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[EWE] Edens Wrath Engineering
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Jun 2, 2019 @ 11:22am
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[EWE] Edens Wrath Engineering

EWE is a complete overhaul for SE.
Progression is currently WIP.
The mod is designed to play with Assembler Material Efficiency = 1

Beginners Guide -
Wiki -

Mod Info located in Discord while under development

Whats in this Mod?
- There are 114 ores.
- 15 Pure Ores
- 54 Composite Ores
- 32 Vanilla Ores
- 13 Ice Ore
- 200+ Total Components to build with.
- 4 Total Gases able to store in tanks (there will be plenty more in the future).
- 7 Different power Sources.
- 5 Types of Armor with both Light/Heavy armor Variants.
- 18 different Consumables.
- Craftable Consumables, Zone Chip, and Datapad.

Spreed Sheet containing recipes for Ore, Components, and Blocks:

For those that are curious what elements are in ores, visit This is where I sourced most of my data from. Search for the ores name with the website and it will give you a general idea what the ore may contain. There is a ore list in the discord channel #ewe-ore located in the EdensWrath Engineering Group.

To Progress through production, the current setup is: Survival Kit -> Basic Component Assembler -> Advanced Component Assembler -> Chemical Reactor -> Basic Component Mass Assembler -> Mass Chemical Reactor.

Building Components require ingots and sub-components, so search through the different Assemblers to locate components or alloys that you may be missing. A list of Components can be found in the discord channel #ewe-components in the EdensWrath Engineering Group.

Production Groups
- Survival Kit - Basic Refining, Tools, Construction Components, Alloys, Fluids
- Basic Component Assembler - Construction Components, Basic Mechanical Components, Basic Electronic Components, Tools
- Advanced Component Assembler - Advanced Mechanical Components, Advanced Electronic Components, Weapon Components, Ammo
- Chemical Reactor - Alloys, Fluids, Fuel Rods

Evaporators and Synthesizers are needed to convert Liquid Gasses (Inventory Items) to Gas.

Reactors now use Fuel Rods which can be built in the Chemical Reactor.

Will this work with other Mods?
- Yes as long as this mod is last in the list and other mods do not add any new components or override/adjust planets.
- For Using Defense Shields from DarkStar; [DS] must be loaded before [EWE]. The plugin is no longer needed.

Will this mod work with previous Blueprints?
- All vanilla blocks that were on the grid will still spawn and update to new adjusted blocks (Vanilla Weapons Currently wont Spawn while weapon changes under way).

All Features will continue to be expanded and worked on. There are many things still to come.

This is a WIP. models will be made at a later date.

Plugins (Moved to Plugin Discusion) -

EWE is now compatible with Daily Needs.
- Gravel can be obtained in the Stone Crusher
- Ice can crafted in the chemical reactors and survival kit under "Fluids" to make drinking water
- To use Daily Needs with EWE, Daily Needs is required to be loaded before EWE.

Current issues
- Still Implementing Econ Update. Econ Values are still being Balanced and set.
- Assemblers do not pull components from their outputs.
- Mod is not fully compatible with Colorful Icons -
Colorful Icons overrides some icon changes that were made (not game breaking).
- Radial Menus not Supported (Currently WIP).

For those looking to create "add-ons" or plugins:
- Please do not Re-Upload Mod Logo or Altered Logo
- Please do not use names "Edens Wrath", "Edens Wrath Engineering", or "EWE" in Titles and Pictures.
* Reference "Edens Wrath Engineering" in Mod's description.
* Post Credits and Links to this mod.
- Please verify with the Original Mod Author before Uploading/Adjusting their works.
- I will sponsor Plugins on request (link them on the main mod), once verified.
* Sponsored Plugins can use "EWE-Plugin" in Titles/Pictures and will be provide EWE-Plugin Logo.

*** If the Mod/Plugin is not Listed in the EWE Mod, it is not a sponsored plugin. ***

Original Work -
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hhh100 May 14 @ 9:35am 
How to make armored glass if the gas components are not supplied for assembly?
АлЖи Apr 30 @ 10:37am 
обнова!!! неед!
Gubitel1000 Apr 15 @ 5:41am 
Обновите плиз! :)
Angse4 Mar 5 @ 10:04pm 
needs update
serjevski Jan 23 @ 7:05am 
Mod is incompatible with DLCs' block, so they require std components like motors i.e, which cannot be produced.
Mysticlynx  [author] Nov 25, 2023 @ 6:54pm 
When it comes to Ice that is an easy one, simply look for any snow covered surface and point your drill down. I find it interesting that you mentioned many of the Pure Metals most engineers will be used to while playing Vanilla. Now in Edens Wrath Engineering you should be looking more for resource rich Composites such as Spodumene or Ferchromide to gain the refined materials you will need for a strong start.

If you do not find any composite ores within 90 sec of looking it is likely because you have a mod that ALSO modifies planet definitions and therefore will cause a conflict and default to vanilla spawn definitions - making your progress untenable.

Hope this helps you and others new to the mod!
Mysticlynx  [author] Nov 25, 2023 @ 6:39pm 
@Shiana I thought it would be worth posting a few tip here for you and others who are in search of some early game carbon on planets.

I would have to agree, this mod is VERY HEAVY exploration wise early on - but this is by design. There is a fair bit of research needed for those new to the mod. To find what your looking for we have a great SPREADSHEET []. Carbon is easier to obtain on planets than in space simply because carbon is a major component of many extractives such as Soil, Sand and Mulch on Earth-Like. Almost all the extractives on Alien-Like and even Lunar Regolith will give you large amounts of carbon.
AtoMmaX Nov 5, 2023 @ 11:59pm 
Как делать оружие?(Автоматы, ракетницы)
Brain Jun 11, 2023 @ 12:10am 
@Shiana You need to subscribe to modded planets, too - in the core mod the resource maps of the planets are not touched.
Shiana May 23, 2023 @ 3:41am 
still a broken mod on most cases and just a waste of time. Starting on the solar system / earthlike planet, and in 90% of the case you won't find carbon or ice near enough to your starting point to be of any use. That means your resources run out and you can just delete yourself and try again. No fun. Also Metals only appear in their pure form on eathlike planets it seams. so far i only found iron, cobalt, nickel. (4 tries, each one more than 5 hours searching for carbon)