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Also, I made some maps :
- szf/zf/slender_4way
- mvm_hillside
- slender_swarm
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+rep love your guides, btw if you are looking for someone to play medieval mvm hit me u ;)
Tronald Dump Jan 23 @ 7:36am 
The problem with the reporting system in mvm is that some players may abuse it. Nice idea on paper, but I think it'll get overused like it was in Dota 2, which was one of the reasons as to why I stopped playing that game.

Unless if the punishment is short (less than 30 minutes), I cant really support it. And queueing up with friends all the time is impractical... Maybe make it only applicable in expert? idk.
Quenquent the babysitter Jan 21 @ 5:14am 
@Fluttershy Sorry I don't really remember where I got it. I simply cropped a pic years ago.
Fluttershy the Adorable Jan 21 @ 4:38am 
Nice guide.
But can I know where did you get that profile pic?
Underswap Papyrus Dec 31, 2017 @ 4:16am 
i found this profile somehow so add me if ya want or if you even are going to idc