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Surface Occupation
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Sep 15, 2017 @ 3:09am
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Surface Occupation

In 2 collections by Meridius_IX / Lucas
Modular Encounters Collection
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MES-Friendly Mods
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This mod adds a variety of stations that will appear on the surface of planets as players explore.

Included Stations
  • Small Stations:
  • - Defense Installation
  • - Scouting Outpost
  • - Ore Processing Outpost
  • - Supply Cache
  • - DBS Lookout Tower (dunebugmi)
  • - DBS Observation Outpost (dunebugmi)
  • - Expedition Base Pod (WisdomTooth8)
  • - Military Installation (WisdomTooth8)
  • - Fueling Station (WisdomTooth8)
  • - Bunker (WisdomTooth8)
  • Medium Stations:
  • - Territory Defense Station
  • - Resource Processing Station
  • - Fighter Docking Station
  • - Frontier Outpost (WisdomTooth8)
  • Large Stations:
  • - Fortress Tower

Guest Contributions

Some of the content in this mod was provided by other creators. Below, you can find links to their work:

Jetpack Inhibitors

This mod uses a feature that will cause player jetpack inertia dampeners to cut out within 1200m of these encounters. Within 400m, the jetpack will be completely disabled. Both of these effects are removed outside their respective distances. This was added to discourage players from charging after these ships with a jetpack and grinder to capture them (which can upset survival balance in the early game) and instead having to engage these encounters with a ship of some sort (grids are not affected by this feature). To disable the effect, you will need to locate the Inhibitor Field blocks on the encounter and disable them.

Hand Drill Inhibitors

This mod uses a feature that will unequip player hand drills within 500m of these encounters. This effect is removed outside of the 500m distance. This was added to discourage players from tunnelling under encounters to capture them (which can upset survival balance in the early game) and instead having to engage these encounters with a ship of some sort (grids are not affected by this feature). To disable the effect, you will need to locate the Inhibitor Field blocks on the encounter and disable them.

Air Traffic & Surface Occupation Together

While using Air Traffic and Surface Occupation at the same time, it is possible that cargo ships will deviate from their flight path and visit a ground station if it belongs to the same faction as theirs.

Dependancies / Required Settings
  • This mod requires the Modular Encounters Spawner mod for stations to be able to appear on planets. RivalAI is also required to handle some light encounter features provided by most stations.

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Popular Discussions View All (1)
Jun 4 @ 7:29am
Config File? Way to lower spawn rate?
< >
Elachi Dance Party Jun 10 @ 4:48am 
Is there any way to place the inhibitor blocks? I really love the idea especially to stop people from drilling under bases. If it's not available to be placed normally then is there a separate mod for it or a way to spawn them in admin mode?
Temmie Jun 6 @ 9:04am 
@Meridius_IX / Lucas Thanks... Also idk why people complain about them i think its perfect... Although they can be easily countered by building a tiny "JetPod" or the drop pod
Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Jun 5 @ 10:00pm 
@Temmie - They use the Artificial Mass block models.

@OmegaPaladin - Most of the stations do not, although there are a couple exceptions for the 2 largest stations if you get too close. And to answer about turrets, if you apply any sort of angular momentum while approaching a grid, its enough to throw off most turret tracking - and once you land in a spot they can't see you, it's just a matter of picking apart the stations from within. It was too easy for my liking, and I didn't want the solution to be adding even more turrets to what I consider already overly armed stations.
OmegaPaladin Jun 5 @ 6:59pm 
Just curious before I install this - do these stations spawn drones? I know they did not before, just want to check if you added drones before I put it on my server.

By the way, I'm legit curious how people managed to jetpack rush these structures - they seemed very well defended with turrets.
Temmie Jun 2 @ 7:02pm 
what do the inhibitor blocks look like?
Karelia May 23 @ 7:03am 
Lotta people crying over these inhibitor blocks - I think they're exactly what's needed. Without them, it's too easy to just jetpack up to the a base and cut in through the third story wall or dig a tunnel under them. The fact that the inhibitors only affect personal tools means it forces you into a ship or rover - which is the point of the game. The inhibitors scream their position with a signal, just shoot them if you want to disable them.

I will second the people who are saying it'd be cool if they were constructible however. Maybe with some expensive parts like superconductors and gravity components, but being able to afford my base the same protection against other players that the NPCs have would be awesome.
NightSkye May 19 @ 3:20pm 
So whats new in this update?
Negan May 19 @ 10:01am 
Not sure if this is meant to be a thing, but me and some of my friends have taken down 5 different outposts, everything from the bunker too the fortress, with not a single piece of loot in the cargo containers, even if they are marked with the word loot. This is running on a server and i'm wondering if im doing something wrong, or if its meant that no loot is supposed to spawn. Pretty annoyed after taking out the fortress that there was no loot to be found. :steamsalty:
Dylloop May 16 @ 1:15pm 
Interior turrets in this pack no longer fire as keen changed ammo type. they now use MR-50A
Kary May 16 @ 7:28am 
Any way to have the drill Inhibitor as separeted mod?with buildble blocks ?Really want to use it in a rover server.Any directions would be apreciated,thanks for the great work you posted here!