Skallabjorn   Canada
April 2023

I am on Hiatus from ALL NEW modding projects at this time. I am too busy with my Voice Acting and family businesses to be starting new projects. I will still be maintaining and updating existing works.

TO BE CLEAR - IN NO WAY ARE ** ANY ** OF MY MODS ABANDONED OR OPEN TO BE "BORROWED" IN ANY WAY! THIS INCLUDES PUTTING THEM ON STEAM, MOD.IO, NEXUS OR ANY OTHER REPOSITORY ! Pirates of my mods will be dealt with to the full extend of the law ( its why I have a digital media rights company )

And to be even more clear, here is Valve - Steams Comments on Original Mod Author Posted content.

Here is a VERY CLEAR, article, it relates to Music but the same applies to ANY digital medium, code, digital modeling, textures, images... and more....

That now all that having been said......
Questions about my mods and issues with are to be posted in the mods own Bug Report Area or in the modding area ONLY !! on my discord. I do not use or monitor Steams chat system so I wont see messages there. Thank You.

My Discord ( for DNSK Channel )
About *all* my mods.... ready VERY carefully!

All My mods are Copyright © legally via the D.M.C.A. , Steams user and mod posting agreement for the game the mod is for ( and workshop agreement ) and by other legal processes outside of that structure ( this includes legal Copyright © processes & enforcement via the courts, in but not limited to North America, the EU and OTHERS as examples ).

Re-posting them in ****** part or whole ****** to ANY distribution site / folder / repository / website of ANY type ( includes resource's like GIT HUB ), without permission will result in you being reported to Moderators and Admins of the posting site and a DMCA report action filed against the offender with NO WARNINGS! Actions may not be limited to just this ( as a few have discovered in the courts on a upload to AND Steam ). Court actions will also be pursued. Thanks for respecting that and obeying the law.

To clarify - this includes postings with credit given or any other posting of any sort including Unlisted postings. No WRITTEN HARDCOPY signed by myself ( yes , pen and ink and PAPER from me ) permission from myself and all contributors then get ready to engage legally. And my lawyers are much bigger than yours. I do own a digital media purchasing and rights firm whos lawyers deal with copyright all day long.

The names / Terms 'Skallabjorn", "DNSK" and "Daily Needs Survival Kit" are now registered trademarks of Viking Media Services and may NOT be used in any way, other than as originally published under Steam mod id 1608841667 in game, un-altered, without permission in writing from the CEO of Viking MS ( Skallabjorn ).