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Hello! 👋 I don't accept most friend requests, but I'll try to reply if you leave a comment.

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ꋪꂦꊼꂦ (ROXO) 17 септември в 15:47 
u add-ons are gud ;)
RoX06 9 септември в 5:28 
I like your all workshops you made Plz Be my Friend
CanadasFinestGamer 27 август в 20:37 
Hello, I have a business proposal for you, for minor gmod lua coding, negotiable hourly fee. Please add me and contact me.
[sabina] 26 август в 1:04 
Hey sam, i would like to talk about something of gmod tower, please accept.
Whogivsachit 24 август в 11:10 
Hi i would love to add you because i have a important question about one of your addons :)
Michael Conway™ | ELHS | GNEX 21 август в 0:05 
I would like to add you just to have you on my friends list.