Quenquent the babysitter
Instead of randomly adding me, please say below why you want to add me. My profile is public, so you aren't forced to add me to speak to me.

Also, I made some maps :
- szf/zf/slender_4way
- mvm_hillside
- slender_swarm
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Quenquent the babysitter Oct 3 @ 1:18pm 
It's alright for me, you can go for it
Delta 🍁 Oct 3 @ 11:15am 
Hey. I'm making a CC mission featuring all bosses from TT, just wanted to ask permission for using the 2 boss templates from Program Seppuku if that's alright with you?
Dr. Zeuss Sep 12 @ 6:30pm 
you look cool
♊️☯GrayK☯♊ Aug 19 @ 3:37pm 
-rep welcome to black list retard
Get ready for worse punishment that God will give it to you
★Blazing烏 Aug 8 @ 2:34pm 
+rep Good debater, knows his MvM♥♥♥♥♥♥ and put me in my place. ;)
Quenquent the babysitter Jul 13 @ 12:28pm 
I know right ?