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Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO that takes the common tropes of many others, polishes them up and delivers content on a fairly regular basis with an open producer and a lot of community involvement. With MMOs being largely community driven, the fact that the Final Fantasy XIV team is willing to share as much and as often as they do (going so far as to describe the problems they had in the original launch of the game and how they worked on them) is a breath of fresh air.

The failure of Final Fantasy XIV Online was something of a reality check and with the two years spent redeveloping the game we now have a well written story surrounded with an excellent series of challenges to keep people busy with. The game is visually impressive and runs many times better than it's failed predecessor. Combat is at a fair pace with a number of different classes that you can change to on the fly just by changing your primary weapon.

While Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is primarily a PvE game, the development team has done an excellent job at bringing in content in a timely manner, providing for quality-of-life adjustments, and has been extremely effective in documenting and implementing a lot of the playerbase's wishes.

If you're looking for an MMO, Final Fantasy XIV isn't a bad one to look at. With it's entry price being half that of other new MMOs, and the subscription offerings being more flexible than others, the game is not only well cared for, but hard to beat for it's price of entry.

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