Ignis Fatuus   Rangiora, New Zealand
shadowtaco117: is this normal? is this not the most goated rocket jumper of all time?

* [S|Dame V] kay : to me, newjuls, you are evil

[Unranked] basil64 : how do you rocket jump so fart

* [D|Knight II] Moonstruck : i prob would act more like nj if i were off my meds and full moon ... but i would go way too far

ChimmieChoo: keep going Newjuls im so close
ChimmieChoo: gonna gym and masturbate 5 days in a row

[S|Plebeian III] Bamooxa : men are 4x likely to kill themselves
[Unranked] robin : ye cause 3sticky

* [D|Baroness IV] Starkie : big pharma had to sedate newjuls because they were frightened of his power

hexhexhexhexhexhexhexhex: i would love to see what jordan peterson has to say about the hairball

[D|Emperor] dax : kiwi ass ♥♥♥♥

* [D|Baron II] Jaded : caetr do hpayfongko

[D|Baron IV] Jaded : n!Oloipc

* [D|Baron IV] Jaded : hardderererrerest

[D|Baron IV] Jaded : ?s[peedo/

[D|Baron IV] Jaded : ./soeedi

* [D|Baroness IV] Robin inda Hood : shock dance maori for me

[D|Baron II] Los endos : bosr[pgfodhy 8u nob t aoijn worold reocrd
* [D|Queen] newjuls : WHAT
* [D|Queen] newjuls : boshy why dont you have world record?
[D|Baron II] Los endos : yea
* [D|Queen] newjuls : LOL

[D|Baron I] Los endos : do cats make nests
[D|Knight IV] AgentApples : wtf xD
* [D|Baron I] Los endos : like to keep their chicks in

* [D|Archduchess] Boshy : hey luke nice milkers

[D|Peon] slamm : !reload
[D|Peon] slamm : !auto
[D|Peon] slamm : !♥♥♥
* [S|Plebeian V] ram : its regen
[D|Peon] slamm : stop speaking

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : being furry isnt a crime
* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : for now

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : i googled twink once
* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : and i dont wanna google anymore

[D|Baron III] Moonstruck : idot?
[D|Baron III] Moonstruck : man u have no rreesplect for qwomen

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : i need xbox deodorant

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : i wish juls would be like u

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : why are you so fat
* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : cause i eat alot of ♥♥♥♥♥

* [D|Baroness II] Robin inda Hood : real deal fool

[D|Noblewoman III] roberto : i had a male rat like a decade ago
[D|Noblewoman III] roberto : with huge nuts
[D|Noblewoman III] roberto : so i named him big balls

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