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Minimal Stacks
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Feb 24 @ 5:49pm
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Minimal Stacks

A stack mod that stays minimal!

This MOD was created specifically for the GMLQC24/7 Ark servers, 5 clusters all maps available (Hosted in Canada). Keep in mind this mod will possibly change in the future! We are NOT planing to add any essentials resources to this mod. Only PERISHABLES. If you wanna join our bilingual servers (English - French) ::

- Stack sized increased on the following items only:

Raw Meat:
Raw Meat 60
Raw Prime Meat 3
Raw Fish Meat 60
Raw Prime Fish Meat 3
Raw Mutton 2

Cooked Meat:
CookedMeat 60
Cooked Fish Meat 60
Cooked Prime Meat 60
Cooked Prime Fish Meat 60
CookedLambChop 60

Cooked Meat Jerky 60
Prime Meat Jerky 60

Amarberry 300
Azulberry 300
Mejoberry 300
Narcoberry 300
Stimberry 300
Tintoberry 300

Aquatic Mushroom 200
Ascerbic Mushroom 200
Auric Mushroom 200
Aggeravic Mushroom 200
Rare Mushroom 300

Citronal 200
Longrass 200
Rockarrot 200
Savoroot 200

Ammonite Bile 100
Bio Toxin 200
Blood Pack 200
Cactus Sap 300
Giant Bee Honey 2
Leech Blood 100
Nameless Venom 3
Oil (Tusoteuthis) 300
Organic Polymer 30
Rare Flower 300
Spoiled Meat 200
Sweet Vegetable Cake 10
Wyvern Milk 2

- Other resources untouched
- All weights have not been altered

MOD ID: 1288682605
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Snalibe  [author] Jul 13 @ 10:45am 
I tested it using the ARK server manager and got no issues. Do you have another mod that conflict with item stacks?
Miss Natcula Jun 5 @ 1:11am 
I put this on my server using ark server manager and for some reason it just wont load and crashes the server. Really annoying cause this mod is not too op compared to other mods out there and I want to use it. Any idea why it could be causing a crash with the program?
Phönix Jun 3 @ 7:42am 
Is there a way to edit the settings individually?
KESS Mar 9 @ 2:03am 
Does anyone know of a full item stacking mod that does NOT alter weight???
Sora_133 Feb 26 @ 12:04am 
Thanks, I replace it and it worked, thanks for your Help
Sora_133 Feb 24 @ 5:29pm 
i use the industrial cooker, ok i try to replace it
Snalibe  [author] Feb 24 @ 4:08pm 
Sora, have you tried to replace your cooking device? What are you using?
Sora_133 Feb 23 @ 9:11am 
Now, the bug is like before, that i can't cook Raw mutton
Aurellium Feb 23 @ 6:57am 
Preserving salt recipe is missing in Mortar while using this mod.
Sora_133 Feb 22 @ 1:33am 
Thanks, yeah i'll do