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Hello! 👋 I don't accept most friend requests, but I'll try to reply if you leave a comment.

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🔥NEFFEX/Бойка🔥 4 月 17 日 2:28 PM 
hey, i got a problem on your Gmod cinema mod, basically, at timees, the videos randomly freeze, is there a fix?
fredbear (not sick anymore!) 4 月 11 日 5:49 PM 
dude i love your addons but if ya don't accept my friend request its fine :)
Sandersims 4 月 7 日 8:41 AM 
Added to a question and i love your Creations and i Will have you as friend
MR MERSER 4 月 3 日 5:28 AM 
You are doing very good works in Garry's Mod. You're cool, man!!!
PROV 4 月 2 日 10:08 PM 
Nice. Looking fowrd to it :)
Sam 4 月 2 日 9:24 PM 
It might not be 100% supported initially, but I'd like to eventually. Would require login from each user.