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Half Life Alyx is Valve's very long awaited and very much overdue return to the Half Life series in VR, and it does not disappoint.
You play as Alyx Vance, exploring the stunning and completely breathtaking environments of City 17. From open city streets to dark sewers to alien prisons, every environment in the game absolutely blows you away. And with all the items littered in the environments it makes the game feel that much more realistic. There is so much going on that at times you feel like you're about to black out due to sensory overload when compared to other VR games
The story, without spoiling too much, is incredible and the (perhaps not so surprising) twist at the end will leave your mind blown and wanting more.
Out of any full length VR game, Half Life: Alyx has the best visual fidelity since the VR mod for Alien Isolation. Everything looks and feels so realistic, and this being VR only amplifies it even more so.
Half Life: Alyx is also the most comfortable VR game I have ever played. Usually after 2-3 hours I either get a headache or just have to take a break for some reason, but I was able to tolerate and fully enjoy 6-7 hour play sessions in Alyx.
Overall, HLA is a must play for anyone with a decent rig and a VR headset, and Valve has set the new standard for what a VR game should be.
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Superliminal is perhaps the greatest puzzle game since Portal.
The game centers around the illusion of perspective. Picking up an object will make it as big as it seemed to be, objects will sometimes be parts of walls and you have to shift your perspective to pick them up, etc.
The puzzles are well designed and utterly mind bending. You'll have to think outside the box.
The game's atmosphere is special. It's very much like portal's atmosphere, but with a more comfortable feel.
And the story. It's very ambiguous for most of the run time of the game. You 're in some sort of sleep therapy, and you have to make your way all the way to the end to wake up. And not spoiling anything, but the ending of this game touched me in a way no other game has.
TL;DR: Superliminal is a must play, and probably the best puzzle game out there tied with Portal 1 and Portal 2
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