Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Hello and welcome to my lair.
You may ask who i`am.
You can call me a bookkeeper, a librarian.
I`m reading books, i`m selling books and i`m writing books.
Inspirated by dreams, special persons of my live and music from games and films.

Yes, you also can call me a Wyvern.
Going my way, making my dreams come true, casting a smile on your face.
Smile ... and the World is yours.

So welcome to my side.
Thanks for your nice visit.

Wyvern :tm_dragon:

A lore of the Rising Sun

Far away in a distance land, where time has no meaning a little boy lives in a small village. Side by side with ancient creatures. Betrayal leads to the destruction of the Village and the boy as the last survivor. Being friend with one of the ancient creatures in the eye of death they melt together and took revenge. From the ashes of destruction rises new life. You can call them friends, bounded togehter in the eye of light.
I call them:

Wyvern of the Rising Sun.

Another Lore of the Rising Sun:

"Once was a time, long before in the ancient age of the Survivors of a lost world. A time where your kind wasnt born, a time of fear and betrayal. A time you wouldnt understand. But you found me. Me, the Custodian of the old Library. Here in the depths of a sunken Empire. Why? Because one old survivor has doomed your kind with an awful disease. You took your way from the portal of the Sun, over the Seadragon, right to my rooms of silence. Desperate enough to disturb my rest of centuries. You are here, searching for a cure, but it has a price. Wanting the cure for the disease and my help to defeat the survivor? Then you must be willing to fight. The Night has fallen, the sunken City awaits you. Search it for my heart, i have lost many years ago. Find it, bring it, until the Sun rises. Then there is a chance to save your kind. I will thn take care of your foe. But remember, only when the Sun rises, thats why they call me the Wyvern of the Rising Sun."
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If you look back at your life.... are you happy with it?
Are you happy with all your decisions?
Happy with all that happened?
What if you get the Chance ...... for a new Start?
What will you do?

Welcome to ANGEL WINGS.

You wake up and dont know where you are. But you know you have nothing left. No friends, no Job and absolutly no Motivation. All you remember is a Telephon Call.
You find yourself in a new House with people you didn´t met before.
And this is where your new Chance starts.


To be honest, i´m not the biggest Visual Novel Player, but in the near past a friend from my Friendlist catches my interest with all her Visual Novel Reviews and i began to play some.
ANGEL WINGS got me by surprise. A few weeks ago Steam said to me: "Hey Wyvern, got a nice Game for you. Costs nothing!" "Okay, Steam, lets have a look."
The Title Theme got me from the first second. I love Piano drived Songs very much. After watching the Trailer i installed the Game and started to play.
And i forgot it. I forgot Time.
About 3 Hours later i went back to reality, ANGEL WINGS got me... totally.
So what is so special about it?
Simple Answer. The Story.


ANGEL WINGS managed to unite Real Life Situations we all know, no matter if good, no matter if ....bad. ANGEL WINGS takes on sensitive Themes like Stalking, as on nice Ones like falling in Love. Showing Family, Friendships, Teamworks and much more.
Simply said, ANGEL WINGS shows us what is most precious.

ANGEL WINGS is about meeting other People and making Decissions. Decissions have consequences. As said before, you start with nothing. At first you choose your way in form of a Tarot Card. That will decide which people you will meet on your Journey through the Days. ANGEL WINGS has multiple Endings and Character and is highly replayable. It has many Achievements and some nice Extras to unlock.
If you are wondering why you don´t hear Details from me to the Story, i don´t want to spoiler. Experience yourself.


ANGEL WINGS has really wonderfull Graphics, a nice Soundtrack, charming Characters and well written Storys from the Real Life. For me it is this kind of Games you don´t play, it is that kind that you FEEL while you play.

It is amazing that this Game is for nothing and i wish there could be an option to support the Developers with a little Donation, like for example in CLOUB CLIMBER. You did a great Job with it and i hope for more to come.

Take your Time, dear Reader, install it and dive into the World of ANGEL WINGS. I´m sure it will fascinate you like me, because the most exciting Story is the Story of ........... Life.

Thank you for Reading.
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Hey there! Hope all is well with you. Miss talking with you *hugs* hope we can catch up sometime. Take care.
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Thank you my friend :PolygonHeart:
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