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[KV] Infinite Storage
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Dec 16, 2017 @ 4:13pm
Oct 26, 2021 @ 6:04pm
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[KV] Infinite Storage

Got energy?
Need storage space?
Infinite Storage is right for you!

Infinite Storage
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 100 Metallic + 4 components
-Research: Multi Analyzer & Infinite Storage
-Stores: Everything except food
-Power: 1 W per stored kg - this can be adjusted in Options->Mod Settings->Infinite Storage

Textile Storage
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 50 wood/stone/steel
-Stores: Textiles

Body Part Storage
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 50 wood/stone/steel
-Stores: Body Parts & Medicines

Silver Storage
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 50 wood/stone/steel
-Stores: Silver

Safe for existing saves. For those using Body Part and/or Textile Storage see the instructions below for how to do it.

Infinite Storage requires energy to compress and make available the stored items. The amount of energy required increases linearly as the weight stored increases. If Infinite Storage is not powered, nothing can be added or removed from it. For that reason it may not be a bad idea to keep some extra components, steel, and wood in an out-of-the-way stockpile.

I have decided that Infinite Storage will not break down - in case all components are stored within as that would suck.

There are two 'specialty' storage units: Body Parts and Textiles. These units are capable of storing Body Parts & Medicine and Leather/Wool without energy.

Other Storage Type Mods:
-Weapon Storage
-Apparel Storage (Change Dresser)

-Save Storage & Outfit Settings
-Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering (EPOE)
-A Dog Said
-Fast regen
-While You're Up - The option "Optimize hauling to construction" will need to be disabled.
This mod should support/hold all items added by other mods.
- Common Sense - Disable the option for pawns to haul all the materials to craft

-Architect Sense - When trying to build with stored stuff it'll say no materials were found
-Industrial Rollers - Pullers will not be able to remove items
-Smart Medicine - Prevents doctors from getting medicine out of storage before tending to wounds. Operations will work correctly
- Best Mix

- Common Sense mod - disable the third checkbox under “Opportunistic Jobs” (the one about hauling ingredients for a bill to stockpile).

Ludeon Post[ludeon.com]

Direct Download[github.com]


Vaniat - Chinese
Чей-то друг - Russian

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Oct 13, 2021 @ 9:32pm
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Hollow Void
Oct 31, 2021 @ 7:20am
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charger361m Jun 14 @ 2:20am 
How do caravans work with this mod everytime i load one up all the stuff ends up back in storage.
I have commitment mode on so no auto save causing it.
Harry Körner Balance Toast May 14 @ 1:46am 
I think I found the issue
Misc. Robots++ ignore taking stuff from the storage to blueprint
but they do fill it, so my pawns take stuff out, while the robots put it straight back in :c
any idea why this could be?
Kiame Vivacity  [author] May 8 @ 8:14pm 
Shouldn't. Items should only drop when needed. Check the Supports and Unsupported above
Harry Körner Balance Toast May 8 @ 11:52am 
Hey dude:
is it normal that parts of my collection just drop out all the time?
Neb Apr 27 @ 6:45pm 
I just installed this mod today and I have encountered an error, I dont get an error log but seems to be connected to not enough materials. For example trying to make Meat Blend in butchering table and there is not enough materials, the meat storage keeps throwing out meats (human meat and meat blend that cannot be used as materials) that my pawn has to put back constantly, until I pause said bill for Meat Blend. As soon as I pause said bills in table, the meat storage stops throwing out meats. This also happened when trying to make patchleather so not limited to meats so far, pretty early in my playtrough so havent been able to try many different things.
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Apr 3 @ 9:07am 
That may be a mod conflict. There is logic tied into trade window that when it opens, all the contents are emptied. If you have a mod that changes the trade window or how it opens, it could be preventing this mod from running
咕咕咕 Apr 3 @ 8:32am 
There's a very big problem when using this mod when you want do any trade with trader, everything you storage in this wont show in trade window so you cant sell any of them
Jednou Mar 10 @ 5:51am 
There seems ti be a problem with wood storage. Every time I store it, it disappears. I'll look for mod conflict maybe.
JZ Mar 3 @ 1:44pm 
When the box is picked up automatically and pawns put things back in manually at the same time the contents of the box are reduced until they disappear. I tried to turn off auto pickup but it didn't work.
Sirimba Mar 2 @ 9:26am 
looks broken. It dropps items and pawns need too put it back. even if set to 0 elec needed. now after some hours, my pawns dont regonize it as storageplace anymore and now its useless.