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Jul 25, 2018 @ 5:00pm
May 31 @ 6:34pm
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Jazztronauts is a cooperative theft-em-up for Garry's Mod, also known as prop hunt 2. Go to random maps on the workshop, pillage its trash for money, and converse with your higher-dimensional cat overlords.

This gamemode is a doozy, and it REQUIRES that this, and it's two content packs, are installed.
They can be found here:

Or, use the reccommended pack that has some extra addons to make it even more silly.

- Dynamically download and mount workshop map addons
- Load in BSP data for specific effects, such as stealing static props and world brushes
- Dynamic dialog/mission system
- Persistent player data, and newgame+ mode
- Hammer I/O viewer gun, watch I/O events happen in real time
- Lots of pretty pretty art




Like what we do?

Frequenty FAQ
(To see a more extensive list of questions, please check here

Map "jazz_bar.bsp" differs from server!
Your addon might be out of date! If you're on the workshop version, you should just need to restart gmod.
If you did that but still no dice, then the server itself is probably out of date! They should just need a restart too.

If you're using the Github version, please get the latest version through whatever means you did originally

My dialog is stuck and says 'nil'!
Unfortunately, the scripts sometimes do not mount, especially if you aren't subscribed to the addon (like joining the server yourself).

Subscribe to all three content addons, or if you are already, uninstall and re-download them.

I did that and it's still borked!
There are quite a number of conflicting addons with jazztronauts, and it's probably one of them. To narrow things down, unmount all addons and slowly re-enable them until you find the culprit. (Or just disable them all).

These are a list of known conflicting addons:
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7 hours ago
Save file location
20 hours ago
Game crashes when calling the bus
May 8 @ 12:18pm
Maps from Team Fortress 2 (and other mounted games) make the game run very slow
< >
i love it
and,. character is so cute and funny
what a nice..
Foohy  [author] 20 hours ago 
Crashing when spawning the bus has been fixed.
The content packs are also no longer needed, the new size limits allows me to fit it all into this addon only, so you can freely unsubscribe from Jazztronauts - Content 1/2 and 2/2"
Archius May 29 @ 2:04am 
on end of the intro server restart and loading again intro map
basically its bill May 21 @ 11:25am 
errors everywhere
❤ Blue ☆ May 15 @ 4:03pm 
Ok now it crashes when I spawn the bus and it gives no error message.
❤ Blue ☆ May 15 @ 12:27am 
Subscribed to Cinema_Theatron and it got fixed.
❤ Blue ☆ May 15 @ 12:14am 
models/sunabouzu/oleg_is_cool.mdl not found and models/error.mdl couldn't be loaded
❤ Blue ☆ May 15 @ 12:09am 
When we spawn the bus at the end of the map, it says the model is not available in an error message and instantly crashes the server host.
Steveskeleton May 12 @ 5:17pm 
@ GasMask Boio
Apparently so...
GasMask Boio May 12 @ 2:49pm 
Ok, so it's furrys that want to get rid of games