Smash Phil
Phil   United States
I enjoy almost all genres of games.

Aspiring Indie game dev, currently Software Dev.
Currently Online
Ram Sep 12 @ 4:11pm 
Hello friend, thank you for your mods, you are awesome.
Kami Katze Apr 11 @ 6:53am 
Hi, I made the Material Filter mod for Rimworld, can you please check again if it works now for furniture?
Captain Roman S'Jet Mar 30 @ 2:33pm 
Thank god you're not a ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Reptiloid Mar 27 @ 4:50am 
Where I can find Boat mod for 1.0 RimWorld
Partos_Mojo #0011 Jan 22 @ 5:17am 
Hi bro' a big thanks for u'r mod
Zenzi Aurora Jan 6 @ 8:12pm 
thanks for looking into that bug for me.