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Daily Needs Survival Kit - What to Do, and Config Options
By Skallabjorn
Since the instructions and description were getting too big, I have moved the info on how to custom config and use the mod here.

NOTE THAT ALL VERSIONS PRIOR TO MK 4 are considered LEGACY. They will not be supported in any way.

The current version "DAILY NEEDS SURVIVAL KIT" ( previously the MK 4 name ) is supported but no new features are planned for it. It is considered "finished" now that version 5 is in the works.
Mod Description

Now you need Food and Water and Rest, not just air and power!

This is a usage guide for the Rebuilt Daily Needs Survival Kit Mod

New Video Coming soon ( updates and changes )

This is all of my Daily Needs Mod Updates in one package.

NOTE that the TEXT HUD API Mod is a MUST HAVE for this and is linked as a dependent mod.

**** A start in space is now possible in this mod... how so...

- processing ICE to water will yield small trace amounts of organics and Gravel.
- processing grey or waste water reclaims the trace organics in it.
- orgainics can now be found in rare meteor strikes.
- organics and water can drop in loot containers and hunted animals.

So now a mostly closed loop system is possible...... ALMOST :) there is some loss

**** Hud Updated to more truly reflect what being measured - GRAPHICAL HUD!!

Thirst - is now "Hydration"
Hunger - is now "Food"
Fatigue - is now "Stamina"

I changed them because previously if you read "Fatigue - 100 %", it literally should mean 100% tired, 100% thirsty, 100 % Hungry... so as they are descender reads, new titles reflecting what they are truly measure were in line.

**** Jan 1 2019 - now 6 new fun foods added !!!

- To-Furkey Dinner ( Merry Festivalus fellow space travelers )
- Not-so-Beef Burger and Fries ( for that 2050's diner feel )
- Toffee Hot Chocolate ( Food, Hydration and Action Points boost )
- Space Meal Bars ( processed foods "combat ration" or "emergency ration" bars.
- Not-so-Bacon n Scrambled Eggs
- Protien Shake ( food and thirst both at once )

( Historical note - It is said that even the rats in the city of New York after the nuking of 2056 in the second American Revolution wouldn't touch the food bars. But Space Engineers are tougher :) )

- an easier to build "Open Cage" hydroponics system, much less parts to build, 2 blocks in length, slower, less efficient production due to the lack of a sealed growing area.

- small blocks are now in game. Small block has an extra block, the Emergency Rations Kit.

- LCD Display - for now its just an LCD, but we will be working on a script that will auto display block functions and inventories soon.

Original Mod is here, please read its info as well as that does apply to this one :)

**** Soil Tray Crops Growing! - you can now find seeds and farm them in soil trays in this integrated update to the Crop Growing mod found here
How its Used
Updated May 26, 2021

<< The Basics.....

* Your character will eat and drink automatically when your hunger / thirst level reaches 40%. However, being thirsty will hurt you more than being hungry! In addition, you can configure consumption and trigger levels, see info at the end of this section.

* No key bindings are needed, just have the items in your inventory. They are consumed in the order that it finds them in your inventory ( like reading a page left to right, line by line )

* All 1x1x1 blocks have access and conveyor ports on ALL sides, even the glassed in sides you view thru. Only the 1x1x2 Open Hydroponics unit have conveyor ports only on the ends ( but you can access directly via the glass sides as well.

This mod works very well using ISY Inventory filters for block inventories.
I personally prefer building the blocks in their own isolated set with a small cargo container for units access and storage.

Its currently being tested with the new cargo Containers Filter mod.
<< The Food Chain.....

* Build a Water Recycler to turn ice or Waste-water into drinkable water and recover trace organics and gravel.

* Build a Hydroponics Unit ( either one ) to generate, using Gravel, Nutrient Solution ( made in the Food Processor ) and Drinking Water into Veggies / Vegan Food Packets. The process is slow.. You can eat the veggies raw, if you need to.

* Build a Food Protein Re-sequencer to *assemble* various recipes. You can make artificial food from nutrients if you have no hydroponic units; you can cook your veggies if you have them, and you can cook wildlife by collecting their meat and, if available, eggs from kills. You can now CLONE MEAT SAMPLES should you have a large enough sample from hunting or a container drop.

* Building the Soil Tray Crop Grower, you can grow potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. You need Fertilizer ( made from carbon, phosphorous and potassium, or from organics, see toilet and suit functions ; ) ) plus water and then seeds from container drops. You can make more seeds from crops you have grown. Soon you will be able to buy seeds as well.

* LCD panel - its just an LCD at the moment, but a script is in the works to auto display the mod block functions.

<< Small Blocks.....

* All The large blocks, except the 1x1x2 Open Hydroponics unit, are available as small blocks.
There is an extra small block unit called the Emergency Rations Kit, that boils Ice into water ( but no organics or gravel are recovered ) and when combining gravel and water, can make food paste. Its bare bones, limited nutrition survival food that cant max your food level bar EVER. Upgrade to better blocks as soon as you can.

<< Hints and Notes.....

Building multiple hydroponics cells is recommended, but not strictly necessary. One engineer can survive on one.

In case only the food protein re sequencer is operative, in an emergency you can use it to turn ice into drinkable water, although this is less efficient than using the water recycler.

You can also directly turn organic matter into artificial food, which provides a bare minimum of nutrition (and will not refill your meter completely).

When you eat or drink, your suit will process any waste into waste-water and organic material (see below).

When you die, you will drop a small amount of waste depending on how full you were (see below). You will also suffer from Cloning sickness ( stats at 35 % ) when you respawn and you should eat, drink and rest ASAP.

The eating and drinking intervals are now stored in a configuration xml file (auto-generated after first run), to allow easy customization of servers.

This mod is furniture aware! This is all optional, and will show up if you load other mods.

<< Recommended Furniture Mods and notes on Beds - Cryopods

* Built a bed? ( or use the DLC bed ) , lie down on it for a few seconds to quickly recover fatigue. If you are on a bed, your fatigue meter will go up to 125%. Beds will NOT FREEZE your stats even tho Keen made it a save point for multi player. 2021- edit - For foreign language DLC issue introduced by Keen not following their MOD API, we have changed the mod so that all you have to do is add BED, BUNK or STATEROOM to the name and it will see it as a bed.

* Cryopods will FREEZE your stats as they are ( cause , well, cold sleep ). Because of the way the scripts work in game, pausing the game does NOT stop food and water consumption as the script still runs. Beds will NOT FREEZE your stats even tho Keen made it a save point for multi player, again, because the script still runs.

* Build a toilet stall? ( or use the DLC ones ) Use it to let your suit know that it's OK to process waste immediately - useful if you need waste-water or organic mass right now instead of later.

* Build a chair (Any passenger chair or furniture chair will do)? Add "noms" somewhere in the name, to sit down to eat. You will get a 25% bonus on you food and water meters, and it will make your character eat immediately from the inventory. Remember to sit down to eat and chew slowly!

As of May 2021, the following tags need to be in the blocks display name to trigger the desired function.

NOMS - eat to full and then to bonus levels of 125 on sit down - this iis original to mod.
BED - designates a block as a rest to bonus block. Sleeps to 125 % of fatigue.
Toilet - designates a block as a sanitation spot. Triggers relief to suit storage.
Bathroom - designates a block as a sanitation spot. Triggers relief to suit storage.

( note use of TAGS vs block sub-type-ids is new as due to Keen not following their own MOD-API foreigh names were starting to be used in the subtypes. This defeats the other language's ignoring the blocks. )

The setting FATIGUE_ENABLED adds fatigue. You generate fatigue by running, sprinting, crouch-walking and operating a jetpack. Sitting, crouching, and standing regains fatigue.

When your fatigue reaches 0, your thirst level will increase dramatically. You can still run around.

Very low fatigue (under -25%) may force you to walk or crouch down, if you aren't overriding it by sprinting.

Warning: If your fatigue reaches very low values below 0, you may drop from exhaustion, or open your helmet trying to breathe ( Delusion sets in at -85% fatigue ) !

Since you are an engineer, drinking coffee miraculously replenishes your fatigue levels.
Custom Config Entries
Found Here ( your Exact location may varry on your PC but this is the norm


Thats where the configdata.xml file will be

The file values are:

MAX_VALUE (100):
How high your hunger/thirst meter can go.

How low can it go. Less than 0 is used for ramping damage.

Try to eat when your meter is this much of its maximum (default is 0.3 of 100, so 30)

Try to drink when your meter is this much of its maximum (default is 0.3 of 100, so 30)

How often you'd have to eat per solar day (minimum 2h), default is 1 meal/day with meter at 100.

How often you'd have to drink per solar day (minimum 2h), default is 3 drinks/day with meter at 100.

Negative: Damage multiplier if you go below 0 on your meter. Positive: Straight damage (noncumulative).

Negative: Damage multiplier if you go below 0 on your meter. Positive: Straight damage (noncumulative).

Doing this activity will cause a change in your metabolism.

The amount of waste that your suit manages to recover after you've digested a meal or a drink.

The amount of waste of the other type (solid/liquid) that your suit manages to recover.

The amount of waste that your suit recovers on your death. Scales down to 0, with this amount being the maximum if you die with your meters full.

FATIGUE_ENABLED (true/false):

And positioning of the Bars

Use with ISY's & MMaster Automatic LCD's
INGOT / Subtype Item names ( for Automatic LCD, filtering with ISY etc )

"Food" ="ToFurkey" />
"Food" ="NotBeefBurger" />
"Food" ="HotChocolate" />
"Food" ="SpaceMealBar" />
"Food" ="SpacersBreakfast" />
"Food" ="ProteinShake" />
"Food" ="CoffeeFood" />
"Food" ="VeganFood" />
"Food" ="WolfSteak" />
"Food" ="SabiroidOmelette" />
"Food" ="SabiroidSteak" />
"Food" ="SabiroidBouillon" />
"Food" ="WolfBouillon" />
"Food" ="WaterFood" />
"Food" ="LuxuryMeal" />
"Food" ="ArtificialFood" />
"Food"="Organic" />
"Food"="MartianSpecial" />
"Food"="Nutrients" />

"Plants" ="Potatoes" />
"Plants" ="Tomatoes" />
"Plants" ="Carrots" />
"Plants" ="Cucumbers" />
"Plants" ="Ketchup" />
"Plants" ="PotatoSeeds" />
"Plants" ="TomatoSeeds" />
"Plants" ="CarrotSeeds" />
"Plants" ="CucumberSeeds" />

"Ingot" SubtypeId="Carbon" />
"Ingot" SubtypeId="Phosphorus" />
"Ingot" SubtypeId="Potassium" />
"Ingot" SubtypeId="SubFresh" />

"EmergencyRations" SubtypeId="EmergencyFood" />
"EmergencyRations" SubtypeId="EmergencyWater" />

A quick little entry to display your inventory items in Automatic LCD 2 displays.

Note, unless you add the items to the modded items list in AM-LCD2's core code manually as in its own guide, if you have none of the item on hand, it wont display.

Paste the below into an LCD screen and scale your font size as needed.. Note the numbers are quota numbers ( 20 on hand, 500 on hand etc ) and you can adjust them as you see fit.

Center Food Stuffs
InvLists * ToFurkey:20,NotBeefBurger:20,HotChocolate:20,SpaceMealBar:20,SpacersBreakfast:20,ProteinShake:20,CoffeeFood:20,VeganFood:20,WolfSteak:20,SabiroidOmelette:20,SabiroidSteak:20,SabiroidBouillon:20,WolfBouillon:20,WaterFood:500,LuxuryMeal:20,ArtificialFood:20,Ketchup:20,MartianSpecial:20, Potatoes:20 +Tomatoes:20,Carrots:20,Cucumbers:20
center Crop Growing Supplies
InvLists * PotatoSeeds:20,CarrotSeeds:20,TomatoSeeds:20,CucumberSeeds:20,Nutrients:200,Fertilizer:200,Carbon:2000,Phosphorus:2000,Potassium:2000,Organic:2000
Known Issues ( that are NOT BUGS ) And a statement on Copyright
Folks there are a few things that people don't realize about how Keens code in game works and how it relates to this ( and other ) mod.

If you bring these items up in the mod comments or bug reports and havent read the items here, your comment will be deleted, and a link posted to this posting. Flame us for this and you will be reported to Steam blocked and ignored. Please respect this.

KNOWN ISSUES ( that are not bugs but caused by Keens code )

1 ) I hit pause but I still use food and water....

Yes, this is true and it is because this is all script driven in game by the Game Timer index marker and was NOT PART of KEENS vision for the game. Being a script, and the way Keens code works Game Timer Connected scripts dont pause, they run in the background.

THUS the only way to "pause" food and water use is to be IN A CRYO POD ( modded or vanilla ).

This cant be changed easily but its being looked at. The original core code was from the original mod by spiritplumber[FUG]

2 ) I use food and water while in a bed, a bed is a bed a save point and I should not use food and water.

Again folks, sorry, but even tho KEEN has made a bed, when in an atmosphere or air filled space ( key words there, in an air filled space ) a valid save point for the character, the script, not being part of Keens code... keeps running... Only a CRYO POD freezes your stats. In real life when you sleep you still need food and water. Same in game.

3 ) Containers don't drop after I installed this mod or updated the mod.

DELETE the mod completely from your computer and allow it to re download.

When Steam does an update to a mod, it doesn't delete files, it overwrites the ones there. SO, if files get removed from the mod in a update pushed to Steam, your computer can still retain debris in the mod folder. THUS... broken containers remain.

As of Sept 3rd, 2019 containers are completely removed from the mod, even the prefab folder, as that Keen changed the way items can drop in a container. Thus those are not needed in the individual mod HOWEVER, old container files will be left behind and because they are not compatible with the new system in ECONOMY update, will stop containers outright.
So again, DELETE the mod from your CONTENT folder ( example C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850 ) and let it re download cleanly.

As of Sept 7th, container drops are functional and re-balanced to economy, but as above, delete the mod from your mods folder and allow it to re-download for the fix to take effect.

4) MES-Creature Spawner. Due to the way the scripts in MES-CS work at this time, weird things happen with character stats due to how MES-CS handles characters in game.

At this time ( May 26 2021 ) there is still no fix to this. Myself and Meridius are tracking the issue down still and have isolated the issue to be part of KEEN's code changes on 1.97 major update. Until the core game code reverts ( and they are not receptive to changing what they did ) we cant make the MES-CS creatures and DNSK work together. Sorry.


5 ) Your Copyright statement is BullS*** and ridiculous.

Actually, as A "not to be named company", Steam and one other person ( now as of May 26 2021 62 people ) have discovered previously ( when the game "released" and the first DLC hit and in a subsequent re-publish of a "borrowed" copy of the mod by an individual(s) for personal "adaptation" for "their" server ) it isn't a smoke screen.

The Scripts, New Models, Files and all other content within that are of our own making are FULLY registered and have been formally and legally Copy-written Internationally in NA, RF and EU/UK ( which wasn't cheap to do ) And enforced via ( but not only via ) the DMCA (1998) . And that registration is updated on every re-upload and release of the mod.

Steam ( as the repository ) and those who use, or attempt to "borrow" the mod in part or in whole, are legally bound by law to respect the rights of the authors, and violation for those rights is a crime, enforceable in the courts. Again, some individuals ran head long into that wall already and lost. Entities in violation were ordered to cease and desist, and in the other cases Steam deleted the re-upload and deleted and banned the offender ( s ) by legal requirement and Steam Policy on Copyrights. To date 12 have been prosecuted and or sued and have lost / admitted guilt in the courts or lost their Steam accounts without compensation. Thus in one persons case, 274 games suddenly were useless without their Steam account.

That's how serious myself and my team are about this work ( plus the fact my family's core group of companies, specifically Viking Media LLC, A division of Viking International Holdings, UK, has the resources to make this copyright possible and to enforce our rights ).

Additionally, the Admins of the Workshop, who WORK FOR KEEN, now automatically delete copies on DNSK without even having to ask me. They tell me who and when after the fact. So, don't post it, it wont survive the upload for long, let alone function.

So yes, its not BS, its copy-written, legally, fully and if you ask may I re-pub it, you will be told no, watched, followed and your Steam account scrutinized by Steam / Valve, as they don't want problems themselves.