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Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
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Jul 16, 2016 @ 4:39pm
Nov 19, 2017 @ 1:30pm
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Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

MULTILINGUAL - There is support for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean and Russian. It will automatically detect the language of your game, you don't have to change anything.


This mod gives you the ability to craft your own prostheses and artificial organs. Starting with basic prostheses like a peg leg or a hook hand, you can research everything you can think about: Simple prostheses like the vanilla ones and some new, bionic body parts and even advanced bionics. But to get advanced bionics you have to do plenty of research and they're also pretty expensive to craft.
If you tend to losing your organs, this mod helps, too! You can research and craft surrogate and synthetic organs, so you never have to miss your kidney again! The mod is pretty big, there's enough work to do, so even in endgame there's something new to research, to craft and to buy available.

Current main features:

  • 4 new workbenches
  • Craft prostheses! There's a wide array from hook hands to exoskeleton suits and even brain implants!
  • Many new parts like hook hands, a silent jaw, a brain stimulator, bionic spines, bionic hands and feet, advanced bionic eyes, medical ribs, exoskeleton suits, auxiliary AIs, cornea implants and many more!
  • Craft organs! Go from rudimentary surrogate organs to high tech synthetic organs!
  • Cure brain damage using late game brain implants!
  • Treat bad backs!
  • Treat scars!
  • Give uranium a purpose! Upgrade bionics with this totally harmless material!
  • Still not advanced enough? Buy rare Glitterworld Parts from traders!
  • New traders: The textile trader and the prostheses trader!
  • Tons of new research projects!
  • Be Frankenstein! Harvest organs and install them somewhere else!
  • Not brutal enough? Mince spare natural body parts at the butcher table!
  • All prostheses have their own category and trade tag: Basic prostheses, simple prostheses...

More information and the A16 version on the offical forum: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=10571.0

For everyone who wants to harvest limbs, eyes and everything else: Harvest Everything!

For everyone who misses the rejection and accustoming systems: Realistic Medical System EPOE Version (Alpha 15)
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roomaroo 1 hour ago 
Am I missing something, or are these tactical cornea implant installed in some way that I dont understand? They are not populating to the surgery menu
🔥Loopy Loops🔥 4 hours ago 
it adds multiple different bionics the vanilla doesnt have & also includes a way to craft them which vanilla doesnt, only way to get the basic vanilla bionic stuff such as legs & arms is to buy them
Gopher 4 hours ago 
Aren't bionics vanilla, though? I thought this mod only added advanced bionics?
Doctor Whooves 4 hours ago 
so, a minor quibble, i noticed that making a bionic, logically one of the hardest crafting jobs given the delicate nature of it, is classified as unskilled crafting as far as jobs go, like cutting stone blocks, so if you have an expanded work menu crafting bionics falls to the unskilled labourers who cut rocks and not to the skilled smiths
Harem King 20 hours ago 
It says skill level is not high enough to craft bionic foot. I have a charater with 18 crafting.

Why is that?
🔥Loopy Loops🔥 22 hours ago 
you can always make one :)
IndyCorsair 22 hours ago 
Great mod, a true must have! What are the possibilities of a swedish language option?
🔥Loopy Loops🔥 Jan 12 @ 2:44pm 
i wonder if raiders would have tried to kill them when they were ghosts
Kael'Rus Jan 12 @ 9:29am 
Upon further fuckering about I have solved the problem by placing this mod near the top of the load list.
Kael'Rus Jan 12 @ 6:39am 
So I loaded up a save after subbing to this mod and 2 of my pawns just freakin' died from injuries they didn't have before hand. Granted, they WERE injured, just not with a crushed pelvis or a torn off head. This went away after I let them heal and tried the mod again.
What didn't go away though, was 2 of my pawns had also completely disappeared and no amount of waiting or reloading the save made them come back. I mean, they're up at my top bar thinger, and I can select them, but they're just gone. Like a ghost or something, I have a selection box of them wandering around my base with nothing in it.

What gives?