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[EWE] Edens Wrath Engineering
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Jun 2, 2019 @ 11:22am
Dec 26, 2020 @ 4:30pm
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[EWE] Edens Wrath Engineering

EWE is a complete overhaul for SE.
Progression is currently WIP.
The mod is designed to play with Assembler Material Efficiency = 1

Beginners Guide -
Wiki -

Mod Info located in Discord while under development

Whats in this Mod?
- There are 114 ores.
- 15 Pure Ores
- 54 Composite Ores
- 32 Vanilla Ores
- 13 Ice Ore
- 200+ Total Components to build with.
- 4 Total Gases able to store in tanks (there will be plenty more in the future).
- 7 Different power Sources.
- 5 Types of Armor with both Light/Heavy armor Variants.
- 18 different Consumables.
- Craftable Consumables, Zone Chip, and Datapad.

Spreed Sheet containing recipes for Ore, Components, and Blocks:

For those that are curious what elements are in ores, visit This is where I sourced most of my data from. Search for the ores name with the website and it will give you a general idea what the ore may contain. There is a ore list in the discord channel #ewe-ore located in the EdensWrath Engineering Group.

To Progress through production, the current setup is: Survival Kit -> Basic Component Assembler -> Advanced Component Assembler -> Chemical Reactor -> Basic Component Mass Assembler -> Mass Chemical Reactor.

Building Components require ingots and sub-components, so search through the different Assemblers to locate components or alloys that you may be missing. A list of Components can be found in the discord channel #ewe-components in the EdensWrath Engineering Group.

Production Groups
- Survival Kit - Basic Refining, Tools, Construction Components, Alloys, Fluids
- Basic Component Assembler - Construction Components, Basic Mechanical Components, Basic Electronic Components, Tools
- Advanced Component Assembler - Advanced Mechanical Components, Advanced Electronic Components, Weapon Components, Ammo
- Chemical Reactor - Alloys, Fluids, Fuel Rods

Evaporators and Synthesizers are needed to convert Liquid Gasses (Inventory Items) to Gas.

Reactors now use Fuel Rods which can be built in the Chemical Reactor.

Will this work with other Mods?
- Yes as long as this mod is last in the list and other mods do not add any new components or override/adjust planets.
- For Using Defense Shields from DarkStar; [DS] must be loaded before [EWE]. The plugin is no longer needed.

Will this mod work with previous Blueprints?
- All vanilla blocks that were on the grid will still spawn and update to new adjusted blocks (Vanilla Weapons Currently wont Spawn while weapon changes under way).

All Features will continue to be expanded and worked on. There are many things still to come.

This is a WIP. models will be made at a later date.

Plugins (Moved to Plugin Discusion) -

EWE is now compatible with Daily Needs.
- Gravel can be obtained in the Stone Crusher
- Ice can crafted in the chemical reactors and survival kit under "Fluids" to make drinking water
- To use Daily Needs with EWE, Daily Needs is required to be loaded before EWE.

Current issues
- Still Implementing Econ Update. Econ Values are still being Balanced and set.
- Assemblers do not pull components from their outputs.
- Mod is not fully compatible with Colorful Icons -
Colorful Icons overrides some icon changes that were made (not game breaking).
- Radial Menus not Supported (Currently WIP).

For those looking to create "add-ons" or plugins:
- Please do not Re-Upload Mod Logo or Altered Logo
- Please do not use names "Edens Wrath", "Edens Wrath Engineering", or "EWE" in Titles and Pictures.
* Reference "Edens Wrath Engineering" in Mod's description.
* Post Credits and Links to this mod.
- Please verify with the Original Mod Author before Uploading/Adjusting their works.
- I will sponsor Plugins on request (link them on the main mod), once verified.
* Sponsored Plugins can use "EWE-Plugin" in Titles/Pictures and will be provide EWE-Plugin Logo.

*** If the Mod/Plugin is not Listed in the EWE Mod, it is not a sponsored plugin. ***

Original Work -
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fluffybobcat24 Mar 26 @ 6:17am 
Wow. This looks incredible. Amazing work, everyone! I fully intend to look into this on my single player world as soon as I have a chance! Is there any chance that this mod is compatible with the Production Overhaul Mod on the Steam workshop?
~_~TooDrunkToAim~_~ Mar 12 @ 11:49am 
I'm assuming that this mod is on the back burner because not all the authors are on board. Mod still works as of right now just most of the LCDs won't work. sad this mod was the only reason why I played space engineers.

Possible bug but unknown: For me when i placed down a mass assembler on my server I got severe lag and rubber banding. Server Sim speed drop to 0.50 even when they are idle or turned off, Removing them solve the issue. Tested it in SP same issue. just stick with the vanilla assemblers if you have this issue.

6 out of the 10 LCD Panels are not working. Get the wight arrows stock on the screen but sometimes it works but the with arrow flickers on the LCD.

LDC's Not working
- LCD Panel
- Wide LCD panel
- Corner LCD Top
- Corner LCD Bottom
- Corner LCD Flat Top
- Corner LCD Flat Bottom

LCD's Working
- Transparent LCD
- Sci-Fi LCD Panel 5*5
- Sci-Fi LCD Panel 5*3
- Sci-Fi LCD Panel 3*3
natertater1701 Feb 13 @ 6:43pm 
does this work with eem?
Zach Feb 2 @ 10:55am 
Nice mod, shame I can't play it without my computer exploding
predavalentinstefan Jan 23 @ 4:49pm 
Hello, I love this mod, haven't played with it too much because I need to learn a bit more before that but I think it is genius. I know you received another question regarding the industrial overhaul mod, but, any chance you guys can have a collaboration or, find a way to make EWE compatible with industrial overhaul?

EWE is genius when it comes to ore types and more components and industrial overhaul adds a lot more buildings and functions to those buildings and also a different type of progressions trough the need to build buildings one by one. It would be nice to be able to combine the daily needs mod, EWE, and industrial overhaul in order to create more realistic and immersive gameplay.
Warlords Welt Jan 8 @ 6:10am 
ah i get this Bug in the morning to, only some lcd works but the most are going not online.
jterry1124 Jan 8 @ 4:27am 
Love using this mod, but I am having issues with the LCD. They are no longer working. When I remove this mod the LCD's start to work like normal but when using this mod all I get is to arrows and that's it.
danz409 Jan 6 @ 11:44pm 
love the mod. however i hit a brick wall with making a display. i can't seem to find it anywhere. survival kit can't make it or the advance assembler (small) can't seem to make it ether. if you need the large to make. that is unbalanced AF. am i missing something?
LM25SD Jan 6 @ 4:46am 
Самый классный мод из всех подобных, что я видел! В игру бы его добавили разработчики. Было бы просто СУПЕР !!! Спасибо Вам, за такой мод!
Xurm Jan 5 @ 12:42pm 
@dentist: Industrial Overhaul is like a mini-EwE, so no
Their stats and block abbilities, let alone the ore-map will contradict Ewe