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New Alexandria
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Great People I Know
✫ Astroux
- a genuinely funny guy who makes some great beats
✫ Cane
- a pretty cool guy and talented jumper
✫ Freezy
- a very old friend of mine who is ripped as ♥♥♥♥ for no reason
✫ Fox Boi
- a close friend from back in my f+m days
✫ Linz
- mommy
✫ Malosi
- pretty cool but verbally abusive
✫ Polar
- a true fella guy who does some real fella guy things
✫ Post
- possibly one of the most fella guys of all time (citation needed)
✫ Terome
- pretty cool guy who stomps pubs and ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
✫ Vege
- the original fella guy
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sitting on a ledge in red dead 2 and thinking about life and stuff i guess
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Red Dead Redemption 2

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filtered language barrier Sep 16 @ 9:39pm 
if you taught yourself a language, such as (lets say for example that you could relate to) japanese, there is a chance that you could be bilingual. Now this is not an exact science yet, but being bilingual is you speak (words out of your mouth) more than one (bigger than 1) language (thing you speak).
filtered language barrier Sep 3 @ 2:48pm 
in china you should wear a mask so you dont breathe in as many toxic chemicals as the air contains. though I dont think you have to worry about this since you are going to japan, like youve always wanted
filtered language barrier Aug 29 @ 6:19pm 
if he were truly cool, you would need to warm him up. to be frozen is to be like an ice cube, solid, which can hurt if your toe is stubbed...
polah Aug 29 @ 6:14pm 
what a cool fella
filtered language barrier Aug 25 @ 8:31pm 
soy amigo de woods B)
filtered language barrier Aug 7 @ 8:09pm 
in the case of benjamin (button), he went from ugly to ok looking really fast. if it were me, I would go from beautiful to the most gorgeous man alive. if only cinderella could see me now...