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* [Unranked] gdngu : when i was a few years younger i didnt know what lenny face meant and i sent one to my friend :((
* [Unranked] gdngu : i still think about it in bed
[D|Earl IV] wild : what does the lenny face mean
* [Unranked] gdngu : sexual.
* [S|Knight IV] osplo : dtf
* [Unranked] gdngu : i wish i didnt know that, but all the people at school knew what it meant and told me
* [Unranked] gdngu : :(
[D|Earl IV] wild : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
* [Unranked] gdngu : i want my innocent mind back, with no knowledge of things like that

* [D|Knight IV] please be nice : hi !~
[D|Earl IV] jabroni gu : 0_0
* [D|Knight IV] please be nice : i accidentally did that tilde i dont watch anime

* [D|Plebeian IV] the mere age of sixteen : slaughtering people with words has become a fun recreational activity

* [S|Noble IV] easye -cg : yo any book recommendations guys?
* [D|Plebeian IV] the mere age of sixteen : The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

[O|Knight V] Waldo : ******
* [O|Esquire V] Cygnus : ******
[D|Dame III] vi : *********
[S|Knight III] Bonzi : how do i get rid of these censors
* [D|Plebeian IV] the mere age of sixteen : oh wtf'
* [D|Plebeian IV] the mere age of sixteen : tempus censors?
[O|Knight V] Waldo : yea if u type n word it doesnt show up

* [S|Jester IV] Robin inda Hood : i dont like ppl who watch friends and big bang theory
* [S|Jester IV] Robin inda Hood : sorry

HyperDans: hello wild you're my third favourite demoman after newjuls, zike and wild

ECJC| zalamander2021: I'm only on level 2 and it wants me to wall jump

* Waldo : i am always right, you can choose whether or not to accept reality

[S|Esquire V] Waldo : god maps have no business being worth more than bonuses
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