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[KV] Change Dresser
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May 13, 2018 @ 10:32pm
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[KV] Change Dresser

Adds a Dresser and Mirror to the Furniture tab and an apparel Mending Attachment to the Misc tab.

Change Dresser
-Build Menu: Furniture
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 40 steel + 40 wood/stone/steel
-Stores: Apparel

Change Mirror
-Build Menu: Furniture
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 20 steel + 20 woo/stone/steel
-Wall Mounted

Mending Attachment
-Build Menu: Misc
-Size: 1x1
-Cost: 250 steal + 6 components + 20 wood/stone/steel
-Energy: 10 W (not in use) or 1000 W (in use)
-Place within 6 squares of a Change Dresser to have apparel automatically mended/repaired
-Research Required: Mending & Multi-Analyzer
-Mending Mod not required (highly recommended though)

If a pawn is told to interact with these - via right click - the pawn can change their Hair Style, Hair Color, or Body. Additional interactions are available with the Change Dresser: Change Apparel Color and Store Apparel.

Selecting the Change Dresser will give some additional functionality:
-Manage Apparel - View what's stored in the selected dresser and drop selected apparel on the ground.
-Assign Outfits - Assign outfits to pawns for both when they are not drafted and when they are drafted. When a pawn has outfits assigned to them, they will be able to instantly switch between outfits when selected - button will appear at the bottom that can be selected by the user.
-Empty - Place all the stored apparel on the ground around the dresser.
-Include Apparel In Trade - Designates whether to include the apparel stored in the dresser in trade deals.

Example for Assigned Outfits
The pawn Mina has outfits Everything, Worker, Light Armor Range, Heavy Armor Melee.
Everything and Worker are civilian outfits (non-combat)
Light Armor Range and Heavy Armor Melee are combat outfits

When Mina is not drafted, she can change between Everything and Worker.
When Mina is drafted, she will change to the last combat outfit she was wearing - we'll say Light Armor Range in this case. She can then switch to Heavy Armor Melee and back to Light Armor Range as needed.
When Mina is done in combat or is incapacitated/killed she will switch back to the last civilian outfit she was wearing.

Important Note:
The apparel worn prior to an outfit change will be removed from the pawn prior to the change - this allows apparel that was being worn to be put back on if applicable. There must be a change dresser available for the previously-worn apparel to go to otherwise it will be dropped on the ground around the outfit-changing pawn. Consider having an extra change dresser which allows all apparel with a Low Priority setting if the other Change Dressers have restrictive filters.

Forming Caravans
Stored apparel will be available for caravans. Until the pawns in the caravan either exit the map or are told to cancel the caravan, the apparel will remain scattered around the dresser. If something goes wrong and the items are not collected, let me know and click the "Collect" button on the change dresser.

As of now if the Cancel button is used from the Form Caravan window, the apparel will not be collected. This will likely remain the case for the time being due to limitations in modding tools.
This can be fixed by either using the Collect button or forming another caravan and either allow it to leave the map or cancel the caravan

Mending Attachment
Will detect if apparel within attached Change Dressers need to be mended.
Each Mending Attachment can only mend one apparel at a time.
More than one Mending Attachment can be attached to one or more Change Dressers (many-to-many relationship)

- Any alien race based of AlienRaces framework should work. Races based off the Garam framework will not.
- All Outfit Assignmnet/Apparel actions are available to Alien Races
- Body and Hair attributes can be modified depending on the alien race. Not all alien races can have hair, different head types, etc.
- Species changing is not available (can't change from a human to an alien) (this is a code limitation and not a design decision on my part)

Garam-based races
Races using the Garam-addon are not supported

Custom Outfits:
Can be assigned to a specific pawn (see screen shots)
Pawn 'Yuuka' has an awesome cowbow hat that she wants to wear with power armor. She doesn't care about which power armor, just that she wants to wear the cowboy hat in battle.

Yuuka can create a Custom Outfit with the legendary cowboy hat included and the 'Solder' outfit as the base. When she is drafted she will put on the cowboy hat first then all other apparel like normally (from the previous Change Dresser)
-Note: It is not required to have a base outfit selected. Leaving it as [None] will make it so only the selected apparel will be used.

The Mending Attachements will first repair apparel that is used for Custom Outfits before moving onto other apparel.

The mod uses the 'force wear' mechanic to manage Custom Outfit apparel. If using Custom Outfits never Clear Forced for those pawns.

Ludeon Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=41483.0

Direct Download:

Use ModSync RW[ludeon.com] to know if/when there's an update

Thank you translators!
Vaniat - Chinese Simplified and Traditional
Proxyer - Japanese
Ɲơɴɑɱɛ - German
Gidreess - Russian
Boundir - French
Xion - Spanish

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kartxyz 3 hours ago 
Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication :) This is a great mod
Kiame Vivacity  [author] 6 hours ago 
Can now edit a pawns beard from the hair menu
Florecillas 7 hours ago 
i do not if that help,if anyone notice the dresser disappear occur with some mod character (like moyo, ratkin or something else), just load this mod on the last one.
Kiame Vivacity  [author] 15 hours ago 
Added the ability to change a pawn's Favorite Color
Added a button to apparel/hair color selection to apply the pawn's Favorite Color
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Jul 28 @ 9:47am 
Added a work around for slave apparel so it should be able to be stored in change dressers

And I will retract my previous statement, Vanilla Expanded Apparel is not an issue with this mod, works fine
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Jul 28 @ 9:28am 
Ah found the issue with slave apparel. There's a bug in the game's code. Reporting it
daxx Jul 28 @ 8:45am 
Okay I do agree on that front. But even with Vanilla Expanded entirely disabled, I still get that exception when a slave harness is inserted into a change dresser after a job is completed (create until 1/1)
daxx Jul 28 @ 8:21am 
Here is the exception for the disappearing clothes: https://pastebin.com/5SZsH1cA

Mods enabled:
Vanilla Framework Expanded
Vanilla Apparel Expanded
Change Dresser

Cloaks disappear after about 30 seconds of going into the Dresser. Slave Harnesses disappear instantly.
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Jul 28 @ 8:18am 
Do you have any mods that change how pawns choose what to wear? Change dresser uses the base games logic directly.

Here's a quick test I ran and it seems to be working correctly
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Jul 28 @ 8:09am 
@daxx & @kartyx
I'm not able to reproduce the issue so it's a mod conflict

Just to make sure i'm doing the steps correctly to reproduce here's what i'm doing