in zeus
- M-113 Engineer improved driving behaviour
- M-551 sheridan turn in/ out
- Type 55 transport driving behaviour (physx lod)
- Type 63 gunner now fires
- Ural S-60 truck wheels turn
- Graduated capacity and mass variation to helicopters and cars (for exile)
- UH-1C AI gunners now fire M134s at targets
- UH1D light shadow glitch, rogue light beam
- Helicopter and plane cockpit glass reflections and damage textures
- UH-1D/H improved rotor freedom and flight model, supply points added
- CH34 texture improvements on decals
- CH34 centre of mass / sling-loading tilt and fast-roping point
- CH-47/53 flight model heavier
- CH53 aim down sight on ramp gunners, improved gear dampers, and removed M60 version crew invulnerability
- H-21 Shawnee Adjusted height position and land contact points
- Nicer GetIn actions on many planes
- Change “turbo” to “vehicleTurbo” shortcut for afterburners
- AN-2 supply points added
- O-2 Improved flight model and take off
- O2, A6 and A7 pilot sticks
- A-1 Wheel steering for better taxiing
- A7 Tail, Gear door and canopy textures
- C1a braking
- DC3 Changed dispersion of triple M134 (Lowered to 0.002 instead of 0.02), improved pilot view
- F-105 dynamic loadouts
- F-111 physx
- MiG-21 Improved + dynamic loadouts
- Improved airplane taxi capabilities on most aircraft
- SA-2 SAM with “(radar)” in name will properly fire at aircraft if SNR75 Radar nearby
- AGM45 and AGM78 will now seek the SNR-75 radar in SEAD aircraft
- GBU-8 transparency in texture
- Increased snake-eye bomb drag

- Many weapons trigger and rechamber animations
- All pistols upgraded
- Browning Hi-Power 9mm mags only
- Dshk tripod textures
- Mines: removed conflict with base class of Put weapon so other mods mines will work with Unsung
- Mines: fixed missing sounds
- Makarov improved accuracy
- Model 1897 slam-firing added
- M-1 Carbine reload animations
- M-60 bipod shadow
- M-79 reload wobble
- PPK animations
- RG42 / RGD5 smoothed textures
- SA-58 iron sights
- SVD Improvements to handanim, reload anim, Camo Wrap available to both camo and non-camo SVD
- Some weapons now use proxy mags (mag model swapping on weapon)
-- PPSh / K50 (drum / banana)
-- XM177 / M16 (20 / 30 / twin 20)
- Removed faulty attachments on weapons
-- Type 100 suppressors
-- Shotguns optics
-- SVT

Update: Jul 2, 2018 @ 6:55pm

Unsung Vietnam War Mod
July 4 2018

fixed side in opfor truck groups
Sampans: Removed small Sampan as it wiggled and jerked around. Increased Speed by 10 km/h for all Sampans to make them operationally more viable
PBR: Improved at high speed
Zu23: optimised muzzleflashes
Jeep and Commando: Fixes for mirror, dust fx
Jeeps, Dodge and M35, East trucks and halftracks: TFAR long range radio support - add tf_hasLRradio = 1
M35 truck: fixed missing A3 rvmat
M113: Revamped m113_splotch, m113_tiger_co.paa and uns_m113_cav_co.paa textures, rebelflag and star
M-113 engineer: drive hack - lower and raise plow in initialization

added support type compatibility to helicopters
UH1D: Fixed sling load and tail rotor
H-21: Set maximumLoad so inventory works
AH1G: rebuilt geo, shadow, distance lods, hitpoints, fire geo, added armor to seats, added engine and fuel and tail rotor to hit, damage model and rvmats added, fixed glass order issue in wreck
UH1D: model optimised
UH1C: updated damage model, new simplified rvmats, proper hull_hit components, added armorstructural, removed hitlight animsource

A-3b: Fixed hiding of gunner turret
F-4: added experimental two seater ejection
A-7: new skins (by Timms) and decals, virtual garage, normal maps, distance lods
Removed fuelcapacity modifiers as these are nw managed dynamically by new fuel tanks function
Add new damage model to:
- C-1A,
- A-6,
- O-2,
- A-3,
- F-4,
- F-105,
- F-111,
- MiG-21,
- A-7,
- AN-2,
- E-2,
- C-47
Added pylon presets and dynamic loadouts for
- A-4
- A-6
- F-4
- F-111
- O-2
Added working fuel tanks to A-6, F-105, F-111, F-4, A-1, A-4, A-7, F-100
Added support for external fuel tanks upon Air to Air refuel

Sa-7 Strela: fixed IR components
Zpu4: fixed damage - had wrong ammo!
Mortars: Added new classes for Frontline
SA58s, AKs: fixed sights
All AK / RPK variants: Fixed fire selector animation
SLR, M2 carbine: change eye point
Ithaca: fixed transparency
m16, xm177 and ak families: adjusted recoils
Model 1912 shotgun: added slamfire

/////////////////AIR WEAPONS/////////////////
Added bomb camera to planes for simulation of TV guidance of AGM 12, laser guidance of GBU 8 and aiming system for CBU bombs
Upgraded laser and radar locking features
Added FRL_GPS system to missilebox, added experimental action to A6 intruder, added capability to - AGM (45, 12) , - CBU clustermines (24, 32), - GBU 8
Removed ARM Detect actions as the missiles don't work with it since last update (omitted ARM classes of missile from necessary array)
Currently shrike is laser and IR locking. this will be a radar homing weapon eventually.
Napalm upgrade, effects by wld427, bomb animation / configs by wld427

nva 68 aa soldier fixed weapon variant and ammo
added 26th marines patch to patches for Project Delta operations

camo net: removed desert camo on far lod
pallet stack: Fixed missing shadow, geometry and roadway
foxhole: removed white distance lod
uns_buildings: updated fire geometry , added some sound points, added view geo,
reshaped windows in fort so you can fire out of them, fixed flickering tin roof on hangar
csj_village and csj_seaobj: optimised models, shadows, fixed geo and shadow lods, added sound points, added roadways

new napalm sounds by lordjarhead
buzzard sounds to A-4
shikra sounds to F-111
Deleted redundant sounds

Dakrong and Doung updated with proper clutter, surfaces, and sounds (ON HOLD)
Da krong tweaked areas in ta lieng, added rock formations (ON HOLD)

Khe Sanh Map update:
- fixed geometry on trenches and bunkers on Khe Sanh map, removed damage to prevent trench objects tipping over
- terrain synch added
- river floors prepared for further developement
- paddies around A Rieng retextured
- paddies added at A Rieng
- ponds added to paddies
- small sea added at A Rieng
- some objects added to Lang Vei SF Camp
- some objects added to Lang Vei village
- some misplacements fixed

Update: May 26, 2018 @ 8:33am

1. F-1 SMG by Xeno, anims by Webknight
2. ARVN A1 Skyraider

1. New damage model, sounds, glass materials, virtual garage and ejection system added to some aircraft (F100, A1, A7, A4)
2. New pylon system added to some aircraft (F100, A1, A7, A4, O2)
3. New dynamic arming system added to those planes - park a truck or ammo crate within 30m of plane to activate
4. Added new improvements to Da Krong, Doung and Khe Sanh maps including Lang Troi Road (Lang Vei SF Camp area)
5. Updated clutter and lighting on Dong Ha map (Steve)
6. Reinstated ponds on all older maps
7, Upgraded textures and decals on F100 and A1 - thanks to Timms, HorribleGoat and nodunit
8. Napalm is now silver
9. New M1 Garand and rifle grenade (m1 garand, m1/2 carbine, type 99, and mas 49-56) anims by Blindside
10. Working groups for Armour, Wheeled, Air added for US Army and NVA
11. Upgraded PBR boat - new materials, muzzleflashes, damage model, cockpit animations, driver anim and section optimisation
12. New graffiti helmets by Schwienny
13. Upgraded damage model and materials for all AAA guns
14. improved textures on M113s (Hounddog45)
15. Improved satmap on Khe Sanh map
16. Improvements to Aircraft behaviour on the USS Freedom and Nimitz
17. static vehicles with wheels now have shootable tyres
18. reskinned HVAR rockets
19. upgraded blu26 material and texture
20. added animated flames to all missiles and rockets
21. added sound memory points to bunkers, huts and plants models
22. added ambient sounds and roadways (footsteps sounds) to many of our buildings and bunkers
23. improved textures on AIM9D, E and K-13 missiles
24. ACRE Support for upcoming ACRE update giving ACRE Radio Racks to many vehicles (TheMagnetar).

1. Fixed AK vs PK bullet damage values
2. Added AI behaviour ammo values so they should fire at helicopters more
3. Removed large fx on explosive ammo
4. Fixed impact fuze on WP grenade
5. Fixed SUU14 clusterbomb dispensers
6. Fixed missing clutter on Da Krong, Song Cu and Doung maps
7. Fixed bunkers on Khe Sanh map
8. Fixed auto-landing on Khe Sanh
9. Helicopter and plane zoom view and rocket aiming bug (from tanks dlc) fixed
10. Fixed menu intro and music
11. Black backpack model
12. AGMs now use IR locking at close range
13. O2 can now take off without needing full flaps
14. M113 skins vanishing after some time
15. removed damage height animation so no more bouncing AAA guns
16. fixed sights and improved armor on M55 quad 50
17. fixed ZPU4 shadow
18. S60 gun added ammo crates to geo lods so you can lie behind them now, or trip over them
19. destroyed statics now have working damagehide parts so ammo boxes, shells and bushes are all burned away
20. AKM / AKS name on SKS soldier
21. simplified geometry on indo huts and bamboo so they should sight block properly now
22. adjusted CoG for bamboo - hopefully it will fall over correctly now
23. uniformClass "UNS_ARVN_BDU" and uns_Army_bdu popups
24. fixed many converted Arma 2 RVMATs that were missing stages
25. xm706 wheel geometry selections
26. improved canopy glass materials in H13 and AH1G
27. Repair M-113 engineer turning
28. incomingmissile warning typo in all plane configs
29. missing crosshair in PBR_M2 version
30. enabled damage again on ammo crates (as mission designers requested it)

1. Radar seeking missiles do not work.
2. O2 elevator sensitivity needs adjusting at lower speeds
3. crewanims for standing gunners on PBR, ch53, H21
4. need distance lods and section optimisation for all planes
5. need to add damage model, ejection and weapon pylons for mig21, f105, f111, f4, a6
6. Zeus BLUFOR US Armor list, Men (6th Transportation Battalion), Some Cars and SPGs/Mortar Carriers go missing. The Temporary fix is placing a M113 in the mission via Editor for all things missing to reappear.
7.T-54 and OT-55 Tanks have Crew visible in First Person vision sitting/standing outside of the tank despite not being turned out.
8. PBR radar doesn't seem to work

Update: Mar 24, 2018 @ 5:50am

- ACRE Support for upcoming ACRE update giving ACRE Radio Racks to the UH-1 (Gunship and Slick), A-1 and Willy's Jeeps Thanks to TheMagnetar.
- Upgraded M113A1_M2 fire geo rvmats.
- Destruction Textures for ZU-23, ZPU--4, S-60 and Type 65/74 AA Guns (Also on the Urals and BTRs).

- VC recon, Dac Cong, snipers, MFR, LRRP, SF, SOG and SEALs now have a vast array of improved custom camo faces, thanks to rpr.
- A lot of sounds from having to Say to Say3D (Sounds like the M113 Ramp Door Opening/Closing and other sounds playing over Zeus, Dead Spectator) Some sounds may still play over Zeus/Spectator and if they do let us know over discord again!
- Reversed Clan patch issue.
- Bad proxy in M113A1_M2.
- All M113A1s fire geo (No more dust effect when shooting them)
- Backpack were optimised thanks to J. Doberman
- Mi-8 rotor head selection fix.
- Shadow issue on Willy's M40.
- Sandbag Textures on New Willy's Jeeps.

- cratereffects and explosioneffects for DShK Shells and M2 50Cal HE Shells.

Known Issues:
- Zeus BLUFOR US Armor list, Men (6th Transportation Battalion), Some Cars and SPGs/Mortar Carriers go missing. The Temporary fix is placing a M113 in the mission via Editor for all things missing to reappear.
- T-54 and OT-55 Tanks have Crew visible in First Person vision sitting/standing outside of the tank despite not being turned out.

Update: Mar 15, 2018 @ 8:21am

Important Notes:
- Type 63 has been added but is not yet complete, people will notice some issues but it is otherwise functional so please don't report these as we most likely already know!
- Missions from 3.2E will need updated in particular Pre-placed: Jeeps, O-2 Skymasters, UH-1s and CH-47s will be underground in 3.2 version missions and will need lifting up in the editor. This is because we fixed an issue with the autocenter property in those vehicles.
- Any bugs please report to the #bugs channel in our discord which is directly linked here:
Post with care: Provide information about the bug, how we can reproduce it and provide any pictures to help specify please!

- New MAT49
- New Uzi
- New AK-47
- New Jeep Model and Variations
- New Camo Faces and African Americans
- New Da Krong Update
- New Mi-8 Engine Sound
- New CH-53 Engine Sound
- Updated Type 63 (Still WIP)
- Camo M16's to Arsenal
- Virtual Garage to Planes and Tanks
- Module to turn off RUG_DSAI in missions

- Zeus and Editor Fixes
- All fortifications, units, vehicles, bridges, objects, backpacks, vests, headgear etc available in zeus now
- Groundholders added for all equipment (except weapons)
- Traps placeable in editor and zeus
- RUG_DSAI Fix for voices in Zeus and Arsenal
- Huey death fixes
- Huey fire geometry size to visual lods
- Artillery death fixes
- 11th AC Unit popup fixes
- Unit pack fixes
- CH34 popup fix
- Radio init fix
- O2 taxiing
- A-1 taxiing
- H21c texture
- Arm patch fixes
- Hut Burn pause fix
- Tidied models (M113, H13, O2, F111, M48, Sheridan)
- UH-1 Hornet fixes
- M113 Fixes
- Autocenter fix for: Jeeps, O-2 Skymaster, UH-1s and CH-47s
- Arsenal Backpack, Headgear and Vest Dupe fixes
- Mi-8 roto selection fix
- White Camo faces appearing in editor and arsenal fix
- M34 WP Nade fuze time fix
- M14 Scope reticle fix
- Pook_pu12 AA error fix
- Many aircraft optimised to use the USS Freedom

Credits have also been updated

Update: Mar 14, 2018 @ 6:33pm