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My name is Jewel or Julia, whichever you prefer. I am a techy nerd with an interest in computer building, Heelys, birds, and virtual reality. Many people would describe me as eccentric, unique, or simply strange and I'd happily agree; If being an odd character brightens someone's day, I'm all for it. You can find me dressed up as a bird in Resonite. I am currently in UTC-5:00 with my most active hours being from 8:00 to 00:00 most days. Besides computers and gaming, I wouldn't say I'm into all that many things. When possible I engage in local furry meets and conventions, such as LFM. In 2023 I got into Heelys and have begun building a bit of a persona around it. While at Furcation '23 I realized just how much enthusiasm and joy I could give to others by doing my little roll, so I decided to really lean into the shoes as a way to generate happiness for others. What started as buying a cheap pair of used Heelys because I needed a new pair of shoes has turned into me buying new pairs, practicing tricks, and tinkering with them to get the best performance I can out of them.
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NEOS meant a lot to me; still does, really. I joined January 6, 2022, when a friend was shilling for it in a server I'm in. Was super cautious of the game because I was a former furry and crypto then was way more of a hot topic. Ended up spending 2k hours here and played way more than that friend. Met my boyfriend here, all my friends who became my family, some real cool people. The members of the team were awesome to be able to spend time and hang out with, get to know them personally. NEOS is dead now and we can finally begin the transition to Resonite, created by the team who actually created and cared about NEOS. Come join us there, if it's out when you read this.

Below is my original review of NEOS.

got turned into a protogen, now a space chicken, got a boyfriend who then catpilled me

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You have a cute profile page :) I like your introduction :D adn thank you for make an awesome guide on a game Teleforum ;)
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Silly little bird, only feathers and bone.