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I am a 45 yo father, probably one of the oldest people playing this game. I am a single father to my Son, who is 14 now. My son got this game for Christmas in 2022 from his uncle, so we installed it on his computer and he started playing. By the end of the week he had 24 hours on this game. This was horrible for me, as it was already hard for me to find ways to spend time with my son, as he is always out with his friends or just watching YouTube. So i decided to make a Steam account and get this game to see if I could maybe play alongside him. I loaded into the game, picked my character and started playing but I was stuck on what you where supposed to do. I asked my Son for help and he hosted a game for me to join. I loved it as it was the best time I had spent with my Son since my wife had died. This game has ever since brought me and my son closer again and now we actually spend time together outside the house together as well. This game reminded me that there's fun to be had in everything, and it has brought both me and my Son many happy memories.
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Have you ever had a $300,000 dinner? Let me tell you why that's important. Every year in June I take my private jet to my private resort in the middle of the Pacific. It is staffed by Maasai warriors who are captured from the plains of Tanzania and trained from birth to be the most obedient servants on Earth. Every year one of them is chosen to be cooked alive in a broth made from the bones of the extinct yellow river dolphin and garnished with the spices of a dozen plants so rare they are unknown to science. I am served at a solid diamond table where the Masai servents act as my chair and footstool. I have the smallest piece of meat carved from the cooked Masai, placed on my tongue, and then I spit it out into a bowl made of saffron. I do not do this because I enjoy the taste, but because it reminds me of my success. That discarded slice of dead Masai warrior is YOU, the tiny little runts I destroyed to get here.
equestria Apr 10 @ 7:20am 
Everyone in the server was mean to him and he stayed a gentlemen. props, kudos and +rep
TroyReeds Mar 29 @ 3:46pm 
Mode: Sicko
Build : Different
DANTE Nov 22, 2023 @ 9:46pm 
i am living in your walls Nov 4, 2023 @ 7:20am 
the good steam profile
PhyreMatrix Nov 2, 2023 @ 9:50am 
You have a nice day.