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Update: Jun 3 @ 8:39am

Unsung 3.4 Golf changelog

June 2020

Improved (read working at a basic level) AFM for helo fleet

Small hangar open now collapses when damaged, no long indestructible
Broken textures fixed thanks to pboproject
CH-46 fixed face ordering and main light emission
CH-47A Ambulance fixed position of main lights, added ambient light prototype
Rescue basket passenger is now cargo instead of driver, makes it compatible with ACE loading
H-13 cockpit glass transparency improved
F-4 improved for better AI usage and more
MiG-21 improved for better AI usage, especially ground targeting
M-113 engineer tree clearing uses 2d distance now, clearing large tree (t_ficus_big_f) more efficiently
M274 typo fixed
M113 transport proxies fixed
Mines, Satchels and Traps can be placed in inventory again
PBR Units now can have shoulder patches
Replaced more execVM with spawn/call

Update: Apr 16 @ 4:00am

Unsung 3.3 Golf

April 2020

Add rescue basket to CH-46D and CH-53 medevac
Add winch to CH-53 medevac
Add litters to M577
Add SAR option to combat radios

Fix master rearm of F-100, A-4, A-7
XM-706 Commando handling and sunken wheels fixed
Fix searchlights of gunners in UH-1
Fix MiG-21 S-5 rocket pods
Fix rear/brake lights of M-113 engineer
M61 cannon more effective by AI
FIx uniform shadows on legs and hands
Reverted broken beret textures
Fix rain check variables
Add stop rolling script to A-1 and AC-47

Update: Mar 16 @ 11:43am

Golf 3.2:

- Vehicles:
- F-100 wheels turn now
- F-4 dampers fixed
- DC-3 / AC-47 horizontal axis fixed
- OV-10 Bronco elevator textures fixed
- A-7 Corsair physx wheel fixes
- A-1 Skyraider minor fixes
- A-1, A-4, A-6, A-7, F-4, F-100, F-105, OV-10: glass texture improvements
- CH-46 Phrog uses CH-47 sounds now
- M113 HQ and Mortar can be deployed now
- M-48 hitpoints fixed
- XM-706 Commando rear wheels floating fixed
- NVA Patrol Boats stopping distance and handling improved
- Fix Sampans to sink
- Units:
- Fix damage handling in uniforms, no more instant deaths when shot in the foot or
- New beret textures
- Scripts:
- Fixes for add custom music scripts (JIP, range from sound config)

Update: Dec 23, 2019 @ 4:00am

Unsung 3.1 Golf

We need to push out a hotfix for Unsung 3 Golf, as the Dodge 3/4 with M1919 caused a Crash to Desktop (CTD) in multiplayer. We also fixed some minor nuisances:

Dodge ¾ M1919 truck no longer causes CTD in multiplayer
OH-6 cockpit glass fixed
CH-53 cockpit view improved
CH-53 cutting out rotor sound in internal view fixed
Other known issues are a strange increase in thrust using the afterburner and that the A-1 Skyraider is currently not functional.


Steam Workshop:
Merry Christmas to all of you again!

Update: Dec 20, 2019 @ 7:22am

Reupload due to possibly corrupted files.

Update: Dec 19, 2019 @ 8:23am

Welcome to Unsung 3.0 Golf!

This is a major release upgrade. In the past months the Unsung team was busy preparing this new Unsung version.

Now onto the changes:

We removed some sounds and music to maintain steam workshop viability, and added a new feature to allow for custom sounds in missions to be played back in helicopters and boats. See this PDF for details:

Londo was very busy in this release cycle and brought to us: new huts, a beta of the PT-76B tank, a M-40 recoilless rifle equipped Mule. He’s also involved with the CH-46D from Odyseus, which we were allowed to port into Unsung.
Quite a few uniforms showed the wrong uniform model and texture in first person view. This was fixed.
The A-1 Skyraider no longer explodes when turned in Zeus deployment mode.
The E-2 Hawkeye radar is now functional.
The PBR boats saw quite a number of updates, one that severely impacted FPS when multiple boats were deployed at the same time on Phuoc Tuy.
The handling and speed of the Sampans were also improved.
Londo created a new fuel consumption script, which can be beta tested on the PBR boats and the M-274 Mule vehicle.
Excessive smoke development when firing the super bazooka and other related hand held launchers was fixed.

The UNSUNG Team wants to thank everyone from the public players to the communities for an excellent 2019 and we hope to leave you this update with wishes for you all to have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Update: Oct 7, 2019 @ 3:46am

Unsung 3.4 Fox changelog
September 2019
Added new:
- Maps:
- Add version 0.7.x of Phuoc Tuy map by Psyfox
- Buildings:
- Change tunnel object in csj_seaobj by londo
- Fix shadow lod 1000+ build issue in various buildings
- Features:
- Add uns_civ to preload Array (Zeus compatibility)
- Vehicles:
- Propblur for C-130 fixed by nzdfcrash
- Fixed sunken CH-53 when using AFM (advanced flight model)
- Add weapon proxies to OV-10 pilot view
- Add tail elevator flaps on OV-10 by londo
- Reduced turn cycle for M-274 mule by londo
- Change fuel capacity of aircraft
- Increase A-1 from 400 to 1000
- Reduce H-13 from 5000 to 2000
- Reduce O-2 from 5000 to 2000
- Improve AC-47 and introduce AC-47 flare ship by Snoops
- Sensor components to attack Man class
- Add illumination rounds
- Tail wheel turn AC-47 fixed by londo
- Tail wheel fixed on A-1 by londo
- Changes to M-113(A1) fleet
- Change M-113 max speed by londo
- M-113 transport added, based on an idea by Anhor
- Fix dust memory points on M113A1
- H-21 updated by londo
- Reduce vertex count
- Fix various lods
- Fix height issue
- F-111 fixed by londo
- Wheels and especially nose-wheel anim
- Throttle issue and animation fixed
- Fix inheritance of planes by adding uns_plane and not altering base classes
- Better compatibility with CUP for example
- Fix M-35 truck front passenger seat
- Units:
- Improved 11th ACR uniforms by HoundDog
- New Australian and US flag helo helmets by HoundDog
- Updated RAR Australian uniforms by HoundDog

Update: Oct 7, 2019 @ 3:29am

Update: Jul 15, 2019 @ 1:22pm

Added new:
Add alpha of Phuoc Tuy map
Unsung specific FFV module for vehicles
M-274 Mule and M-113 take advantage of FFV module
Add support for disabling shortcuts (smoke and grenades from helicopters) - might be buggy
M-113 engineer has fuel and ammo resupply capabilities now
Precise hand and smoke grenade throw from UH-1H and AH-13\
New C-130 SEA camo

Khe Sanh bunkers updated
Khe Sanh KSCB heightmap issues fixed
Khe Sanh KSCB placement issues fixed
Khe Sanh ILS fixed
Khe Sanh config.cpp cleanup
Khe Sanh takes full advantage of Apex functions
Duong bridge fixed so PBR can pass under it
Indo hut ladder fixed
Animations all in appropriate PBOs now
AI dispersion for suu11 gunpod reduced
AI engages flying aircraft (especially slow helicopters) with AK-47 and RPG/LAW style weapons now
More execVM replaced with call and spawn
Medevac helicopters offer heal option
M-113 fixed missing textures when sitting on top of vehicle
M-113 fixed gap in commander hatch
M-274 Mule driver position improved
F-100 could not bomb with Mk 82
Replaced wheelbrake function, possibility to spool up engine now
Afterburner script from F/A-18 mod in place now for most jets
A-3, F-4, F-100, F-105, F-111, MiG-21
No afterburner for A-4, A-6, A-7
Zodiac durability increased
PKT and derived weapons have higher AI dispersion factor

Update: Apr 12, 2019 @ 4:02am

Unsung 3.2 Fox Update

o Carpet Bombing Module (Beta)
o Preparation for disabling addAction shortcuts on demand (Hotkey Shortcut enable/disable, WIP)

o Use Unsung logo for all modules
o Removed supply radius and transport capabilities for uns_buildings2 buildings
o M-551 improved physx
o M-48 improved physx
o M-113 improved physx
o UH-1 gunship have textures after JIP
o C-130 and Mule available via Zeus on dedicated server
o C-130 and OV-10 have wheel brakes now
o GetIn points for side gunners of M-113A1s
o Empty LOD in uns_m1_4a US Helmet