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I fall into the new world suddenly, that repeated spiral noise, Like a interrupted light and find the blue
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Age : 20
Gender : Male
Nationality : French Canadian (I am billingual though)

I'm a young introvert who likes to read, watch stuff, play video games and listen to music. You can add me but I'm not good at starting conversations.

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Genshin UID : 613007735 (America)

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I usually don't block people for no reason. If however you are being rude to me or anything in the like, I will probably block you. Don't try to get me to unblock you if I ended up doing it as it will make me want to unblock you less.

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“Whose eyes are those eyes?”
Class 4-3 Takumi Nishijou

I dream a lot. In my dream, big me visits little me in a time machine. Big me does not look like little me at all. The time machine has a lot of buttons, and I think a shower or shampoo or something comes out if you push them. I asked big me to show me how it works and he said we could go see dinosaurs or even cavemen. He asked what I am bad at in school and I said I am bad at math. He told me there was a switch that would make me super good at math. He got really angry when I tried to use it. I think he said I need to earn it by trying hard.

He only got mad that one time, so he was nice and it was fun after that. He told me about the girl I marry. That’s a secret. I also asked him about God. He told me God is real. I think God is real too. God is watching everywhere. Mom said you go to hell if you do bad things. I can never ever do bad things. I have to be kind to my little sister too. Mom told me it was not God that watches you do bad things. She said it was a scary man. The scary man is the whose eyes are those eyes monster. You go to hell if he sees you. God’s eyes and whose eyes are those eyes are in the skies and the house and the walls and the ceiling and the school and there are a lot of them and they are watching me all the time. I think I should do good things because of that. It embarrasses me because they still watch even when I need to use the toilet or take a bath.

Also, since I was *really* little, I could dream when I closed my eyes even though I was not sleeping. The inside of my head was like a video game or manga. Every time I do it, the whose eyes are those eyes monster comes out, so I do not like doing it. I asked Mom and she said not to do it. But while I am writing this essay I asked big me in my dream about the time machine and he said he knew all there was to know. He said he would not tell me anything though because I am just a kid. So from now on I want to do tons of really good things so I can beat whose eyes are those eyes. (The end).
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Disclaimer: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/484455378965364756/489124757510553601/unknown.png This model contains: 1.Player model. 2.NPC. 3.Ragdoll. 4.Custom Proportions. 5.Viewmodel Hands. 6.Eye blinking animation. 7.Particle effect -------------
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