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Common Sense
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Nov 10, 2018 @ 11:39am
Aug 12 @ 3:38am
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Common Sense

Allows your pawns to act smarter. Look up mod settings to know more.

Okay, DLC is out for awhile and reports slowed down, so no more warning.

- (optional) pawns are encouraged to fulfill their need of outdoors by seeking recreation outdoors;
- (optional) pawns are encouraged to take account of potential mood in drug policies;
- (optional) pawns are encouraged to give allowed social drugs or joy giving food to sick pawns;
- (optional) change how pawns use drugs when relaxing socially to prevent them from "wasting joy";
- (optional) pawns do not stack food with "bad" ingredients (ex. human meat or insect meat) with normal ones;
- (optional) as an option, odd (ex. insect, i.e. low impact) meat can count as normal one;
- (optional) pawns are encouraged to clean rooms where they're about to operate a building (ex. researching, cooking/crafting, or just going to sleep);
- (optional) pawns may clean rooms between "hauling ingredients to crafting spot" and "crafting";
- (optional, disabled by default) pawns may clean rooms where they're planning to eat (normally or when relaxing socially);
- (optional, disabled by default) pawns may avoid bad weather when idling;
- (optional) pawns may pick up all necessary ingredients to their hauling inventory before delivering them to the crafting place;
- (optional) pawn can be encouraged to prioritize ingredients, materials (including corpses) and meals that are quicker to spoil;
- (optional) pawns are encouraged to clean after tending to a patient;
- (optional) pawns are discouraged to clear an area from snow when it's snowing or raining;
- (optional) when pawns are about to work on a bill, they'll prefer hauling a whole stack of ingredients to a stockpile if possible, instead of cherry picking a fraction that's required for crafting;
- (optional) pawns will stop taking more sweets than they can eat;
- (optional) pawns will put items back to inventory if interrupted;
- (optional) pawns will treat sleeping assignment as a recreation when they can't sleep. Pawns will not prefer recreational activities after topping it off until it's down to at least 80%. Pawns also will try to take spare meals during this time. Dubs hygiene activities also was re-prioritized;
- (optional) you may enable a GUI tweak to display the whole list of ingredients on a recipe screen instead of vague "ingredients";
- (optional, disabled by default) add random ingredients to non-crafted meals. Only neutral ingredients are used;
- (optional, disabled by default) pawn's mood, instead of "freezing" while pawn is asleep, will slowly keep moving in a direction of "potential" mood until it reaches 50%;

- pawns will choose recreational activities that result in hanging out outside, but they can't chose items, so don't make the same recreational items both indoors and outdoors to avoid derpness;

Should be safe to add to and remove from existing save. But it's possible for pawns to get stuck when first installed or uninstalled, so if you see someone standing still - just draft and undraft them.

Very well know issues
- Androids and DrugPolicy - CS can trigger it, but doesn't cause it, and can't be fixed (by me, within boundaries of this mod). It was handled months ago, and if you still some how think that CS is related to it, look below;
- "but Visual Exceptions says!" - because it catches and reports even handled errors. CS can trigger errors, but handles them and reverts actions to those that would happen in vanilla, like CS didn't interfere at all. Look for relations in actual Debug log.

- russian;
- chinese simplified by chrisxlite, HawnHan;
- chinese traditional by Lak4CYUT;
- german by Katinka1988;
- french by qux;
- spanish by Crusader;

non-steam: github[github.com].
versions: MP downgrade
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Phrozehn Nov 26 @ 6:09pm 
I'm having an issue where the "haul to stockpile" button in the inventory isn't showing despite the option being ticked. Anyone have any ideas? Are there any known conflicts with popular mods that may be causing it?
Neitronus Nov 25 @ 9:09pm 
That's exactly what I was wondering about. Thank you for your answer. Consider putting such info about all options in description and/or an ingame tooltip. In mods like this people will wonder about performance a lot.
avil  [author] Nov 25 @ 9:06pm 
Nah, cleaning is pretty easy. Hardest one I would say is behavior mindful about weather (avoiding toxic fallout, rain, etc). If you like a lot of pawns you probably should disable it, or if you like big animals farms, disable it for animals.
Neitronus Nov 25 @ 8:49pm 
I mean, algorithmic-wise where are the most crucial points besides those two about spoilage time? Aren't those functions about cleaning heavy on performance?
avil  [author] Nov 25 @ 8:32pm 
Differs. More mods = more impact.
Neitronus Nov 25 @ 7:39pm 
Performance impact?
kanery Nov 24 @ 4:03am 
In the Russian localization error, when you put the cursor over' Считать странное мясо (напр.: насекомых) нормальным, позволяя складывать его с обычными блюдами' writes '"Меся"насекомых не такое уж и плохое...' the word "Меся" is spelled "Мясо"
batuhan3141592 Nov 21 @ 11:09am 
u are fkn genious
pebble225 Nov 12 @ 6:17pm 
It should be in the game by default that pawns clean the kitchen area before cooking. The only vanilla workaround is to prioritize cleaning before cooking, but cleaning includes the whole home area, so the pawn will rarely cook. I could force them to stay in the kitchen area but then they're locked in there all day aside from sleeping. Even during recreation hours they don't leave. Why do the devs not have a solution for this? I could assign someone else to clean, but they won't always be there to clean the kitchen. This is stupid and unnecessary difficulty that is impossible to circumvent without modifying the game.
shavenridge23 Nov 11 @ 11:33am 
i figured out why my pawns werent cleaning before tasks (cooking, or relaxation) i forgot to set the home area... now it works!