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Space Engineers

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uA Mod Pack
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Apr 28, 2020 @ 8:17am
Jun 30, 2020 @ 2:06am
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uA Mod Pack

Designed to be played on Realistic settings across the board. Specifically targeted at the Unreal Aussies server.

14/05/2020 V5: Adjusted balance for Stone Crusher and Survival Kit to make them more in-line with the reduced refinery efficiency from V1.

05/05/2020 V4: Removed the programmable block from the construction menu. There are still other ways to get them but these are forbidden on the uA server.

02/05/2020 V3: Edited the Drop Pod to spawn in a cluster around a given GPS on EarthLike for PvE oriented server. Cluster range works out to be approximately 3-6km donut shape. Spawns on other planets/moons are unaffected.

01/05/2020 V2: uA Drop Pod for spawning added. It's basically the default EarthLike pod but without thrusters, no antenna, added solar panels and Survival blocks for food and water production. Includes O2/H2 Generator with some ice to give you a head start on Hydrogen and Oxygen if you spawn in unbreathable atmosphere, as well as a survival kit and battery. Compared to default, this makes spawning on planets considerably easier to start food production at the cost of being unable to move during the descent. In space, this will effectively be a rock. If you're up for the challenge go for it, but I do not recommend it for n00bies. Requires the Daily Needs Survival Kit mod which you can find here:

27/05/2020 V1: Changes the refinery yield efficiency to half of normal for the 4 EWE mod refineries. Requires the EWE mod to be running which you can find here: