ItzDelta 
Dillon   Los Angeles, California, United States
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Be Respectful.
Be Kind.
Don't Scam. :angry_creep:
Don't have a Private Profile.
Don't be Level 0 on Steam.
Don't have a Private Inventory.

-Have the items ready to trade in your inventory .
-Have no trade bans active.
-Never low-ball. Always go same price or higher.
-Don't even try to scam me. You will get reported everywhere I can report you
-I know all types of scamming, so don't waste each other's time.
-Do not ask for free items - I won't give you them.
-I will block you if your profile/inventory is private and you have VAC ban.
-I will never accept low-balls, and as a result - block.
-I know item's market price .
-If you decline my rules - you will be deleted or blocked. :csgox:

Steam Account Name: _ItzDelta


-Favourite Game: CS:GO
-Favourite Map: De_Dust2
-Favourite Gun: M4A4
-Favourite Camo: Asiimov
-Favourite Pro Team: G2

My emoticons - :csgoanarchist::csgocross::csgoglobe::csgogun::csgostar::csgox::missing::physgun::havocsuit::ms_dragon::angry_creep::csgoct::csgob::FireStrike::Neko:


Current Knife Owned: Karambit Fade Factory New

Previous Knives Owned: -Gut knife Night Field-tested

-Flip knife Night Field-tested

-Bayonet Forest DDPAT Field-tested

-Bayonet Scorched Field tested

-M9 Bayonet Scorched Battle Scarred

-Butterfly Urban Masked Field tested

-Butterfly Scorched Field tested

-Butterfly Night Field tested

-Karambit Urban Masked Field tested

- Flip Knife Doppler Phase 4 Factory New

- M9 Damascus Steel Field-tested

- Karambit Night Field-Tested

- Karambit Stained Field-tested

- Huntsman Fade Factory New

- M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth Factory New

- Karambit Marble Fade Factory New

- Karambit Tiger Tooth Factory New

Have had like 100 more didn't care
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Isuzu Sento Galaxy Glitch Final - ItzDelta
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Favorite Group
Distinction Gaming - Public Group
Distinction Gaming
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PC Specs and Consoles
Case: Cyberpower
CPU: Intel Core I9 9900k 3.6GHz (8 cores)
Cooler: Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition
Motherboard: Gigabyte AORUS Gaming 9 LGA2066 X299
Ram: Kingston HyperX Fury 64GB 2400MHz DDR4
GPU: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080Ti Overclocked 11G
SSD: Samsung M2 960 Pro 512GB
PSU: Super Flower Leadex Platinum 2000W
Monitor 1: ASUS PG279Q 2560x1440 165 G-sync IPS
Monitor 2: LG - 27UL600-W 27" IPS LED 4K UHD FreeSync Monitor with HDR
Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite
Audio: Astro A40 w/ MixAmp
Xbox One X: ItzDeltaa
Playstation 4 Pro: TransformerJedi
Nintendo Switch: SW-6874-6973-2197
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42 hrs on record
last played on Nov 28
179 hrs on record
last played on Nov 24
62 hrs on record
last played on Nov 21
RLNoodles Nov 22 @ 9:12am 
added for trade
ItzDelta  Nov 20 @ 2:38pm 
Added @Adrazeth
Adrazeth Nov 20 @ 11:13am 
I think that you may have an impersonator, I got added by someone with a suspicious account claiming to be you.
Adrazeth Nov 20 @ 9:40am 
Hey man! Could you check out my latest trade offer or add me so we can talk?
Jeffery Kitchen Nov 14 @ 4:01pm 
sent a better offer g
ca9aN Nov 13 @ 12:22pm 
hey man can u check your offers ? thanks.