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Patrick   Arizona, United States
I have changed my profile name from "pcboyer" to "Patrick The Nobleman" in honor of my late great Mother! I'm not being pompous, the name "Patrick" has Irish origins and it means "Nobleman"!

My name is Patrick, I reside in Arizona (moved in January 2016) and I have been a gamer (computer & board) all of my life. Even though I have been gaming a long time I still am learning new strategies and game play. I first started playing computer games way back on the Apple II, I also owned a tape driven PC (I paid dearly for) in the early 70' really intimated me so I got rid of it rather quickly at a huge financial loss.
I enjoy many game categories. Strategy games have always interested me, a good First Person Shooter is quite appealing, there are quite a few great Indie games here on Steam that I will eventually (funds willing) play. Some of the games that I have played over the years are: Civilization, FarCry/Crysis family (the Standard of all First Person Shooters), SimCity, Combat Mission (Battlefront), The Campaign Series (the original Talonsoft East Front, West Front now owned and maintained by Matrix Games), APBA Baseball (computer & board), ASL (board, I'm still learning!). I play and own many games off-line
but the Steam world is becoming more popular. I have been stocking up and taking advantage of the weekly sales of games on Steam the last year or so and now I'm retired (January 2016) from the 9 to 5 grind!
This is a great gaming community, so many gifted and talented game players and creators, beginners and experienced veterans. We are all blessed to have this great hobby and life teaching experience...Happy Gaming Everyone!!!
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Please note: I do not respond "Chat Messages" when I'm playing a game. I will answer you when my game session is over. Thanks!

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'Help': Publishers unearth rare Beatles pictures
Naxos Classical Music lable
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Leo Laporte
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Combat Mission series published by Battlefront
An online archive dedicated to the magic of the vinyl seven inch single (or 7" or 45): Huge music database!
A great musical database and marketplace:
Matrix Games
One of the best strategy computer game publishers in the business! It also includes Slitherine group: &
APBA Games
Home of the world famous APBA Baseball Game (board & computer) since 1951:
Random Name Generator
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SABR, The Society for American Baseball Research
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Find A Grave
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Library of Congress
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Ready Steady Girls!
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Inernet Archive
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Steve Hoffman Music Forums
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Hamilton Books
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The Great Courses
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Prog Archives
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Free online courses from the finest universities (from Strategikal):
The Beatles from 1964
Live and well recorded for that time. This is a slice of real Beatlemania! "You Can't Do That":
Gentle Giant from 1978
Live "Free Hand". A great prog rock group from the UK, Gary Green the guitarist is very underrated!:
Buddy Rich
Later in his career, one of the best drum solos I've ever seen, his one hand was like two!

If any of these links are dead, please let me know!

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Andri.Fahlevi 16 hours ago 
hi Patrick The Nobleman, nice to meet you!
riffraff1985 May 19 @ 12:00am 
Hi Patrick, nice to meet you! I've accepted your invite, thanks. :)
EHOT May 17 @ 3:13pm 
Hello :) Readding you because I already had a bday, as you requested before :)
Kazadoom.UA May 3 @ 11:46pm 
Wish you a good day and nice weekend, my friend! :dewey:
SAOyeah May 2 @ 11:35am 
Hello Patrick nice to meet You as well. Its amazing to see how many gamers are closer too my age.
bluemeep 🍄🍕 Apr 26 @ 8:11am 
Thanks for the welcome! Good to meet you! :retro_beer::wizorbhappy: