Rui   Dublin, Ireland
I have been a gamer since I was a little kid.
Started my gaming career with a Spectrum 48k. yes I know it was a long time ago, but I still love games to this day.
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I started my journey in computers and gaming on the 80s with my spectrum 48k. It was at this time that I fall in love with computer technology and related topics. This in turn would influence me on what I would study in the future and my career choices. I have not stopped since. Although I don't have so much time in now days I still manage to spend some time gaming with family, friends or solo and I intend to do so for many year to come :)

:bolt:Favorite Genre is Games; For sure RPG is in the top of my list but strategy is not far behind :)

:bolt:Favorite Game: wow this is a hard one. I could say many games from the 80s from my Spectrum 48k, for example Manic Miner and Moon Patrol just to name a few.

:bolt:Hobbys: Painting, nature walks, animal tending, manual crafts and of course GAMING :D
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I have been playing this game on and off for some time now.

This one is for those who like renovation and decoration of all kind of houses. From abandoned, to filthy, on sale, etc.
Its a game to relax and take your own time with. There are no enemies, no guns, no timers. You can take has long has you want to finish the jobs/house renovations.

You are the owner of a house renovation business where you take on contractor jobs. has you gain money you can then invest on some lower priced houses for sale on the market to restore your own way. You can then put it up for sale where a bunch of interested buyers will bid for it based on the type of renovation you did and their likes. There are many houses to buy and renovate and contractor jobs to do so expect many hours worse your money.

There's a light RPG element to it where you gain skill points along the way to unlock more tools and perks that make your life easier or open up new things to do in game.

It will not be for all since its really a niche game in this sense but for me its one I recommend since I always come back to it when I need that dose of zen.
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This one is one of those special games that are more of an interactive experience than a game itself, and in this case it works very well.

The story follows this character Maria in her search to find her place in life. So she decides to go and explore the world. On such a trip she finds this nice village where she meets some families that need her help fixing things.

Those things are very personal to all of them and that is the charm of it. Through these interactions you start to know a bit of each family, their joys, struggles and life experiences. Along the way Maria reflects also on her human condition by taking those experiences to heart. This is the games premise and it is very well executed.

The game is fully voiced and the performance is very good. Art style makes me remember hand drawn pictures and the puzzles themselves are very relaxed and non complicated. This game is meant to be enjoyed at your own pace and just have a good time.

The only downside for me is that it is very short, I felt that other stories could have been told. I was left wanting more of Maria's adventures.

Overall a very sweet game. Recommended!
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Wyvern-of-the-Rising-Sun Mar 31 @ 12:10pm 
I´m wishing you a strong and happy Easter.
Have a Wonderfull Time. :-)
Tiny&Purple Feb 25 @ 9:49am 
Happy birthday Rui ! :break::paradiseisland::2015candycane::Spacemuffin::enjoy:
LyndaSmiles ᴱᴳ Feb 24 @ 8:28pm 
Happy Birthday Rui :TheSmiley::mug::cow_cross::dsshortcake:
Milkyway Commando Feb 24 @ 3:50pm 
Happy Birthday Rui! Have an awesome day and fantastic week! :dwarven:
Ozzette78 Feb 24 @ 12:09pm 
Happy Birthday my old friend!!! Have a wonderful birthday weekend and an even better year ahead!!! :cleancake::2018bestaward::gonheart:
DefiantShade Feb 24 @ 10:30am 
Happy Birthday Rui :)