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god mge Jun 12 @ 5:13am 
Need help over Media Player.
Rocket Jun 11 @ 9:01am 
Just wanted to let you know a way you could fix the media player. If you make it where you can use dropbox links by theory you could change the =0 at the end to a =1 and it would play. It is how you play youtube videos on stream radio. You download the video upload to Dropbox and do that system.
AugustTheNinja GR360 Jun 9 @ 2:00pm 
The media player doesn't work for me and won't let me play ANY video at all, please update the media player so that it works again.
Mr. Muffin Jun 1 @ 4:29pm 
Hello me xd
Shagger May 23 @ 9:38pm 
Added to see if you were interested in paid development. Message me if interested. Thanks!
red May 17 @ 8:00pm 
is there any way to turn on CC for videos on the cinema gamemode? tried to find an answer but i couldnt find any anywhere, sorry to bother