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**************************************PLEASE NOTE************************
1. Do not ask for free cards, money, skins, or anything. The answer is NO.
(But if you do go and ask anyway=immediate permanent ban)

2. I do NOT trade. If you get someone claiming to be me and offers you trades, that is NOT me, but an impersonator. I do not trade.

3. Everything I sell is done exclusively through the Steam Marketplace. If you receive a link on your comment section or such, that is an imposter, and not me. I do not advertise things I have for sale anywhere except the Marketplace. And I do not send links and offers on people's comment section. That is an imposter.

My profile is always public. If you see offers, or contacts form someone claiming to be me, and especially if that so called"Ejay" has a private profile. RUN THE OTHER WAY. It's not me.

4. Do not send me a friends request if you have a private profile. When I see a private profile I think what are they hiding and why...


If you are a member of my Friend's Group Pointless, or Project Bluestreak, get an early sign up for my new website/forum, "Ejay's Circle".
Link is: https://ejay.me

Respect existence or expect resistance.

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Re1a[X] 1 hour ago 
RUS: Выберите что то одно из этого списка и напишите в моём профиле, отвечу тем же!
ENG: Choose the one that's on the list and write in my profile, I will answer the same!
+rep Good player 💜
+rep Amazing Tactics 👌
+rep Epic Clutch ✌
+rep Clutchmeister 👍
+rep Killing Machine *_*
+rep 1Tap Only 👊
+rep Insane Skills 👌
+rep One shot, one kill. No luck, just skill ✔
+rep Top Player 🔝
+rep Thx for carry 👍
+rep Epic Comeback 👍
+rep Good Teammate 🎮
+rep Friendly Person 💜
+rep CZ-75 clutch 👊
+rep nice profile 💜
+rep AWP GOD ✌
+rep AK GOD 👍
Hangzhou 4 hours ago 
Hi there I really wanted to be friend with you :heartgr:
🦄Relly♡🦄 4 hours ago 
Love cats❤
Black Clover 5 hours ago 
Shamilb 5 hours ago 
add me pls
Judy Hopps 5 hours ago 
:rep2::SpeakM:Nice skill:SpeakM:HeadshotMachine:SpeakM::SpeakM::SpeakM::csgogun::csgoanarchist: