Anthony   Calabria, Italy
the bobby fischer of tf2

s2 advanced: (2-0) roamer
s1 advanced: (10-6) (2-2) (4th) roamer
s28 open: (13-3)(2-1) (3rd) demo/scout
s27 open: (13-3)(0-1) (10th) scout
s23 open: (12-4)(0-1) (10th) demo
s20 gold HL: (4-4) pyro lol

* [D|Bauble Boy V] Santa inda Mood : are you been a good boy or mid

*DEAD* MUSCLEHUNKS : I see you're trying to 'tilt' me, sadly I too browse reddit, your binds have no effect on me.

8:23 PM - Boshy: tempus is corrupt
8:24 PM - Boshy: so if I put a sleeping superchuck on my stream does it mean I can freezeglitch

PissyBwai: Lol my mom y’know feeds me baby food through a straw and um sucks animeanimeanimeanime

um : however put that video, your moms a hoe

[8:30 PM] scotch: tiers are just abstract pars
representing the number of projectiles used over your entire jumping career in order to be able to complete something

*DEAD* vg : i just found out um's last name is galindo lol

Newjuls: im notisckcim jsujt not very gfodo

[4:11 AM]
agent 00tummy:
if hitler gasses you instead of the jews the skill level of tf2 would dramatically increase from the lost Jewish offspring
and wuindali pugs would be flourishing without Dr.Backcap

umlpst: pissy i have a bachelors on architecture and a phd in quantum physics so what you need to do is the whip and nae nae at the same time

[12:41 AM]
reero im going to a bone snake magician for the first time next week

[12:41 AM]

[12:41 AM]
ive had a
semi bad slouch for a while
and i wanna fix ittt

[12:52 AM]
agent 00tummy:
pug pwease m,ommy >w<

[12:54 AM]scotch:btw i had to nuke a couple of your planets because they clipped out and into other jumps

[4:05 AM]
hey its alright
im fully aware zike is the father of lies

[6:54 PM]
reero: i hate cringe bonus grinders
also reero: rutabago bonus aidsville population Anthony wr

[4:06 AM]
theres always room in my bed for a couple of hot studs
hes just there to argue
unfortunately for him i am ben shaprio
jeordan peetesron
master of the argument
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this house is ͏b͏i͏t͏c͏h͏i͏n
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anime girl attempts ways to killself
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11 years ago
he was thinking about girls Stomach Stomach oh bahh he was thinking about girls stomach! (In a sarcastc way) Girl: your gross Stomach: oh no you didnt snap snap! LOL
incel galindo Jan 5 @ 8:18pm 
i would strangle you given the chance
wild Jan 3 @ 12:31am 
horus b1,,,,...