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Space Engineers

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Oct 18, 2018 @ 7:11pm
May 24 @ 6:47pm
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This mod will turn any blocks that hit a grinder into scrap instead of the other base components.

No more inflation of components floating around in your game / server clogging up the need to go out mining / trading with others.

AwwScrap will return custom scrap components that mimic the components that are destroyed during the grinding process. So, for instance, when grinding a heavy armor block, you'll get "Steel Plate Scrap", and "Metal Grid Scrap" that will smelt down to the original materials that went in, minus some percentage based on the type of refinery you're currently using.

Components not recognized by AwwScrap will grind down into normal scrap at a 1:1 ratio.

Vanilla components and components from several mods (see the end of the mod description for a full list) are supported.

If you want some of your stuff back, see the Available Addons section. This is not included in the core mod as I feel it breaks the intent of the mod. However, I do recognize that vanilla AwwScrap can be really punishing in the beginning of a new game, or for beginners in general, so I've made "not so difficult" mode available via I Found Your Crap (addon, again, see below).

Current Returns
Large Refinery with 4x yield modules: 90%
Large Refinery with no yield modules: 45%
Basic Refinery: 45%
Lg/Sm Grid Skit: 45%

The different refineries will process scrap from the same components they can build.

The aim here is to make you and your friends think a bit more before randomly charging into battle without regard for repairs. It'll also force you to more creatively take out your targets if you plan to pillage and plunder your way through SE. Did you just damage that cargo container? Hope you have some spare parts laying around...

If you have an economy running, this will also help promote the component market.

Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to me either here, on the workshop page, or you can always find me in the EEM Discord:

-- Previous patch notes can be seen in the Change Notes section above

Mod Version: 2.10 [Released 24 May 2022]
  • Updated support for StarTrek (ModID: 2634862322).
  • Added support for Graphene Expanded (ModID: 2791555101)

Known Issues
- None

Recommended Companion Mod(s)
Advanced Welding

Available Addons
AwwScrap: I Found Your Crap:

Special Thanks!
  • Nukeguard for the awesome custom scrap models
  • Arstraea for the awesome custom scrap icons
  • HelloYolk for picking up the IO compatibility while I was swamped with life
  • Draygo for inspiration on how to handle some of the scrap returns and calculations
  • Enenra for the awesome mini scrap icon overlay

Supported Mods
  • AryxWeaponEnterprises (ModID: 2530716039)
  • BotSpawner (ModID: 2336089504)
  • HackingComputer3 (ModID: 728555954)
  • StarTrek (ModID: 2634862322)
  • Lord Wiader's Tiered Systems (ModID: 691529112)
  • -- Does not scrap drop only tiered components
  • Industrial Overhaul (ModID: 2344068716)
  • Defense Shields (ModID: 1365616918)
  • Cython's Energy Shields (ModID: 484504816)
  • Wood Harvesting (ModID: 2593545016)
  • -- Does not scrap Wood Planks or Wood Logs
  • Tiered Tech (ModID: ????)
  • -- Does not scrap the tiered components
  • Homestead Wood and Stone Blocks (2790746375)
  • -- Does not scrap Wood Planks or Wood Logs
  • Tiered Upgrade Modules x2-x32 (1681783871)
  • Graphene Expanded (ModID: 2791555101)

Anyone is welcome to re-upload AwwScrap in whole or in part, modified how they see fit. I do ask that you link back to this listing though so people can be exposed to the original work.
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Harukonea 11 hours ago 
Thanks for your wonderfully fast response!!!
Thraxus  [author] 12 hours ago 
Awesome news BinaryKiller Recoded! Thanks for letting us know! :steamhappy:


Mod Version: 2.10 [Released 24 May 2022]
[*]Updated support for StarTrek (ModID: 2634862322).
[*]Added support for Graphene Expanded (ModID: 2791555101)
BinaryKiller Recoded 14 hours ago 
AwwScrap was found once more :D I am happy once more, I think this was Keen's issue as they added an update today and it got fixed!
Thraxus  [author] 23 hours ago 
I'll add/update them tonight :)
Harukonea May 24 @ 7:09am 
Hi Thraxus
Please can you update Star Trek Mod Pack_2634862322 with additional components
and add new Graphene Expanded_2791555101?
d_valroth May 21 @ 2:26pm 
Apparently Most Wanted broke something. Some mods just don't appear, some appear twice. Keen needs to sort something out.
BinaryKiller Recoded May 21 @ 11:45am 
Yeah, there was a mini update at 19mb when this started, so... I think it could be that? I am not entirely sure, I tried copying the referal to the save I was starting up but that didn't work... and on my end, it's only AwwScrap that has this issue... Not sure why that is, many discontinued mods are in my mod list, everything I would use otherwise is also there, I just don't understand why this had to happen, hopefully this gets fixed relatively soon though :)
TechCoder May 20 @ 6:27pm 
it is all over the place - seems it happened around the WF2 update time though - so, that's where I think the most likely trouble started - but whatever caused it, it ain't fun!
Thraxus  [author] May 20 @ 8:30am 
I was told the other day that users were seeing this issue for some reason. It's not just AwwScrap though, it's all mods. Some show up, others... not so much. It's either a SE or Steam issue though.
BinaryKiller Recoded May 20 @ 3:02am 
I don't know what it is.... but for some reason I can't find the mod in the in-game mod list, not sure why