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Corruption - PvE Combat
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Apr 27, 2017 @ 1:40pm
Sep 1 @ 6:01pm
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Corruption - PvE Combat

In 1 collection by Meridius_IX / Lucas
Modular Encounters Collection
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This mod adds several new pirate drones to provide a more challenging Player vs Environment (PvE) experience. Many of the drones included make use of custom behaviors, making them a bit more unpredictable when compared to vanilla pirate drones.

Many of these drones can pose a serious threat to players who start in space with minimal resources. Some of the drones can also attack players on small moons. Players starting on regular sized planets should generally be safe from these encounters.

Drone Types and Behaviors

Because this list is quite large, any will likely grow as more content is added, I've setup a Steam Guide page that contains information about the various drones and their behaviors.

You can access the guide by clicking here.

Requirements / Dependencies

This mod requires the following world options / mods to be enabled:
- Modular Encounters Spawner
- Enable Drones


As of a recent update, the drones in this mod will now despawn if they are further than 20km from the player. Drones that cannot handle natural gravity will also despawn (until I am able to redesign them).

However, this mod does not clean up broken parts of drones, so you will still want to ensure your clean-up settings are tuned accordingly.


This mod is compatible with other content-adding mods included in the Modular Encounters Collection. Compatibility with other Exploration, Cargo Ship, or Pirate mods is not guarenteed.

Plugin Scripts

The following plugin scripts are available for this mod:

- Reduced Signals: Disables Antenna and Beacon signals on several drones.

September 2018 Update

With the release of the Modular Encounters Spawner, the dormant 'Boss Encounter' in this mod has been enabled. This encounter appears to players as a GPS Marker labeled "Dangerous Encounter", and if approached, will spawn a difficult drone to fight. If you are willing to take on this challenge, be prepared to possibly lose your ship - these encounters are not easy, even with weapon/shield mods enabled. More boss encounters will be added in the future.

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to Whiplash141 for providing code that allows much better drone manuevers in natural gravity!

Modular Encounters Collection Discord Server

If you're interested in getting involved with the mods in this collection, and future projects, check out our Discord Server:

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Meridius_IX / Lucas
Sep 7 @ 6:52am
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Sep 30 @ 12:17pm
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MOOKIE1590 4 hours ago 
Glad I could help.
Now if there's still to many. Or they don't spawn enough. The space cargo ships file next to the general file is what youre looking for.
That is where you can specifically adjust drone spawn times and various other things.
The guide I posted earlier will tell you what lines do what. It's super helpful.
the boss is in a seperate file. called boss.
Roboman5e15 4 hours ago 
my friends sim speed is at 0.2 even after removing it
Spartan 16 hours ago 
@Mookie1590 thx again ! Seems to have worked, drones are not overspawning but keep appearing !
Gravity 22 hours ago 
I love the boss' laser weapon, it completely bisected my ship. Also cool sound effect
[SOS] DieFlack Oct 22 @ 1:33pm 
ok cool :)
MOOKIE1590 Oct 22 @ 9:40am 
After you open the general config. It will look something like this. The line highlighted must be set to FALSE
You'rs may look diffrent. I've adjusted some things in here for my game
MOOKIE1590 Oct 22 @ 9:37am 
This is what you're looking for
MOOKIE1590 Oct 22 @ 9:35am 
No, no9 sandboc.
You need to find you save location.
In your current save that you're playng currently there is a storage file. Imside of that you will see this
INside of that will be many diffrent files. In there you are looking for your general settings. Open it with something like notepad++ and set that line to false.
This line is set to true by default. SO I'm pretty sure this is your peblem if you never changed it.
If it's set to true, things will spawn using the built in game timer. If set to false. Then things will use the mods configerable timer.
Also in the same root as the general file you change. You will see something about space cargo spawns. The drones will use this file for their timers.
HEre is the guide if you haven't seen it yet.
Spartan Oct 22 @ 9:29am 
@Mookie1590 thank u very much for this usefull info, can you tell me the exact file that i have to mod for the timer ? Is the sandbox.sbc ? I have to keep using the slow spawn rate mod for modular encounter ? Or its not needed ? And another question, i have to manually change the spawn time for drones in a file? And if it is, where ?
MOOKIE1590 Oct 22 @ 9:18am 
And 1 last thing, spartan. If you haven't gotten this defense shiled yet. I highly recamend this block.
Gives you a fighting chance agaionts the more difficult stuff. and can be mounted to stations large ships or small ship fighters.
Good for absorbing meteors as well