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SDG 6.0 Mod Collection
The modlist for the our 6.0 iteration
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AQD - Armor Expansion
Created by enenra

Current version: 1.9b
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

AQD - Conveyor Expansion
Created by enenra
Current version: 2.1a
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

This mod adds several ne
AQD - Small Grid Expansion
Created by enenra

Current version: 1.0c
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

Armor Ramps & Panels Mod Pack
Created by SEModder4
Armor Panels Mod~(DX-11 Ready)~(WIP)
'From the developers of the Advanced Shutters/Blinds Master Pack'
Armour Curve
Created by Idiot
Currently includes:
1x1 Concave

2x1 Concave
2x1 Convex

3x1 Concave
3x1 Convex

4x1 Concave
4x1 Convex

Build Vision 3.0
Created by Dark Helmet
This is a quick access context menu, based on the original Build Vision by Jimmacle, designed to supplement the game's terminal. Most of the time, the terminal works just fine for ...
BuildInfo (extra block+terminal info, air leak finder)
Created by Digi
Displays more information about the block you're holding or aiming at, along with other features listed below.

Highlight features
  • Config/ModMenu - Player customizable and toggleable features
    Most of this mods' featu
Camera Panning - rotate camera view (+reset 1st person character view)
Created by Digi
This mod enables players to change the direction camera while viewing it.
Works for any camera block, modded or vanilla.

How to use in game
When you view a camera the mod will tell you the controls as a HUD notification.

Simply hold the Lo...
Cargo Scanner
Created by Patrick
Scan Player and NPC ships for valuable cargo
Multiplayer / Dedicated Server / Single Player

Short range scanner that detects valuable cargo on other ships and displays the information for the player....
Dance... Dance Until You Die
Created by Taedian
Special looping dance emotes for W4stedSpace
Now also fixes the broken facepalm, thumbs up, and wave emotes

In the chat window type one of the following to run the looping version of the dance emotes:

Draconis Planets
This is a reupload of planets for Sigma Draconis to modify things unique to our servers as needed (things could include but are not limited to custom ores, weather changes, minor adjustments to heightmaps/other values, etc)
Draconis Thruster Upgrade Modules
Please do not reupload...
Edge Be Gone! (No armor edges)
Created by Whiplash141

This mod removes the armor edges from all armor blocks.

This mod is a very simple script, so it should be compatible with pretty much any other mods, even those that mess with armor SBC files.

Author's Notes
Elite Dangerous Style Jump Effect
Created by Valikai
This mod replaces the jump drive effect and audio with one inspired by the Elite Dangerous capital ship jump effect. This isn't meant to be a direct copy of the Elite effect, it simply inspired me to spruce up SE's effect in a similar style....
Font: Mono Color
Created by DraygoKorvan
"Resolution gets better the further away you are" -Xocliw 2020

Ever wanted a not so crappy looking picture in your spaceship? Boring 9 bit color not enough? Imagine what your pictures could look like with 6 more bits of color definition! This mod give...
King of the Hill - The Complete Edition
Created by Gauge
King of the hill (KotH) is a game mode where players fight to hold a point. Successfully holding the point generates progress and, once complete, the team is rewarded. This mod is a great way to have fun with friends or encourage players to interact with e...
Material Scanner
Created by Patrick
Identify material composition of grids
Multiplayer / Dedicated Server / Single Player

Short range scanner that identifies selected materials in grids. Works with vanilla and modded building materials...
Midspace's Configurable Max Ship Speed Mod [EOL]
Created by Screaming Angels
End Of Life - not receiving any more updates.

This is the ship speed mod to end all ship speed mods.

A fully configurable Max Ship Speed mod, that allows you the player (or server administrator) to set the maximum ship speed for both small and large ...
Modular Encounters Systems
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
What is Modular Encounters Systems?

This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It also includes a behavior system that NPCs can use to engage with players and the envir...
Nanobot Build and Repair System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot build and repair system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic welding/grindig/cleanup system)

  • This system could repair damaged, build projected and grind marked/enemy blocks wi
Created by Casimir
Do not leave a comment on this, I will yeet it.

This is a required mod for servers running a torchplugin.
It serves no purpose for clients/by itself.

“Copyright 2021. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account...
Refill Station
Created by Valikai
This mod adds a Refill Station block. When conveyored it can refill Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Energy to anyone who interacts with it - regardless of ownership. It will not allow respawning at its location. The screen is a customizable LCD.

Comes in both lar...
Rich HUD Master
Created by Dark Helmet
This is not a mod. This is the master module of the Rich HUD Framework: a set of shared tools made to help modders create custom GUI. It's not strictly necessary for you to subscribe to this. If you have a mod that uses this, then it should be loaded autom...
Sigma Draconis Core Mod
Contains a number of fixes and tweaks for the Draconis Cluster of servers.

Full attributions:
- Full credit - Contains a modified version of PvP Spawning fix from MysterD to prevent suit spam triangulation - Original script: https://steamcommunity....
Sigma Draconis Factions
Contains the custom faction definitions for use in Sigma Draconis

Please do not reupload...
Sigma Draconis Frameshift Drive
Thank you so much to Dorimanx and Specter for allowing us to make minor modifications to their wonderful Frame Shift mod. All credit to them....
Sigma Draconis MES NPCS
This is a reupload of npcs for Sigma Draconis to modify things unique to our servers as needed (things could include but are not limited to a changed weapons loadout, conveyor additions and utility block such as remote controls, etc)
Sigma Draconis NoFlyZone with NoDrill
Made for the Sigma Draconis Cluster for use at Space KoTH

Beacon block that disables thrusters that are within range of the beacon broadcast.
Also, eats ship drills. So don't bring ship drills in to it's range.

All credit for the original work (and ...
Sigma Draconis Tiered Tech V2
Customized Draconis tiered tech mod.
Datasheet can be found here:

Full credit for any models or assets goes to the original mod creators, we have tracked down and reque...
Sigma Draconis- Gas Giant
Created by Zardo
Update 20/01/2021 Doubled the ring size and added spin

A large and unusual gas giant, this planet is NOT landable and designed to be used as a hazardous mining area with thorwins asteroid plugin.
Slope LCD Panels Redux
Created by Copper
Adds variants of the armor blocks with LCD Panels on them!

Slope LCD Panels Redux!

This is a faithful recreation of the original slope LCD panels mod!


- Native rotation of the screen in the terminal, basically a sl...
Suit Toggles (while in a cockpit) - Klime
Created by Klime
Allows you to toggle your suit broadcasting on/off and lights on/off while flying a ship

Useful for PvP situations where you don't want to reveal your location
Suppress Vanilla Cargo Ships
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will attempt to suppress the appearance of Vanilla Cargo Ship Encounters. It sets their spawning frequency to 0.001 (the default values are usually between 1-5), so it's possible that they may still appear, but it should be...
Suppress Vanilla Encounters
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will remove all vanilla Random Encounters (mayday signals, etc) from the Spawning Roster in MES. If another mod adds the vanilla encounters back however, this mod will not be effective.

Modular Encounters Collectio
Created by DraygoKorvan
Allows modders to add text to the players screen. This mod must be loaded along side any other mod that uses it.

Graphics update note: Post-Processing causes all HUD API text to be dark and blurry unless it uses the PostPP blendtype.

Common Issue: ...
Weapon Scanner
Created by Patrick
Identify weapon systems on Player and NPC ships
Multiplayer / Dedicated Server / Single Player

Short range scanner that identifies weapon systems on hostile ships. Works with vanilla and modded weapo...
WeaponCore - 2.4
Created by DarkStar
Version: CoreSystems - 2.4(14)

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

This "m...
Zardos Connector Passageway & More
Created by Zardo
Many thanks to MadMavn for featuring my mod on your series! If you havent checked it out I highly recommend it!!


A simpl...
Rebels Lights 1.2.01
Created by Archan79
This mod adds a set of high-quality spotlights and lights designed to seamlessly fit into Space Engineers aesthetics....
Vanilla Tree MOD for Decoration
Created by lzywindy




AE NPC Dummies - Interactable NPC Blocks v. 0.6
Created by Æ
Tired of being lonely? Looking for someone to talk to? Want to make your bases feel more alive? Then this mod is for you! Introducing NPC dummies!

This mod contains over 20 blocks modelled as characters that you can interact with. All blocks ...
Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools
Created by Splitsie
This is for those people who like hearing battle sounds loud while not being deafened by their grinder, welder and most of all drill.

This mod reduces the volume of hand tools, ship tools, weather, doors, placement sounds and a few others that often fee...
Headhunt - Bounties, Killfeed, Factionwar & more
Created by Sadragos
The Epsilon System Bountyhunters Guild presents: The Headhunt System! Make a Kill worth your while and your Death even more painfull!

This Mod adds many death-related Features (which can be configures via configs):
- Death anouncements in Chat
Grated Catwalks Expansion
Created by Red Blood Cell
This mod aims to expand upon the grated catwalks included in the Decorative Pack #2 DLC, which you will need to have purchased. This mod includes lots of new blocks, but if you are looking for a few must-haves head over to [url=
Easy Programmable Block Settings
Created by Vantablack Pyro
Moves elemental objects in Programmable Block's control panel to the top, so you don't scroll when developing/testing a InGameScript.

Code based on the plugin and mod:

Right now the most ...