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Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
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Aug 25, 2019 @ 9:04am
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Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security

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Vanilla Expanded
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Before we begin, a massive thank you to my team. You all have been super inspiring, and your ideas and feedback are bringing these mods extra depth. Trunken, XeoNovaDan, thank you.

1.3.0 (14/07/2021): Now introducing:

Oh, and 1.3 update!

This module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded below. Vanilla Furniture Expanded is not required to play with this module.

Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security module, a spiritual successor to More Vanilla Turrets, is a result of hours upon hours of hard work. It has been a long time since we began working on this mod, and with a team of brilliant programmers, I am now honored to present to you a Vanilla Expanded approach to base defenses. Every word and every stat in this mod have been carefully prepared to be as balanced and as “vanilla” as possible.

Introducing new defenses for every era of the game - starting with hastily built neolithic cavalry spikes, medieval catapults and ballistas, industrial turrets, submersible defenses and artillery, and ending on spacer shield generators and advanced spacecraft railguns.

Several new types of structures you never knew you needed - short walls, acting like a balanced embrasure, trenches allowing your pawns to quickly traverse the battlefield whilst under the high cover from enemy fire and many, many more are waiting for you to explore.

This module introduces 27 new defense structures, all neatly filling up the Security tab in the Architect menu. With research technologies spread out across all stages of the game, this mod itself is enough to provide you with hours of entertainment.

If any pieces of furniture disappear upon being built, move the mod further up the mod queue.

Due to base game bug, enemy raids can sometimes load their mortars and artillery with stone chunks. Please use [XND] Turret Extensions - Continuum to fix that.

Post any bugs you encounter in the comment section below.

Inability to build rocket turrets is a bug with mortar accuracy since they updated to 1.1. Until the matter is fixed, the only way to fix it is to disable Mortar Accuracy.


Oskar Potocki, an artist and a designer, responsible for all the artwork and visual imagery.

Trunken, a programmer responsible for the XML base.

XeoNovaDan, a programmer responsible for the C# code of the mod.

Ogliss, for help with submersible defenses.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]


Every dollar donated allows me to spend more time refining the mods and creating new content. If you’re feeling generous, even the smallest donation is always welcome!


Q: Can enemy siege use artillery?
A: Yes, Artillery has been added to the list of potential long range weapons for enemy sieges.

Q: What can I expect to see on the development blog on your patreon?
A: Patrons have been able to see the progress on this and many other mods for quite some time now, advising me every step of the way. I try to post several times a week, which is a perfect opportunity to get to know the development process.

Q: Can I suggest a feature?
A: Absolutely, leave a comment down below!

Q: Will you keep updating the mod with new security means?
A: If I find a commonly requested feature to be viable and fitting, I will not hesitate to make it a part of this mod.

Q: Do I need the base module for it to work?
A: No, our goal has always been zero dependencies. You don’t need anything for this mod to work.

Q: Is this mod compatibile with Combat Extended?
A: A WIP patch is available here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1965337447

Q: Why is your mod special?
A: I am a vanilla player. Anything that doesn't suit vanilla game makes me cringe and I stay away from it. I did however find the game lacking after some time, therefore I've created these means to protect your base to be as accurate and as close to vanilla graphics style as possible. What is special? The best part is - nothing in this mod is special at all. Nothing will make you go "Oh that's unusual", well, maybe except the shield generator, because the whole purpose of this mod is to blend into the existing game.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Turret Extensions?
A: Yes, basic support for Turret Extensions has been implemented: Manned turrets will make use of the manning pawn's accuracy and aiming time stats.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it and remove it whenever you like.

Q: Does a shield generator stop drop pods?
A: Yes, each drop pod can be intercepted, lowering the shield HP each time.

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DragonKing lDCCl
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i Succ Nov 21 @ 4:54am 
I can't seem to use Artillery to target somewhere on a map? I set the target, make someone operate the Artillery and then... nothing? It's loaded, nothing happens. Anyone know why?
Thundercraft Nov 17 @ 4:38pm 
@Violet It may not be of much help, but several comments below I mention and link to several mods which add trenches/ditches which do not require wood or anything but work to build. Also, the Fortifications - Medieval mod adds Reinforced Ditch, which is built with stone instead of wood.

Anyway, I agree that this mod would benefit from having a variant of the Trench which does not require wood (and, thus, not be flammable).
Violet Nov 16 @ 6:48pm 
this is perhaps a niche need, but would it be possible to have variants of the trenches/platforms that use materials other than wood?
ive been using the flame turrets to good effect, and would like to use trenches for slow down/fire break purposes.
unfortunately, the wood its currently made of renders them somewhat flammable.
variants using a different form of reinforcement, like the various kinds of stone perhaps, would be quite useful.
Lurmey Nov 14 @ 11:54am 
The artillery can't seem to fire on sun blockers on the world map? Do I have to send soldiers there to have a place for the arty to land?

I thought I could bombard it to death from the comfort of my colony haha!
Syrus Nov 13 @ 9:52am 
The Psychic Pylon causing a -40 mood debuff ... does that have any actual effect?
As far as I'm aware raiders can't have mood breaks, or at least it happens veeeeery very rarely.

Would it not make a lot more sense to have it give the raiders a consciousness debuff?
Tirith Amar Nov 12 @ 10:17pm 
A 2x2 version of the plattform, a guard tower with small cover, very high construction time could be cool.
K10 Nov 10 @ 1:22am 
When playing a medieval game, how do you get the siege raiders to use catapults instead of mortars?
Thundercraft Nov 8 @ 1:54pm 
Quote, "The research is literally called Trench Warfare heavily implying that they are based on those very same WWI trenches you mentioned."
Well, these are certainly not called "WWI Trenches" or "WWII Trench Warfare."

Quote, "3 meters is deep, but necessary to be effective for their purpose."
Actually, I find this notion illogical. The mod description states, "Soldiers inside the trench suffer weapon range penalty, but gain significant cover." Think about it: Aiming or shooting, say, a rifle or pistol out of a trench 3 meters deep is literally impossible. That's taller than most humans and certainly above eye level.

While a majority of trenches in WWI were 3 meters deep, obviously not all trench warfare in WWI and WWII was done in such deep trenches. In the deepest trenches, much of the fighting was done with things like mortars, artillery and grenades, which can be aimed upwards and actually shot out of a 3 meter deep trench.
Thundercraft Nov 8 @ 1:45pm 
Maybe I want everything else this mod adds, yet I do not want all the resulting mod bloat by adding everything else those other mods add? The Great War mod, in particular, adds like a gazillion other things (not really, but definitely a boatload).
Lurmey Nov 8 @ 9:41am 
@Thundercraft It seems very reasonable to me that the trenches in this mod are deep enough to be reinforced. The research is literally called Trench Warfare heavily implying that they are based on those very same WWI trenches you mentioned. 3 meters is deep, but necessary to be effective for their purpose.

It sounds like you want to have an alternative to the realistic trenches, which I would call a ditch (yes it's usually used road-side to carry away water but it's about the right depth). I could see that being helpful as a less effective but resource-free alternative to the proper trenches.

However, I also think you've solved your problem there by yourself. If several other mods provide trenches or ditches for free, why don't you use one of those? Fortifications - Neolithic/Medieval sound perfect to me.