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Bitou2k's Binocular
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Sep 15, 2017 @ 9:58pm
Oct 17, 2017 @ 6:23pm
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Bitou2k's Binocular

MOD ID: 1136125765

Bitou2k's Binocular; The ultimate long-range reconnaissance spyglass tool.

This mod is Clean and Stackable.
This mod brings you an Spyglass with complete Dinosaur Status Information, added with GPS and Compass functions.

The Engram is Available at Level 25
Per default, need some advanced craft requirements, but you can override craft cost in your server.

B2k Binocular Features
  • This Binocular don't have native Target's Audio Listener, was removed. (It is disturbing)
  • The MAX distance to see Dino Status Information is 400mts (Epic View Distance).
  • The Gender of Dino is represented by Name Color. (Pink is Female, Blue is Male, White has no Gender)
  • View of Wild/Tamed Dino Level Points (Toggle Weapon Attachment ('N' Key) to show)
  • You can only uses Night Vision, when you targering. (Melee/Pistol Whip (Left Control))
  • The Oxygen shows total percentage. (For dino mods have lot of oxygen)
  • You can use B2k Binocular while riding Land, Fly or Aquatic Dinos.
  • You can toggle camera (TPV or FPV) while equipped too.
  • The B2k Binocular ignores mounted Dino.
  • The GPS shows the target location.
  • When first equipping, you will not feel the effect of zoom. (Prevent Dizziness)
  • Taming Bar only shows if Taming > 0%. (Keeps the screen clean)
B2k Binocular Keys/Gamepad Functions
  • Wild/Tamed Dino Level Points: Toggle Weapon Attachment (Default is 'N' Key)
  • Night Vision: Melee/Pistol Whip (Default is 'Left Ctrl' Key)
  • Radar ESP: Reload (Default is 'R' Key)

Spawn Command / Engram Entry / Configs Options
Bitou2k's Binocular:
cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/B2kBinocular/Binocular/PrimalItem_WeaponB2kBinocular.PrimalItem_WeaponB2kBinocular'" 1 0 0
Engram Entry:
Class for Override Crafting cost:
Defaults Config Options:
[B2kBinocular] StatsDelay=0 DisableTraceFloatingHUD=false DisableNightVision=false DisableRadarESP=false DisableDinoPoints=false

Config Details:
StatsDelay - Uses Integer. Seconds Delay to remove Stats Dino Information from the screen. (min: 0, max: 10)
DisableTraceFloatingHUD - Will show only Dino Stats and disables view Structures/Players information at a distance.
DisableNightVision - Disables the NightVision function on Binocular.
DisableRadarESP - Disables the Radar ESP function on Binocular.
DisableDinoPoints - Disables the Wild/Tamed Point Levels function on Binocular.

Future Plans Incomming:
  • More Configs INI
  • New Functions

Current Version: v0.5a

- Binocular code improvements about get kicked out of the game. Please report anything.

- Added Radar ESP function (Reload ('R' Key) to enable)
- Added INI Config: "DisableRadarESP".
- Improvements code about Client/Server requests, to prevent issues with disconnects.
- Fixed issue with Slot 7 on Hotbar.
- Optimized Binocular Code.
- Added Dilo and Dimo Preferred Foods.
- Added a new Crosshair, better visible for lower resolutions.
- More Fixes about Widget stucks on screen.
- Any crashes when using Binocular, please report on Bug Reports discurssion with all details.
- Added Wild/Tamed Dino Level Points function (Toggle Weapon Attachment ('N' Key) to show, keeps the screen clear!).
- Added INI Config: "DisableDinoPoints".
- Night Vision is now only activated with Melee/Pistol Whip (Left Control Key).
- Added 21 Dinos Preferred Food that was missing.
- Fixed some bug issues when equips Binocular and auto targeting even right click not clicked/hold.
- Fixed some issues with the Dino Stats not disappear after unequip/opening inventory etc.
- Added prevention for using Binocular functions until the server login is completed (Prevents exploits).
- Added Green Puzzle Icon to Image Preview.
- Added View Structures/Players information at a distance. (Added Config Options to disable)
- Fixed using Menu Radial if Binocular is equiped.
- Changed NightVision Toggle Input to 'N' Key or Melee/Pistol Whip (Left Control)
- Added two INI Config: "DisableTraceFloatingHUD" and "DisableNightVision".
- Fixes targering Raptors, Apes, etc.
- Added INI Config: "StatsDelay".
- Improve Target Detection. Now ignores mounted Dino and will not show anymore Dead Dinos.
- Fixed toggle camera (TPV or FPV) while equipped and riding/or not.
- Removed Target Audio Listener (It is disturbing).
- First Release

Thanks to JB for made this beautiful Image Preview!

If you like this mod give it an up-vote and a favorite! Thank you! ★

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Sep 21, 2017 @ 4:21am
small german preview :)
< >
Nina Jul 9 @ 8:19am 
Lovely mod! Is there any way you can add commas between numbers though? I struggle with telling if dinos have 60 million health or 6 million and its hard to count the zeroes when they move so fast haha :) otherwise it's perfect!
TheWildcard Jul 9 @ 7:14am 
Just showcased this mod in a video I made :D
Ominous_P1geon Jun 29 @ 11:47pm 
what does esp mean
Monday Jun 21 @ 6:56pm 
Is there a way to have the Tame and Wild stats Automaticly There instead of using "N"?
DigitalGoobie Jun 9 @ 11:13am 
We LOVE LOVE this mod, it's great! :)
However (dundundun) - we have two players on our server who cannot get the menus to pop up when they use the feature. They can use the zoom in and our functions, but cannot see the display for stats and such.

We've tried removing it from their hotbar, creating a new set, etc. None of that seemed to work. I found out today that they have never worked for them - and one of the differences is that they use controllers to play on their PCs.

Any idea why using a controller would be the cause, or maybe we're missing something and that has nothing to do with it. All other players on the server can use them just fine, so it's not a server setting.
Cutepup Jun 1 @ 4:07pm 
Works perfectly! Thank you so much, we are gonna have so mush fun with this :D
午时已到丶 May 15 @ 9:57pm 
Can this UI be Shared? Thank you.
UKY07 May 14 @ 7:13pm 
Anyone else have a problem sometimes when on a dino and you use the binoculars sometimes it glitches and stays on ur screen? is there a fix for this other then logging off then back on?
.AleksS. May 11 @ 3:43pm 
Is there a way to autoenable the DinoPoints every time i reuse my binocular ?
Captain Apr 12 @ 7:58am 
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