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Should You Buy Dungeon Drafters? [Review]
Review Showcase
31 Hours played
Dungeon Drafters is an enjoyable tactical RPG with deckbuilding being the cornerstone of your character's skills - while there are some quirks, the overall experience is a ton of fun and comes with a decent variety of things to do, and even ways to go through the game - since which order you do the dungeons, and how difficult each one is - is up to you and your personal route through the game.

- Wide variety of cards
- Plenty of side content to consume, but none of it is "necessary to beat the game" (fishing, arena, puzzles, quests, etc.)
- Control of game speed both inside and outside of combat is a super helpful setting.
- Many of the sets are built around combos, and it's not afraid of letting you exploit it
- The Pixel art is extremely well done and feels unified across areas without robbing the zones of their distinct personalities
- Similar things can be said about the music - town is upbeat and poppy, dungeons are themed after their environment, but it's never intrusive or overbearing.

- Enemy and Ally ai can get a bit weird at times, and while fine 99% of the time, I did have situations where the ai would break and just pass the turn.
- When you get over about 40+ cards in your hand it does become a bit fiddly to use them - though you have to build a deck specifically to do this (My record is 100+ cards in hand thanks to cloning cards and replacement functions - still useable, but it's definitely pushing the system to its limits)
- The final dungeon is an uphill battle - be ready with a big deck, it will be a battle of endurance.

- Your initial character pick is your avatar, but you are free to play with any cards in the game, on any character, and they won't be any stronger/weaker, as long as you build up your card catalogue
- The order you do dungeons is up to you - you can even do the final dungeon first, though it will be tough as nails (beating a dungeon boss results in miasma on the island, which increases difficulty of other dungeons by causing more enemies to spawn, as well as some shrines breaking as you go through - more miasma, means more of this happening)

For gameplay footage, and a bit more detail on the points, check out the full video review:
Review Showcase
16 Hours played
The short version? The gameplay & world definitely successfully live up to their inspiration (Symphony of the Night) - with a few fun things added (and don't worry, it has none of the soul grinding you find in Dawn of Sorrows for example). As you gain powers, the world unlocks and you can expand the world further and further, and there's a lot of freedom to do things in the order you want.

That said, this is a review, so probably want to hit the pros/cons:

- Gameplay is fluid and fun
- Bosses are fair and interesting (every boss has patterns to their attacks, that change as they lose life)
- Monster diversity keeps you on your toes, and placement is well thought out in 99% of the areas.
- Graphics are lovely.
- Music is good, and doesn't feel repetative, as you're rarely in one area's "music biome" for more than a few loops.
- Multiple endings are well done (with varying degrees of 'good/bad' outcomes depending on what you've done in the game - and how you choose to resolve it)
- New Game+ mode & Bonus Difficulty added for beating the game
- You can reload your save after beating the game, to try out different endings as well (so you don't have to go through and redo everything to try another ending)
- Makes 'rules' and sticks to them, somethin a lot of indie titles oddly miss the mark on (a boss door is always a boss door & if you can see it, you can reach it - being the 2 most important)

- Default controls are for the most part 'good' - though you may want to swap a couple.

- Without spoilers, while I support the point of the sidequest story, part of it feels a bit shoe-horned in (I think it's due to a 'complexity of side-story vs complexity of main-story' issue) - it's not a game breaker, but I feel it will be talked about when post-release reviews hit, and I do feel it is a bit heavy handed.

Game is still excellent, and that this is really the only 'issue' I had throughout the entire game, even after getting 3 endings - it should say something about the amazing quality at play here.

You can check out the LP here - if you are trying to avoid spoilers, I would recommend only watching the first 2 episodes (it gets spoilery from #3 onward):
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Sysgen Dec 22, 2023 @ 7:08pm 
Watched your Etrian Odyssey 1 video. Very well done. Added you to catch more of your work on my activity feed.
FF_Valentin May 24, 2023 @ 5:48pm 

I came accross your profile while reading a review you wrote.
I've just released a Roguelite SHMUP game with retro arcade vibes. I think you might like it and I'm willing to gift you a Steam key so you can review it and give us your personal opinion.

Steam page :

Is this something you'd be interested in?

If so, I've just added you to my friend list, let's keep talking in Direct Message.


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