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Captain Rex Oct 12 @ 7:00pm 
I want to be your friend because I really like your stuff, I can get very creative with suggestions that can attract a lot of people and (I'm just assuming by your profile pic) both of our favorite clone trooper group is the 501st.
Fish Roads Sep 28 @ 8:20pm 
i am thank you kev ^-^
kev675243 Sep 28 @ 6:22pm 
they currently are given guns by default, you might be missing an addon
Fish Roads Sep 28 @ 6:17pm 
Hey just asking how does one give the npcs that drop out of the drop ships guns?
Emperor Piggy Sep 14 @ 2:06pm 
Hello can you help me the star wars ships are not working, the keep giving me console errors. Is there a way to fix this
abathur the primal zerg Sep 5 @ 4:48am 
CANCAN * sorry about that joke * you make some battle cruiser in your vehicles npc addon pls ?