Weasel's Lair's Regulars -[WL]-
Weasel's Lair's Regulars -[WL]-
September 15, 2012
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 
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  • Anyone who is not a member of this Steam community group, can still play on our game-servers (assuming they are not banned), but will not have access to various special in-game features.
  • Anyone who shows-up as a "Member" of this Steam community group, is automatically granted acess to some special in-game features (various types of "voting", "3rd-person", etc.) in our game-servers.
  • Anyone who shows-up as an "Officer" of this Steam community group (with the gold/yellow star "⭐" next to their name here), is also automatically an "administrator" of most of our game-servers.
Further, I have restored administrator access to most current or former (and, in some cases ancient) administrators from these Steam community groups:
For those who are administrators themselves, and perhaps do not remember all the other administrators in-game player names (since they do tend to change over time, and this group has existed in some form for probably over a decade now), you can lookup-up some of their former common names in this thread: Admin Info: List of current administrators. BTW: Access to that thread is restricted to existing administrators only, since administrators may want to keep some of that information (former names) confidential.
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Done. I'm out for now. Not fun any more.
  • Unable to host a good customized server for CS2 (as I did formerly for CS:GO)
  • Some other games I host servers for, just don't get the game-play they used-to (TF2, etc.).
  • I personally, do not really play any of this stuff right now. Have only really been doing it for others benefit.
  • On the servers that people do play on, tired of all the bitching and complaining.
  • I feel no need to justify why or how I do things on the servers that I host.
Changes I am working-on right now:
  • Half-Life (HL1) team-deathmatch servers will stay on-line.
  • Counter-Strike (CS1) servers will stay on-line, for now - but may be moved to a different server/IP in the near future.
  • Some back-end web-site stuff will stay on-line, for now - but may be moved to a different server/IP in the near future.
  • Doing backups of everything and keeping copies in the cloud, in case I want to experiment again.
  • Everything else is getting turned-off (FoF, TF2, etc.)
  • Once I have the backups moved to the cloud, will downgrade the hosting to the minimum needed, to save some on expenses.

See also:
Updated dedicated game-server list

Don't Starve Together - Dedicated Server!
  • Name: Weasels Lair
  • Mode: Survival
  • Admins: All "Officers" from the Weasels Lair Steam Group.
  • Number of Players: 12 (may revisit later)
  • Player Password: (none at this time)
Just search the list of servers for "Weasels Lair" (or just "Weasel") and you should find it, like this ...

Please note, this server is experimental at this point. Not sure how well it will or will not run in its current location. Also, we have not decided which server-side "mods" will be used. So, those may change randomly right now.

Weasel's Lair's Regulars reviews
"Cool first-person-shooters (FPS's) with a variety of themes. Love to host game-servers for FPS's - where a Linux-based dedicated server build is available and compatible with either SourceMod and/or AMX-Mod-X."
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Weasel Ⓢ (Probably AFK) Dec 22, 2017 @ 6:46pm 
Moved-up tonight's gift-drop from 9:00 PM Pacific to 7:30 Pacific.
Weasel Ⓢ (Probably AFK) Dec 3, 2017 @ 11:04pm 
@Adulf, pratically. It's coming back up now.
✪ idiotic medic main Dec 3, 2017 @ 6:32pm 
did the sever just die?
⸸Dying Lotus⸸ Nov 29, 2017 @ 12:45pm 
can someone send me a playlist of the musics used in the cyberpunk2 plz
Lexxing Nov 25, 2017 @ 8:39pm 
hey can some admin enter the server there is a hacker sniper and whe cant get rid of him
Clown Nov 21, 2017 @ 1:40pm 
Help me .'v
cant's not join plz help :'b
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September 15, 2012
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of