Every invite without a comment (except AEG members / 20+ friends in common) will be ignored.

former known as "Saga" ...

I started with Day of Defeat: Source in 2007, and played in public clans first:

:dodcp: SR | Spielplatzrebellen (2007-2008)
:dodcp: ORR | OnkelzRockRadio (2008)
:dodcp: FC | Fighting Clowns (2008)
:dodcp: SFC | Sissi's Fighter Crew (ORR) (2008-2009)

...public clans were/are often critizied as "noobish", but I enjoyed the time. But when you're at this special point that you recognize that your skill is getting better and better. In my best times, I had stats of 90:3 on public servers. I had a ban list longer than the list of my favorites. I was banned on more than 75% of the german (and some other) public servers around, because of "cheating". Theres the craving to achieve more than just being the guy with the highest kd on a server, so I started to play competitive in 2009...

:ironcross: Competitive teams:

:dodcp: Uscared2die? - Us2d.| Saga (2009)

:dodcp: vOx Altera - vOx.A| Saga (same crew 2009)

:dodcp: German Evolution Gaming (Squad Moonlight) - -eVo- | Saga (same crew 2009)

:dodcp: i.RoniX - iRoniX.Saga (2009)

:dodcp: no Limit - no L!mit#Saga ( same crew 2009-2010)

:dodcp: fuS!on ( Squad Black, Clan Co-founder ) - fuS!on.Saga (2010)

:dodcp: myRealityCheck ( Day of Defeat:Source Squad, Squadleader ) - RealityCheck#Saga ) ( same crew 2010)

:dodcp: mindLess -> unskilled noobz -> dePredation.unSkilled ( Squadleader ) - dePredation.jHn (2010 - 2011)

:dodcp: Team 8==D ( Co-Leader ) - 8==D jHn ( same crew 2011)

... and in the end, when enjoyment vanishes and the pleasure to play is replaced by conscientiousness, it doesn't make any sense to continue.
I have quit DoDS in 2012 - it was a good decision.

There are a lot of poeple I still remember and I'm in contact with, even after such a long time. My special thanks goes to :8bitheart: :

VERY SPECIAL: :goldenstarfish: Foaly

:goldenstarfish: gLm, :goldenstarfish: blizzard, :goldenstarfish: Serenity, :goldenstarfish: Fairplay, :goldenstarfish: Dr. Tod, :goldenstarfish: fAn, :goldenstarfish: r4in, :goldenstarfish: Blacki, :goldenstarfish: Dean, :goldenstarfish: chkey, :goldenstarfish: eRz, :goldenstarfish: Marcel, :goldenstarfish: Erdbeerpflücker, :goldenstarfish: Kid, :goldenstarfish: house, :goldenstarfish: gioo, :goldenstarfish: KRAKEN, :goldenstarfish: bZn, :goldenstarfish: pepe

:goldenstarfish: All members from formerly "Us2d", "vOx.A", "eVo", "i.RoniX", "n0.Lim!T", "fuS!on", "myRC", "mL. , uN. , dP." as comp. teams,
:goldenstarfish: "WR", "[SW]" as public clans.

I don't remember all, sorry for that.

<wasm!> Saga says that he is not able to let his balls be sucked by u, because he has got no ones.
<wasm!> r4in': omfQ! =>
<wasm!> r4in': is that a secret?
<wasm!> r4in': :>
<wasm!> Saga no.
<wasm!> r4in': ok =D

go zP! [www.zpgaming.eu]
little tribute :P
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:hintarrow: Friend Requests:

I will accept most friend requests, but there are some "no-go"-criteria which will provoke an ignore or block. These criteria are:

:NavpointSecurity: Private profiles
:NavpointSecurity: Level 0 profiles
:NavpointSecurity: VAC-, Game- or Trade-ban
:NavpointSecurity: Hacked Achievements (I will find out about SAM-users, believe me) :krskull:
:NavpointSecurity: Begging, scamming, and other immature behavior.
:NavpointSecurity: Do not spam me with "please like and fav my artwork!!!111" :krskull:
:omfg: If you add me, I would appreciate when you leave a comment, why! :plastismile:

:hintarrow: Trading:

I'm only trading on Steam on very rare occasions, and only with friends I know for a long time, so I can be sure that these trades are trustworthy.
I trade my duplicate Steam-keys on barter.vg, so feel free to send me a trade offer there!
:NavpointSecurity: I will check always reputations on Steamrep and Steamtrades before I will accept!

:hintarrow: Things I like:

I play all kind of games, but my favorite genres are Shooters, Tower Defense, and, from time to time, Clickers/Idlers.
Collecting games.
I'm also idling most of the time to get tradingcards.
I love to hunt for achievements and it's always nice to complete another game! :CDtrophy:

:hintarrow: Things I hate:

Beside the things quoted at the top of this information, I hate:

:RTeam: Arrogance
:Rteam: Censorship
:Rteam: Attention-seekers.

:hintarrow: Other Informations:

I'm very busy, so sometimes you have to be a little patient, until I will have time to respond! :plastismile:
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