ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Gaming Dallarius' Game-Server MOD-Sammlung
Hier findest Du alle Mods, die auf meinen Ark-Servern installiert sind - im Cluster befinden sich die Karten The Island und Ragnarok, auf Anfrage auch Scorched Earth, The Center, Aberration und Extinction. Auf den einzelnen Server laufen maximal 21 Mods.

Meine Spieleserver sind mein Hobby - ich habe sie erstellt, um mit anderen Spieler gemeinsam Spaß zu haben. Wenn Du einen Spieleserver suchst, auf dem Du mit netten und fairen Leuten zusammen spielen und Spaß haben möchtest, bist Du hier genau richtig!

Infos & mehr:
Items (18)
Structures Plus (S+)
Created by orionsun
Building Features:

- Continuous structure placement (structures queue without having to press your hotbar)
- Stackable foundations
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations
- Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- Sloped walls can snap to t...
Reduced Blueprint Costs and Repairs (See details) New version
Created by Draco1122
Unknown if mod works at this point. I currently have no plans to install dev kit and update mods as of 06 09 21.

Had to republish mod sorry about that dev kit didn't save publish info for some reason. This is a new version.

Can safely remove the old ...
Minimal Stacks
Created by Snalibe
A stack mod that stays minimal!

This MOD was created specifically for the GMLQC24/7 Ark servers, 5 clusters all maps available (Hosted in Canada). Keep in mind this mod will possibly change in the future! We are NOT planing to add any essentials resources...
Tribute and Element Transfers
Created by RebelWeasel
Mod ID# 1262248217

This mod converts special items into light-weight scrolls in your inventory. The Scrolls allow transfer of the special items between ARK servers on the same cluster. Special Items include Apex Drops, Artifacts, Element, and Bos...
Classic Flyers
Created by Ertosi
Brings back the classic flyers we've all known and love! This mod gives vanilla flyer species back all of their pre-nerf'd stats. Yes, that means they can level speed again.

Mod Id: 895711211

Originally posted by PC Gamer:
restores winged dinos to pre-nerf glory [.
Dino Storage v2
Created by Lethal
MOD ID: 1609138312⠀⠀⠀[img][/img]
  • This mod is clean and stackable. It has no list priority whatsoever
  • No game content is remapped or altered. I only add 5 of my own items to the game
  • This mod should a
Bitou2k's Binocular
Created by Bitou2k
MOD ID: 1136125765

Bitou2k's Binocular; The ultimate long-range reconnaissance spyglass tool.
Simple, Efficient and Elegant.

★★★ 874k SUBs ★★★

This mod is Clean and Stacka...
Dino Tracker
Created by Knevilo
A smart tool for finding your lost Dino

Just craft a Dino Tracker
Required level 25

  • 1 Metal Ingot
  • 1 Hide

Apply the Dino Tracker Skin onto your Gloves.
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
Collector auto collects eggs, fertilized eggs, and poop from ground / behind walls within a large radius across your base.
★ Incubator will incubate faster and keep all nearby fert eggs healthy.
★ Silo will send collected poop into friendly compost b
Ultimate Remote Control v0.4
Created by Mezzo
Remote control all the things!
Adds a remote control for gates, doors, turrets, elevators and generators. With automatic close timer for gates and doors.
Usable while riding dinos.

To open/close or turn on/off point the remote at the structure and h...
Upgrade Station v1.8i
Created by Ghazlawl
Mod ID: 821530042

Allows you to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from primitive all the way to ascendant. Even works with items from other mods! Can also salvage items for resources.

This mod doesn't change any core...
Upgradeable Tek Rifle v1.1a
Created by Ghazlawl
Mod ID: 945065004

Allows you to craft "Upgradeable" Tek Rifles that have stats and quality levels, and can be upgraded to higher quality levels (Journeyman, Mastercraft, etc) using the Upgrade Station. Also includes a Tek Rifle Station that allow...
Builder's Improvements (vanilla improved)
Created by Grebog
Builder's Improvements
This mod does NOT implement new structures.
The mod adds snap points and changes some restrictions of vanilla structures.
Just subscribe the mod, install it and it will work out of the box.
OriginalWiredSolarPanels v2.2
Created by Bolisaris
Free clean endless energy from the ever present sun, this has an attached battery pack so the panels work at night.

It is clean and stack-able as far as I know.

Mod file ID = 671591278

all items in this mod can be picked up, renamed, destroyed and...
eco's RP Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 741203089

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

100% Stackable Mod


All items can be pic
eco's Stable Structures and Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 1091147617

Craft rustic structures, old west decor, and storage for your stable, ranch, barn, western towns, or equestrian base!

100% Stackable mod.

Admin Bomb
Server Admins can now clear old bases easily. For admins to clean up servers and abandoned bases so new players can build. Destroys everything in a big blast radius: all characters and structures, also works on PVE Immunity. Kills Boss Monsters instant
Created by Nekres
MOD ID: 1379756928

The Gyrosphere vehicle has a built-in computer monitor to identify the prehistoric wildlife that can be observed. Advanced invisible barrier technology keeps the animals from confusing the passengers as prey. The glass...