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Starfield should have been delayed by a year.
The AI is somehow worse than the AI in Enlisted - a Gaijin game - at fighting back against the player. This is a monumental achievement to how retarded the developers at Bethesda have become.

This is an fps game where you can change your pronouns, but you cannot change your FOV? That's like serving someone a hot dog with no bun and a pint of mayo.
There is a male clone that presents as a woman, but the developers couldn't add DLSS support?

The developers have had all these years to realize that the walk speed of the player needs to be increased to the NPC walk speed, but instead of patching this incredibly simple issue they are busy trying to add the right amount of black women to their game. Even as far back as Morrowind people have been complaining about not being able to walk at pace with NPCs.

What kills this game for me is not anything listed above. Sure, those things sorta suck, but what really makes this all so pathetic is that the main studio of Bethesda has forgotten what made their games so great. The living, breathing RPG world is what people play Bethesda games for. Not some Ubisoft, bland, phallic-sanitation wipe of a product with A ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ CROWD DENSITY SLIDER. Whiterun may have felt unrealistically small, but it was at least a city with life (not you Nazeem) in it.

This game has a laundry list of features with a large scope. At least half of these were fleshed out very poorly. It's an FPS with decent gun feel, but missing key FPS elements - depending on your point of view - such as leaning or FOV sliders. It's procedural, but also not entirely since the world is so limited its not even funny. This works if you're trying to simulate how boring space is, but Bethesda games are supposed to have a world with more to do. That's what draws everyone in. The ability to roam around a world with random encounters is fun. A moon full of grey rocks, loading screens, budget dungeons, and placeholder_pluto.png is not fun. A lot of the issues people will take with this game will be solved by this line of thought: "What if we scaled things back and put more effort into a select few subjects rather than overextending ourselves". I would rather have nine planets that were well designed than a million procedural, empty, No Man's Sky boring ass worlds. That's wrong actually. No Man's Sky worlds generally have more variation to them than this.

On the topic of not fleshing things out well -> The fact that Elite Dangerous handles space travel better than this game is depressing. I get that the entire purpose of ED's existence is space trucking, but Starfield is just full of sad little loading screens that ruin your immersion. Also as far as the combat goes, hitscan? Really?

I will give it to this game that it is not as buggy as other Bethesda titles. While there are many technical blunders most of them are by design and not...clipping through walls or whatever else. I will also say at first I installed this game on an HDD. Don't do that, use an SSD. This game literally runs like a leaked copy of Gears of War 3 if you run Starfield on an HDD. There are lots of bugs caused by your drive such as NPCs having a considerable delay based on latency between when their character model starts talking, when audio starts playing, and when subtitles for their dialogue appear. Things like digipicking will stretch your model after you finish too.

30fps inventory and starship controls? I'm not playing on an Xbox, you quarterwit, fix this.

The audio engine cuts out more than a wireless Razer headset six feet away from its adapter. This game is incompatible with Razer's THX Spatial Audio and because I paid an absurd amount for this game I expect that to be functional after a few patches.

There are some major redeeming qualities though. Despite the world being absolutely dead in comparison to Skyrim or Morrowind, the way some of the levels are set up gives the game a Bethesda feel. Some random loot and lore hidden around here and there. Most areas are devoid of things to do though.
The character creator is disappointing in comparison to what Skyrim mods accomplish, however, that was expected and the character background is really incredible. I love being able to select a history for my character and I love even more that they aren't all positive! I wish that the mortgage start would make it so loan sharks come after you. The negative traits could be a little more difficult I think.
The modeling in the game is absolutely fantastic. I really can't even find any faults with it. The level of detail that went into simple objects is astounding. The food cubes are also immensely entertaining and fun for goblins such as myself to collect.
The dialogue is relatively good from what I've seen so far EDIT: I take that back. Some plot elements move too fast/characters seem to accept or know things too easily and some lines are a little cheesy, but that's okay. The voice acting is just alright too. Like any other Bethesda game I think it falls short in some areas.
The lore itself is really good. It's probably the glue holding this game together since the rest of it is just filth.

I think the amount of black and female characters were definitely forced. I am not joking when I say that most of the characters you interact with are some form of minority as defined by ESG. Walk into stores and it's going to be an emasculated white guy at best. The next five shopkeepers you walk into will be browns. The whitest NPCs are mostly slavs if they're not women. There's going to be some milk-toast moron in my comments who barely read what I posted saying that "diversity isn't bad you're not under attack its just the reversal of oppression bla bla bla" - just shut up. I don't have an actual issue with Ugandans or whatever in my game. I will admit I do not want to listen to Indian voices, but overall I just don't want to see endless blacks because of South-African-level racial politics. It's gay American cat bile, it's not-genuine, they're not the core audience anyway, bla bla bla I don't care. It's annoying when games do this and then fall flat on a dozen technical/gameplay issues as listed above. What's next for the Elder Scrolls 6? A redguard leader of High Rock and The Blue Palace? Maybe we should just put elves wearing tiny hats in every position of power. The developers literally can't set the next three games anywhere that isn't Hammerfell or another part of Nirn filled with non-white-based races because they're going to be too worried about diversity. Your priorities are very visible. More black npcs before DLSS to get that ESG score up for Microsoft's mentally-delayed corporate swine.

The gunplay is relatively well done (minus the fact that it is f*cking hitscan) and the gun feel is akin to Borderlands 2 gunfeel. Some of the animations for guns are...lackluster and designed by liberals. And whoever designed the sights on the Eon pistol - I hate what you did to it. It's a firearm, not a nerf gun. Flare guns have better optics than this.
Props to the studio for not having an in town map, I think that's neat.

What a hilarious, disappointing use of my money. After the fresh load of crap I just had dumped in my mouth I think I'll pirate Bethesda games from now on to taste if you're going to sh*t into my mouth again. The absolute state of modern gaming is so bland. It's not sad nor is it the worst thing in the world. I just expected more even though I knew the product would ultimately end up like this watered-down corporate putty. The consequences of Ubicrap and their influence on Western games is disheartening to say the least. Looks great, total pyrite. I think I'll never buy your games again. This game is about the same quality as Star Citizen if it had less CPU bottlenecking.
The funniest part of all this is that I was looking back at the current state of Cyberpunk 2077 and saying to myself perhaps I treated it too harshly.
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This is going to be better than Elder Scrolls 6 and they're going to be set in the same place so it'll be pretty laughable
You may see some of my negative reviews on games that use the EpicOnlineServices toolkit. Yes I hate Epic and no I'm not a blatant Steam fanboy. I would prefer licenses not be a thing which is why I advocate the use of GOG even if they aren't perfect either. EOS toolkit is notorious for passing data onto third parties and usually screws up network connectivity in any game that utilizes it.
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