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Corruption PvE Combat
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Apr 27, 2017 @ 1:40pm
Jul 5 @ 7:10pm
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Corruption PvE Combat

In 2 collections by Meridius_IX / Lucas
Modular Encounters Collection
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This mod adds several new pirate drones to provide a more challenging Player vs Environment (PvE) experience. Many of the drones included make use of custom behaviors, making them a bit more unpredictable when compared to vanilla pirate drones.

Many of these drones can pose a serious threat to players who start in space with minimal resources. Some of the drones can also attack players on small moons. Players starting on regular sized planets should generally be safe from these encounters.

Drone Types and Behaviors

Because this list is quite large, any will likely grow as more content is added, I've setup a Steam Guide page that contains information about the various drones and their behaviors.

You can access the guide by clicking here.

Requirements / Dependencies

This mod requires the following world options / mods to be enabled:
- Modular Encounters Spawner
- Enable Drones
- In-Game Scripting


As of a recent update, the drones in this mod will now despawn if they are further than 20km from the player. Drones that cannot handle natural gravity will also despawn (until I am able to redesign them).

However, this mod does not clean up broken parts of drones, so you will still want to ensure your clean-up settings are tuned accordingly.


This mod is compatible with other content-adding mods included in the Modular Encounters Collection. Compatibility with other Exploration, Cargo Ship, or Pirate mods is not guarenteed.

Plugin Scripts

The following plugin scripts are available for this mod:

- Reduced Signals: Disables Antenna and Beacon signals on several drones.

September 2018 Update

With the release of the Modular Encounters Spawner, the dormant 'Boss Encounter' in this mod has been enabled. This encounter appears to players as a GPS Marker labeled "Dangerous Encounter", and if approached, will spawn a difficult drone to fight. If you are willing to take on this challenge, be prepared to possibly lose your ship - these encounters are not easy, even with weapon/shield mods enabled. More boss encounters will be added in the future.

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to Whiplash141 for providing code that allows much better drone manuevers in natural gravity!

Modular Encounters Collection Links

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Click Here For My Rules Regarding Mod Republishing.[]
Click Here For The Modular Encounters Admin and Modders Guide.[]
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Effrenatus Oct 19 @ 11:22pm 
I ended up removing the mod from my DS, but not sure what of my problems is this mod's fault. I think the difficulty is high but managable, especially wioth the weapon ranges of Weapon Core.

BUT with it 90% of my MES spawns are CORRUPT spawns. I can not weight the spawning rate against other mods, so for hours all that spawns is Corrupted Drones. I can not turn off certain spawn types without turnung it off in MES altogether or blacklisting the individual grid names, which is a pity because I relly like the space station encounter which I assume is a Random Encounter(?). There also is no config file for any tweaking.
I remove this mod and hope I get to see some other ships again. If anyone has advice about what is the cause, please let me know.
billy4213 Sep 22 @ 11:26pm 
Any plans to update this mod to support RivalAI?
Deaf3279 Sep 8 @ 9:49pm 
I rid that mod from my game. they attack and attack and attack they didnt give me chance to build turret or anything. I started new map in space. theyr'e already there and blew up my starter ship *SMH* BUT, it's good mod too give me challenger learn too beef up the defense
dke47059 Aug 31 @ 2:10am 
well looks like another of their mods is now removed from the game, only sub to this after you have a ship that can fight or a boss that can withstand constant attacks with the ork mod or just only use the base one, these two are just way to op for for a new start
dke47059 Aug 30 @ 4:47am 
how do you change the spawn rate of these drones, as soon as you start a game in space within 2 min you have one already finding you and calling in others, since this is a new game the respawn ship can not handle an attack, how then do you use this mod from the start or is it like the ork mod, outdated and just useless for a new start ????????
Leal Algis Bahamut Aug 26 @ 4:13pm 
How does the tesla drones work? Can i utilize the Tesla weapon effect for myself?
ILOVECOCAINE!!!! Aug 17 @ 9:18pm 
for the shielded vengeance drone which mod gives you the laser it has in like Splitsie videos?
ziplock9000 Aug 9 @ 9:45am 
Sniper Drone Mk.II is shooting me from 1.92km away, is that normal? Is there a link to the ship abilities?
ARK Jul 29 @ 4:40pm 
how do you spawn hive ships in though chat commands
Surtur Jul 29 @ 2:18pm 
I play on a server but don't want to worry about being attacked. Pirates and Reavers leave me alone if they don't notice my antennas.

Is there any way I can keep the corrupted away from me and my base? Like somehow getting my faction reputation up with them maybe?