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Hello! 👋 I don't accept most friend requests, but I'll try to reply if you leave a comment.

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Nedya_ Landsberger 24 JUN a las 16:24 
Hey sam can you fix the slappers mod it messes up the fists on gmod
Tristy 22 JUN a las 7:07 
Help with one of your addons.
[WON] Nerdy 18 JUN a las 19:13 
Hi sam i need you for Something about cinema server i need convert in MySQL
papa 16 JUN a las 15:40 
hi, noticed something wierd while playing elevator: source; add me for details
adamfoxy2000 15 JUN a las 15:16 
howu work the addon

Aegon 14 JUN a las 20:02 
Hey i want to add you to ask about something with your addon