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Vanilla Vehicles Expanded
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Aug 4, 2023 @ 12:04pm
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Vanilla Vehicles Expanded

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Vanilla Vehicles Expanded is a long awaited mod utilising Smash Phil’s Vehicles framework. The main purpose of the mod is to add realistic and engaging mechanics surrounding vehicles of all kinds into the game. Not just the cars, but boats and airplanes too, this mod comes packed full of content and new production chains to allow players to dive deep into the vehicle production.
Vehicles come separated into many different categories and tiers, contributing to the overall progression. You won’t simply be making a car and driving it around - you will keep checking out other vehicles and options this mod brings to the table. Every car, boat and aircraft will have a particular purpose and thanks to the tier system, it will be easy to understand the differences between various vehicles.
This mod utilises the paint job system added in Vehicles framework, allowing you to fully customize the pattern and colors of each of your vehicles. Whether you want a camouflaged armored division, or a pink bomber wing, this mod has it all.
New, Vanilla Vehicles Expanded exclusive mechanics such as acceleration/deceleration and handbrake add extra depth to vehicle stats and play a crucial role on the local map - a vehicle will take a while to accelerate to full speed, and may need space to decelerate, otherwise it risks having damage deal to tires and suspension.
19 new pattern options make an appearance, allowing you to customize your vehicle with new, vanilla-inspired patterns.

This mod has undergone tremendous amounts of testing, but there may still be issues that you come across. It’s essential that you report any issues related to Vehicles Framework directly to Phil via the Framework mod page - not to me. I can’t fix these issues.


Graphics are created by Oskar Potocki.

Art help from ISOREX.

Code work by Smash Phil and Taranchuk.

XML partly by xrushha.

Storyteller artwork by vitalii.

Screenshots by Reel and Moose.

Descriptions by Reann Shepard.

Built on Vehicles Framework by Smash Phil.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]

Q: Where can I find change logs?
A: Check change notes.

Q: Can I salvage rusted cars for some spare vehicle parts?
A: That was the plan, but it turned out to be quite OP. We are however adding a selection of new, less rusted car wrecks in the near future!

Q: Can I upgrade the cars?
A: Not yet. Vehicle upgrade system first needs to come to Vehicles Framework. Then, we will make use of it.

Q: Do airplanes need a landing strip?
A: Yes, airplanes need a landing strip that’s cleared of any structures and trees. You can taxi your airplane to the landing strip.

Q: Can I run people over?
A: Yes! And since the damage is based partly on vehicle speed, this means that acceleration plays a vital role in maximizing your damage output!

Q: Do vehicles take damage from running people over?
A: Yes, damage depends on the BodySize of the run over target.

Q: Can vehicles be minimized and reinstalled?
A: No. They are not technically buildings.

Q: Can vehicle turrets reload using resources in cargo storage?
A: Yes.

Q: Are garage doors used for pathing by pawns and vehicles and open by themselves?
A: No. They’re not doors per se. They are a wall that can be ‘disappeared’ when pressing the button.

Q: Can Vehicles fire on the move?
A: Depends on the vehicle. Bulldog, Highwayman and Tango all have designated gunners. Roadkill only fits one person, so the tank can either move or fire, not both.

Q: Are there any vehicle-related memes or precepts?
A: Yes there are!

Q: Will you add more vehicles?
A: Absolutely, we have plans for many more.

Q: Can boats travel through the ocean?
A: Yes.

Q: Can boats be used for fishing?
A: Not yet, but they will be!

Q: Can I add it mid save?
A: Yes!

Q: CE compatible?
A: No idea. Ask CE.
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I cannot form a vehicle caravan.
Cat Kraken 23 hours ago 
i love this mod its amazing
Oskar Potocki  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:51am 
When they're finished.
Killer Tamashi Jun 15 @ 6:15pm 
When will upgrades be out? Seeing as VF now has the ability to support them.
GrynnReaper Jun 15 @ 5:33pm 
How do i actually use it on a caravan? so far i can only drive it around the base, it doesn't show up anywhere in the caravan menu. Does it need to be researched? Cuz i just slapped the nomad together from parts on the map before i even built a research bench
Oskar Potocki  [author] Jun 13 @ 12:12pm 
Vehicles use steel/chemfuel as ammo. There's no ammo in RimWorld.
Hyper Jun 13 @ 8:39am 
where can i make ammunition for the vehicles at ?
Grondyne Jun 13 @ 1:52am 
Maybe i ask a stupid question, but when other modules is released? Any news about?
Roadmap, maybe?
HIGGS_IS_REAL Jun 11 @ 4:59am 
thank you for the great mod!

Is there a way to reposition my flying vehicles at my settlement without having to send them to another tile?
if I want to send a regular vanilla drop pod to one place of my settlement to another, all I have to do is press launch, press my own settlement, and designate a drop zone.
but when I want to relocate a VE flyer, say a helicopter or a VE added drop pod, I actually have to send it somewhere else (ex:the tile next to my settlement) and then call that vehicle caravan back... all this just to place my helicopter where I want it to be.
I found out about it while trying to utilize the goliath as a defensive asset. I couldn't send it directly towards the attackers so I had to send it away, fix it's thrusters manually, and send it back to my settlement- vice versa just to send it back to it's 'landing pad'.
Oskar Potocki  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:03am 
Helicopters are hardcoded to land horizontally in Vehicles Framework. I highly doubt you were able to rotate it any other way in 1.4. Either way, you're reporting it on the wrong mod. This mod doesn't do anything in regards to how vehicles work. Perhaps ask Vehicles Framework author?

@Random Space Marine
Adobe suite, in particular Illustrator. I have a series of youtube tutorials, just look for Oskar Potocki on youtube.
Random Space Marine Jun 11 @ 12:42am 
Out of curiosity, what tool/software did you use to make this kind of art for this and other Vanilla Expanded mods? I use Krita to make some generic art, but not for Rimworld. I've been thinking about making my own mods with textures that match with vanilla and I'm inclined to know what tool you use, if you don't me asking.