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July 25, 2022
United States 
ABOUT SapheSpace


Services provided by our older sibling group Freaks & Misfits.

Our Mission:
  • A safe space for gamers, young and old, of all backgrounds (LGBTQIA+S, etc.).

Things encouraged:
  • Discussion of our related game-servers, etc.
  • Steam-based gaming in general.
  • Gaming on other platforms (RetroPie, etc.) - in appropriate areas (Discord server, etc.).

Things not tolerated:
(there are plenty of other places on the Internet for this stuff).
  • Bullying of any kind.
  • Political discussions of any kind.
  • Hate-speech of any kind.
  • Discussions of a sexual nature.
  • Obscene language.
  • Cheating of any kind.

If you have a potty-mouth, we suggest that instead you check-out our older sibling group Freaks & Misfits (often referred to by the [F+M] tag). You are welcome to be a member of both groups, as long as you curb your behavior appropriately while interacting within [Space.Space] resources (Steam Community, Discord, Game-Servers, etc.).

Official Web-Links:
Reminder: No cyber-bullying allowed (period).
The Problem
It has come to my attention that certain individuals have been engaged in what amounts to cyber-bullying other players on our server(s), and in some cases even following those players to other Steam groups or other media to continue their harassment, and that this had been an escalation of a long-standing situation.

Some people apparently have taken advantage of the "light" moderation (lately almost entirely no moderation) on the game-servers (and in some cases language limitations) to engage in bad behavior.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in a long-standing player on our server(s) effectively withdrawing from our community.  While this might have the effect of ending this particular situation, I am not inclined to leave it lay like that - because it leaves those guilty undisciplined, and possibly likely to harass other players in the future.

Actions Taken
Consequently, I shortly will be taking the following measures:
  • Removing any such alleged bullies from being administrators / moderators in all forms (the Steam Group, in-game server permission, etc.).
  • Likely perma-gagging those same parties in-game, to minimize their ability to verbally harass any additional players.  This may also have the effect of cutting them off from certain in-game features that are activated by in-game-text-chat.
  • Kicking and banning those same parties from the Steam Group and Discord server.  This may also have the effect of cutting them off from certain in-game features on the servers that require Steam Group membership to utilize.
  • Personally unfriending these players in Steam and Discord - where that is applicable.  I have no interest in debating behavior with such people, my patience is exhausted in this matter. 
If those efforts do not prove sufficient to stop the behavior, additional steps may include things like:
  • Permanently banning the offending parties from the game-servers entirely, so they can not even play as muted/gagged players.
  • Where applicable, reporting harassing behavior in Steam to Valve (FYI), or likewise any similar behavior in Discord to Discord (FYI[]).
End of Line
Further, I am NOT going to discuss what individuals were involved.  This matter is closed as far as I am concerned.  I will shut-down all such services I am effectively sponsoring (the game-servers, web-related stuff, e-mail, domain-registrations, Discord servers, Steam Groups, etc.) before tolerating this kind of behavior.

PS: A similar announcement will be posted in our other affiliated Steam Group with equivalent actions taken for the same individuals.

New TF2Classic game-servers!
Features: Classic/Famous 3rd-party TF2 maps (Mach, Royal, Convoy, Toy-Fort). Normal-gravity. SourceMod, Say-Sounds, etc. No bad language, etc. keep it kid-safe. Connect: Name (on server list): = [Saphe] TF2Classic Connect (by IP address) = Connect (by FQDN) = Games.Saphe.Space:6413 Connect (via Steam URL) = steam://connect/Games.Saphe.Space:6413
[F+M] TF2Classic Server:
Features: Custom maps (currently running a Christmas-themed CP-type map). Music (built-into custom maps). Lowered-gravity. SourceMod, Say-Sounds, etc. Connect: Name (on server list): = [F+M] TF2Classic Connect (by IP address) = Connect (by FQDN) = Connect (via Steam URL) = steam://connect/
Work performed so-far:
  • Setup new server-side folders, SteamCMD install for each new server instance..
  • Installed TF2Classic.
  • Installed Metamod:Source & SourceMod.
  • Installed TFC-Classic-specific SourceMod updates.
  • Uploaded various custom or 3rd-party maps (CP_Minifig_XMas, CTF_Mach, CTF_Royal, CTF_Convoy, CP_Toy_Fort, etc.)
  • Generated new bot "navigation meshes" for each map.
  • Setup some basic customization for SourceMod (Say-Sounds, Head-Shot, etc.).
  • Continue trial-and-error of SourceMod plugins for TF2 servers under TF2Classic.
  • Investigate adding statistics tracking for servers with (as with our other game-servers).
  • Create references pages in Steam community groups with relevant game-server information.
  • Update existing Steam community group pages as needed.
  • Setup Hammer on map-editing computer for creation of custom TF2Classic-specific maps.

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July 25, 2022
United States