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[KV] Weapon Storage
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Oct 25, 2017 @ 1:35pm
Aug 3, 2021 @ 11:36pm
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[KV] Weapon Storage

Stores weapons and allows weapons to be assigned to pawns for use in the field.

Weapon Storage
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 40 steel + 40 wood/stone/steel
-Stores: Weapons (ranges and melee)

Repair Attachment
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 250 steel + 6 components + 20 wood/stone/steel
-Energy: 10 W (not in use) or 1000 W (in use)
-Place within 6 squares of a Weapon Storage to have weapons automatically repaired
-Research Required: Mending & Multi-Analyzer
-Mending Mod not required (highly recommended though)

Compatible with:
Save Storage & Outfit Settings - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1180718516
Change Dresser - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1385697110

Not supported
Dual Wield
Combat Extended

Direct Download: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-weaponstorage/releases/download/current/WeaponStorage.zip

Ludeon Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35503.0

GitHub: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-weaponstorage

If the storage crate is destroyed all stored weapons will drop on the floor. Assigned weapons will not drop on the floor though and will still be usable by the pawns the weapons are assigned to. To change or access the assigned weapons, use any other weapon storage crate.

Items stored in a weapon storage will not show up in merchant screens. To make them available for sale use the "Empty" button to cause all the items to fall on the floor.

The Weapon Storage container is located under furniture.

Instructions for assigning weapons:
1. Load one or many Weapon Storage containers with weapons
2. Select a Weapon Storage
3. Select the Assign Weapons button
4. Select the pawn to assign weapons to
5. Select the weapons to assign to the pawn

When a weapon is assigned to a pawn, that weapon is no longer stored in that container. Instead the weapon will exist in a pocket dimension (think bag of holding ;) ) that is accessible by any other Weapon Storage and by the assigned pawn

The pawn can, when drafted, switch to any assigned weapon by reaching into their pocket of holding and place whatever weapon they were holding into the other dimension.

Some cases/behaviors to consider - these are not hard coded but just how the mod works. If there's strong feedback regarding any of these I will consider changing them.
- If a pawn drops a weapon which they are assigned to, they are no long assigned to that weapon.
- If a pawn picks up a weapon, they are now assigned with that weapon.
- If a drafted pawn is carrying something in their primary equipment slot that is not a weapon, instead of placing the item in their pocket of holding they will place it on the ground.

Forming Caravans
Stored weapons will be available for caravans. Until the pawns in the caravan either exit the map or are told to cancel the caravan, the weapons will remain scattered around the storages. If something goes wrong and the items are not collected, let me know and click the "Collect" button on the weapon storages.

As of now if the Cancel button is used from the Form Caravan window, the weapons will not be collected. This will likely remain the case for the time being due to limitations in modding tools.

This can be fixed by either using the Collect button or forming another caravan and either allow it to leave the map or cancel the caravan

Repair Attachment
Will detect if weapons within attached Weapon Storages need to be repaired.
Each Repair Attachment can only repair one weapon at a time.
More than one Repair Attachment can be attached to one or more Weapon Storages (many-to-many relationship)

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Mlie Jun 14, 2023 @ 12:51pm 
Made an update of this:
Hope it helps anyone!
NuanKi May 21, 2023 @ 4:39pm 
so update confirmed
NuanKi May 21, 2023 @ 4:39pm 
Tablenack Nov 1, 2022 @ 6:47pm 
@boldface i didnt do anything lol i got sombody to update it at some point tough so gota wait on him to update it is name is miles ? somthing like that
boldface Nov 1, 2022 @ 6:14pm 
Really love this mod--here's hoping someone takes it up. Thanks, @Tablenack, for all your work!
Tablenack Oct 26, 2022 @ 2:12am 
aww :( ok thanks ...
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Oct 25, 2022 @ 9:26pm 
I've grabbed a few mods that didn't require any changes but I likely will not do anything with this mod for now.
Tablenack Oct 25, 2022 @ 2:15pm 
@Kiame Vivacity soooo what's the odd's of this been updated to 1.4 ? in 1 message you seem to say it''s wont the other u seem to be interested into continuing to update ? my english isnt the best so might just be that =/
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Oct 7, 2022 @ 7:23pm 
A ton has changed internally code wise (in 1.4) so where I might have been able to recompile most of my mods, it's closer to a whole re-write.

Part of me feels the same, at the same time, the code is much better written from what I've looked at so performance should be much improved.
bearhiderug Oct 7, 2022 @ 7:13pm 
Hate the 1.4 update. feels like they could have left well enough alone