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Nedya_ Landsberger Jun 24 @ 4:24pm 
Hey sam can you fix the slappers mod it messes up the fists on gmod
Tristy Jun 22 @ 7:07am 
Help with one of your addons.
[WON] Nerdy Jun 18 @ 7:13pm 
Hi sam i need you for Something about cinema server i need convert in MySQL
papa Jun 16 @ 3:40pm 
hi, noticed something wierd while playing elevator: source; add me for details
adamfoxy2000 Jun 15 @ 3:16pm 
howu work the addon

Aegon Jun 14 @ 8:02pm 
Hey i want to add you to ask about something with your addon
Sam May 29 @ 1:15pm 
Hello, today i received a ban notification, i looked at it and i was confused.
Can you help me out?
Cpt. Gingerbeard May 29 @ 1:40am 
I am currently working with a lot of screens but unfortunately i can only use 4 at the same time to show web images the fifth and every screen after that will than turn to black. is there a way to solve this?
FFF139 farmskin.com May 29 @ 12:22am 
how can I play the vedio with media player
PyroManiac12 May 28 @ 11:36am 
Please Fix the Minecraft Skin Changer addon
✪Brgmryツ May 27 @ 3:02am 
I need you help with your media player addon
Rawtiz May 25 @ 12:19pm 
Hello, how do i get the backer title? I have played gm tower before, but was it to support the gmtower? like donation?
ethanb0206 May 18 @ 6:09pm 
Would you please maybe fix the skin selector?
JonnhyDeVil May 17 @ 6:36pm 
Hey, my name is João Marcos, i am planning to make a Tower Unite Brazil Server but always i try get the same problem Steam Api Game Server Not Found, can you help me? Thanks <3 and sorry for my bad english haha
bSun Halt May 14 @ 3:26pm 
Hello, I have a few question for you if you're interested in making some money for a simple model please contatc me via steam or my website, which you can find on my profile.
[AyK] Cyrax533 May 13 @ 9:31pm 
for the media player mod is there a way that while your teamate is not close to you my teamare wont hear what im playing
Hey can you write a comment in my profile? sorry for bad English I'm from Poland
[KG] Mr.donuts Apr 26 @ 7:37pm 
yo dued im on a mac and when i try to watch YouTUbe Its saids PlayBack Error plz help me ):

Kezzy | 65% OFF TSQ! Apr 21 @ 5:48pm 
Hi bro, trying to find a way to get putlocer or something from Media Player, wanting to do events like watching star wars on my server etc
ethanb0206 Apr 20 @ 3:28pm 
Can you please fix the minecraft skin selecter please? It's not working anymore!
Camo Mar 18 @ 8:46pm 
Hey mate

Could you tell me the file i have to edit for the Media Player to change the hold C to another key.
Juan-Deage skalar potät Mar 18 @ 10:35am 
-rep pizda cyka
yankeee Mar 9 @ 11:29am 
pls sign* in my proffile
Refirser Feb 27 @ 9:31pm 
i want to try asked about cinema vimeo won't started
OptimusPL Feb 26 @ 4:17am 
why is the media player addon still playing the video when I turn off the tv, skip, or even delete the entity?
Games_Arsenal96 Feb 21 @ 2:28pm 
==>I was banned from Gmod Discussions for dumb reasons so I am posting issue here and in the comments section of the Addon itself<==

Currently having an issue on my server that if a player deletes or shuts off a media player while it is playing the sound keeps playing in the background!

Can you please help :(
Skyfire900 Feb 20 @ 11:03am 
Hey Sam, would be cool if you accept my friend request
✪ ΝΞΘΠ Feb 17 @ 5:06am 
Hello Mr Sam I hope you can leave any comment on my steam profile :D Thanks
flurison Feb 8 @ 9:39am 
Could you sign my profile, please? It would be pretty proud of it sir
vaderdragon Feb 3 @ 5:38pm 
Did you take down any gmod tower content from the workshop?
xFaNaTiix Feb 2 @ 11:17am 
Hello, I'm one of the devs of LinuxGSM, a game server manager for linux, and I want to know if there is a complete list of start parameters and config settings for Tower Unite servers.
Greetings, Marvin
_Swizzle ❤ Jan 28 @ 11:31pm 
Yo...on Tower Unite is there a way to watch movies? or is this a feature planned later? Cause me and a friend wanna do movie nights!
|\/| 𝓔𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 Jan 28 @ 8:28pm 
hey, dude. how to get big screen tv from your media player addon to show. Its error right now.
JJ245 Jan 23 @ 1:56am 
want someone to play Tower unite with
GEOFLAME123 Jan 22 @ 3:47pm 
what would i need to do to watch movies on it
GEOFLAME123 Jan 21 @ 2:43pm 
is there any way i can watch movies on the mediaplayer mod
Freaky Jan 18 @ 12:00am 
Adding you for a question about the cinema gamemode code.
Slow Worm Jan 11 @ 9:33am 
@sam helo sam ur gay sam #ulikedonkeydick
Carlos Holmies Dec 28, 2016 @ 7:55pm 
Im trying to use your fancy loading screen addon but the map icon wont show even after i pasted in the code with the url to my websites map icons
Hardirent Dec 25, 2016 @ 12:41pm 
@Sam Hello Sam, I want a authorization to make a translation of the Media Player add-on in Portuguese.
ClickZap the Freedom snek Dec 22, 2016 @ 1:16pm 
so for your media player mod it doesnt work on most maps, meaning the video stretches outside of the tv and has a grey screen pls halp
link_7953 Dec 22, 2016 @ 8:45am 
is Tower unite going on sale this christmas
Pork farmskins.com Dec 8, 2016 @ 6:18am 
Adding you as I have questions about your media player workshop content, I want to make a darkrp job that can spawn the screens as entities and place them where he wishes, however whenever I actually do click the entity in my F4 Menu it just says the cmd command? Thanks
Coast Nov 28, 2016 @ 12:52am 
Heyyo, trying to get my Gmod Tower information transferred over from my old profile onto my new one that owns the game.

Is this possible in any way? I had a lot of stuff there, I was even a donator, I can verify they're both me ;w;
SGN | Kyrie Nov 27, 2016 @ 9:05am 
Just saw u on the workshop and decided 2 add u c:! and we have 2 friends in common so thats cool.
Stay Legit Nov 12, 2016 @ 3:07pm 
Hay bro can I be your friend I got gmod too
Metro Oct 29, 2016 @ 2:02am 
I'm here to inform that a Half-Life 2 mod called Hunt Down the Freeman has some hefty GMTower stuff in it's demo version.

Since the "game" was greenlit, stated to be a Standalone Game and plans to sell the game. (it's indiegogo goal was damn 100k and there's a 50/50 if it would be free or not)
Theron Sentinel Oct 28, 2016 @ 5:35pm 
Ayy thats my name
LJHGreenbolt Oct 20, 2016 @ 6:45pm 
yea it's just plain white in garrysmod and I even did the mat dx level
LJHGreenbolt Oct 20, 2016 @ 6:11pm 
so I can hear and watch the video in full screen but can't watch it from character view.