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Hello! 👋 I don't accept most friend requests, but I'll try to reply if you leave a comment.

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🔥NEFFEX/Бойка🔥 17.4. kello 14.28 
hey, i got a problem on your Gmod cinema mod, basically, at timees, the videos randomly freeze, is there a fix?
fredbear (not sick anymore!) 11.4. kello 17.49 
dude i love your addons but if ya don't accept my friend request its fine :)
Sandersims 7.4. kello 8.41 
Added to a question and i love your Creations and i Will have you as friend
MR MERSER 3.4. kello 5.28 
You are doing very good works in Garry's Mod. You're cool, man!!!
PROV 2.4. kello 22.08 
Nice. Looking fowrd to it :)
Sam 2.4. kello 21.24 
It might not be 100% supported initially, but I'd like to eventually. Would require login from each user.