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Space Engineers

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Oct 18, 2018 @ 7:11pm
Apr 22 @ 1:25am
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This mod will turn any blocks that hit a grinder into scrap instead of the other base components.

No more inflation of components floating around in your game / server clogging up the need to go out mining / trading with others.

AwwScrap will return custom scrap components that mimic the components that are destroyed during the grinding process. So, for instance, when grinding a heavy armor block, you'll get "Steel Plate Scrap", and "Metal Grid Scrap" that will smelt down to the original materials that went in, minus some percentage based on the type of refinery you're currently using.

Components not recognized by AwwScrap will grind down into normal scrap at a 1:1 ratio.

Vanilla components and components from several mods (see the end of the mod description for a full list) are supported.

If you want some of your stuff back, see the Available Addons section. This is not included in the core mod as I feel it breaks the intent of the mod. However, I do recognize that vanilla AwwScrap can be really punishing in the beginning of a new game, or for beginners in general, so I've made "not so difficult" mode available via I Found Your Crap (addon, again, see below).

Current Returns
Large Refinery with 4x yield modules: 90%
Large Refinery with no yield modules: 45%
Basic Refinery: 45%
Lg/Sm Grid Skit: 45%

The different refineries will process scrap from the same components they can build.

The aim here is to make you and your friends think a bit more before randomly charging into battle without regard for repairs. It'll also force you to more creatively take out your targets if you plan to pillage and plunder your way through SE. Did you just damage that cargo container? Hope you have some spare parts laying around...

If you have an economy running, this will also help promote the component market.

Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to me either here, on the workshop page, or you can always find me in the EEM Discord:

-- Previous patch notes can be seen in the Change Notes section above

Mod Version: 2.14 [Released 22 Apr 2023]
  • Added support for Ultimate Small Grid Conversion Pack (ModID: 2230632087)
  • -- Does not scrap the small grid storage shelves
  • Fixed an obscure issue with the way some other mod authors write definitions
  • Added the Saberoid Plushie item/block to the scrap ignore list.

Mod Version: 2.13 [Released 05 Mar 2023]
  • Added full compatibility for High Tech Solar Arrays (ModID: 2221990774)

Mod Version: 2.12 [Released 11 Jan 2023]
  • Added full compatibility for Edens Wrath Engineering (ModID: 1759275190)
  • Updated compatibility for AryxWeaponEnterprises (ModID: 2530716039)

Known Issues
- None

Recommended Companion Mod(s)
Advanced Welding

Available Addons
AwwScrap: I Found Your Crap:

Special Thanks!
  • Nukeguard for the awesome custom scrap models
  • Arstraea for the awesome custom scrap icons
  • HelloYolk for picking up the IO compatibility while I was swamped with life
  • Draygo for inspiration on how to handle some of the scrap returns and calculations
  • Enenra for the awesome mini scrap icon overlay

Supported Mods
  • AryxWeaponEnterprises (ModID: 2530716039)
  • BotSpawner (ModID: 2336089504)
  • HackingComputer3 (ModID: 728555954)
  • StarTrek (ModID: 2634862322)
  • Lord Wiader's Tiered Systems (ModID: 691529112)
  • -- Does not scrap drop only tiered components
  • Industrial Overhaul (ModID: 2344068716)
  • Defense Shields (ModID: 1365616918)
  • Cython's Energy Shields (ModID: 484504816)
  • Wood Harvesting (ModID: 2593545016)
  • -- Does not scrap Wood Planks or Wood Logs
  • Tiered Tech (ModID: ????)
  • -- Does not scrap the tiered components
  • Homestead Wood and Stone Blocks (2790746375)
  • -- Does not scrap Wood Planks or Wood Logs
  • Tiered Upgrade Modules x2-x32 (1681783871)
  • Graphene Expanded (ModID: 2791555101)
  • Edens Wrath Engineering (ModID: 1759275190)
  • High Tech Solar Arrays (ModID: 2221990774)

Anyone is welcome to re-upload AwwScrap in whole or in part, modified how they see fit. I do ask that you link back to this listing though so people can be exposed to the original work.
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Thraxus  [author] May 27 @ 4:35pm 
Yep, that's by design.
Into May 27 @ 4:32am 
Wasteland shelves give out full items.
Thraxus  [author] May 26 @ 11:31am 
There isn't, but I can likely work in a setting that disables the scrap from being added to blueprint classes. I might be able to make it a custom addon as well instead of a config. I'll play around with both ideas tonight / tomorrow. I need to push an update for a few mods anyhow.
Silverbane May 26 @ 11:12am 
@Thraxus is there by any chance a companion mod or a setting I can set that disables refining the scrap. I am attempting to setup a server where NPCs do not drop certain ores which can only be found on other planets, but instead push people to buy and sell using the economy. Scrap will be specifically sold to admin shops. Any help would be appreciated.
lorddoug1 May 2 @ 2:56pm 
the mod i was speaking of is 2842844421. thanks
Thraxus  [author] May 2 @ 2:28pm 
You have three options:

1) Give me the mod ID and I'll add compatibility for it.
2) Make your own definitions. Look at how I did the definition for DefenseShields and make your own based on that. Note that the suffix of things are important (Scrap and ScrapToIngot).
3) Join my Discord (link in the mod description) and ask me questions directly. I hate having any meaningful conversations on Steam - comments are largely garbage.
lorddoug1 May 2 @ 2:13pm 
there is a great new tech mod called Extended Survival: Technology that i'd love to get compatibility for. most is working, but the major problem is brass plates. is there a way to add specific item compatibilities?
Thraxus  [author] May 1 @ 12:40pm 
Sounds like that's just a survival kit with extra options. I'd need the mod id to hard code AwwScrap to ignore that block specifically.
uximer May 1 @ 10:29am 
When using the mod Daily Need Survival Kit, the water recycler recycles scrap also.. like steel plate scraps to iron ingots etc...I presume it's not supposed to work that way.
Thraxus  [author] Apr 22 @ 2:11am 
Mod Version: 2.14 [Released 22 Apr 2023]
Added support for Ultimate Small Grid Conversion Pack (ModID: 2230632087)
-- Does not scrap the small grid storage shelves
Fixed an obscure issue with the way some other mod authors write definitions
Added the Saberoid Plushie item/block to the scrap ignore list.