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DNSK - Daily Needs Survival Kit - Survival Needs for Space
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Dec 30, 2018 @ 4:50pm
Nov 27, 2020 @ 8:59am
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DNSK - Daily Needs Survival Kit - Survival Needs for Space



TRUE SURVIVAL IN SPACE! Now you need Food, Water and Rest , not just Air and Power!

Recently Featured by W4stedspace and his KSE crew in their quest to get to and survive on Mars !! Thanks Guys for making this a big part of your mission plan! The start of the stream series is here

Also can be seen in Splitsie's YT Series Survival Impossible ( new Series! ) Ep 1 here!
Thanks Sir for making this a big part of your hardcore survival stream.

Also being used in Captain Shacks Planet Survival Sundays Series.

This Mod is Copyright © 2018 - 2021. All rights are reserved. See Copyright Statement area in Discussion here..

The Names / Terms 'Skallabjorn", "DNSK" and "Daily Needs Survival Kit" are now registered trademarks of Viking Media Services International and may NOT be used in any way without permission in writing from the CEO of Viking MS. Please contact Skallabjorn via DISCORD.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ UPDATES ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Daily Needs to Industrial Overhaul Compatibility add-on module! Allows you to make the basic block in I.O. modded worlds and stay alive while researching tech.

Creation of Add-on modules ( without republishing this mod of course ) to go with this mod are allowed, so long as assets from this mod are not republished in any way in the new mod. The information is freely available for the making of modules just for the asking. Contact Skallabjorn for the info and endorsement as an "official" module.


BUG REPORTS MUST be entered here ( or they will be removed / ignored )

Users Guide .....

Recommended Mods and Load Order's

Please folks, stop trying to add us as friends on Steam or direct messaging us. USE Bug Reports section as needed. Asking to repub the mod proves you didnt read the mod description. The answer is always NO.

Skallabjorns DNSK Discord - ( for logs ) -

The Blocks in this kit are as follows.

** 1 - Emergency Rations Dispenser ( Small Block Only ) NEW BLOCK!!!!! for Survival Release

Build-able with Survival Kit Components ( Tier 1 )
This small block only device takes GRAVEL and ICE and VERY Slowly Converts it to Emergency Food "Space Mush"and H2O Packets. Takes less than half the parts needed to make the Food Processor block. This is bare bones survival food with limitations to how well it satisfies your needs and how fast it can make it! You will want to upgrade to better Food Production Units as soon as you can. Using only this block you would be spending half your time making food and water to survive - barely! So Upgrade... or slowly perish...

Inputs - Ice, Gravel, H2O Packets
Outputs - Emergency Food Rations and H2O Packets.

** 2 - Food Protein Re-Sequencer ( Large and Small Block )

Build-able with Survival Kit Components ( Tier 1 )
This is the basic core block needed for basic survival system! Build this before the other support blocks below is recommended.

With This Block you can
- Boil ice into H2O Packets
- Create Nutrients for Hydroponics use.
- Process Organics and other Meat and vegetable components into basic and advanced foods.
- Clone / grow meat found in container drops on a metal grid to increase your food options.

Inputs - Ice, Gravel, H2O Packets, Organics, Vegan ToFu Packets, Various Meats, Algae-Soy Product
Outputs - Vegan ToFu Packets, Nutrients, Basic and Advanced Foods and Beverages.

Tho it will keep you alive, its basic survival food ( Artificial or SYNTH Food ) but still better than Emergency Rations.The other blocks produce the staples needed for better, more fulfilling foods. So, the better the materials input from the below blocks, the better the foods that it can output!

** 3 - Water Recycler ( Large and Small Block, Tier 2 Parts Required )

Inputs - Ice or Grey Water
Outputs - Organics, Gravel, H2O Packets

Much more efficient at making drinkable water, the ice it processes also produces needed organics and gravel for the other food processes.

** 4 - Open Hydroponics Block ( Large Block , Tier 2 Parts Required )

This Is the Basic Hydroponics Block. Its larger, but not as efficient and the Enclosed Hydroponics Block, but easier to build.

Inputs - Nutrients, Gravel, H2O Packets
Outputs - Algae-Soy Product

** 5 - Enclosed Hydroponics Block ( Large and Small block, Tier 2 Parts Required )

This Is the Advanced Hydroponics Block. Its smaller and more efficient / faster than the Open Cage Hydroponics Block. It requires more parts to make it.

Inputs - Nutrients, Gravel, H2O Packets
Outputs - Algae-Soy Product

** 6 - Soil Based Food Growing Tray ( Large Block, Tier 2 Parts Required )

This large block allows the use of seeds found in drop containers to make a wider variety of crops for advanced foods.

Inputs - Organics, Gravel, H2O Packets, Fertilizer ( Organic or Ore / Chemical based ), Crop Seeds
Outputs - Fertilizer, Crop Seeds, Edible Vegetable Crops.

** 7 - System and Inventory Readout LCD ( Large Block, Tier 2 Parts Required )

An LCD screen for use with a future control readout script. For now its a normal LCD. Great for MMASTER LCD readouts.

Use and Function ---------------------------------

FURNITURE AWARE - use a mod with beds chairs and toilets and you can get bonuses for sleeping, sitting and resting, eating seated etc.

Sleep in a bed - Stamina boosts up to 125 max. Sit on a couch or chair with NOMS in the name, get a food and water bonus up to 125. Sit on a toilet and your body processes Organics and Grey Water right away ( rather than waiting to eat ) into the suits catch all, which you can add to the food systems inventory for processing.

You Auto Eat / Drink from your inventory at 40 %. Not moving / flying, sitting, crouching all rest you , but at different speeds.

In all cases, starving, being thirsty for too long or over tired will damage you and possibly cause delusional states and then kill you.

When you respawn after ANY type of death, you will have Cloning - Shock Sickness! Your stats will be at marginal levels, you will want to eat, drink and rest as soon as you can!

Stollies Workshop -
Skallabjorns Workshop -
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Apr 15 @ 6:21am
Bug Reports / Problems
Apr 3 @ 12:21pm
PINNED: Helping to test Daily Needs Mk5
< >
Skallabjorn  [author] Apr 14 @ 10:22am 
Noted. However, your comment is countered buy the fact that in the past many complained about all chairs being noms, so , only the ones wanted to be ( say in the ships lounge ??? ) would be named with noms on them..... VERY FEW wanted every chair to auto-noms.....

Storpappa Apr 14 @ 7:35am 
I have read it. That is why i asked if you have added a switch or setting so we can just disable the noms check, so it applies to ever desk and couch

Having to rename every chair and desk to add noms isn't a real challange. it is more of an exercise. Maybe for the solo player on a small grid single ship, but every dozens and dozens on a MP campaign, and having remind everyone

Elements of DNSK are suitable for an immersive experience. Cryo, beds, and the noms benefit from sitting to eat/drink. The naming of the furniture - IMHO - not.

If you are still working on your next version, please consider this a feature request from multiple players
Skallabjorn  [author] Apr 14 @ 3:20am 
as in the guide, please read it, NOMS must be addedto the seat / couch name.
Storpappa Apr 13 @ 11:28pm 
noms - any switch / setting to just accept all desks and couches without having to add to the names?.
Skallabjorn  [author] Apr 10 @ 6:47am 
Its a keen thing, nothing we can do. Not a new thing to come up.
[Unknown]᠌ Apr 10 @ 5:46am 
Faced the problem that the assemblers in the production tab are being replaced by Food Protein Resequencer and others.
In large blocks, I solved this problem by rebuilding and removing the Food Protein Resequencer, since the subsequent ones are added to the end of the assembler list, after removing it, they remain there.
But this does not happen in small blocks! All new Food Protein Resequencers are added to the top of the assembler list and alternate only among themselves.
How to make simple assemblers basic active assemblers? The name change also has no effect, since their turn changes only among themselves.
Skallabjorn  [author] Apr 8 @ 10:34am 
Crop grower is an assembler, you have to tell it what to make. All in the guide.
ej-mcd Apr 8 @ 9:52am 
OK, everything is set up to test production, however the crop grower does not seem to produce anything. I have seeds,organic, drinking water packets, fertilizer, gravel.... yet nothing seems to be produced after HOURS of building elsewhere. Am I missing anything here? Trying to make figure out this mod on this ship before I switch to survival.
StupidoDiabolik Apr 6 @ 5:12pm 
I'm guessing my comment has been deleted ...
Skallabjorn  [author] Apr 6 @ 10:03am 
Because it dosnt go into that block, you use fertilizer in it. and it makes fertilizer and grows root / dirt crops. Nutrients are used in the hydroponics not the crop crowing tray.

All in the guide. Thanks.